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Micellar water: which is better to choose

Which is better: micellar water, milk or other products

Recently, micellar water has become a very popular tool for removing makeup from the face. Almost all popular cosmetic companies have added it to their line of skin care and cleansing products. But nevertheless, what is better - milk or micellar water?

There is no definite answer here, even though we will further examine the positive and negative sides of these and other means. The main criterion for the difference is the preference of different girls. It is more pleasant and convenient for someone to remove makeup with milk, and for someone with some water.

Proper cleansing is the key to the health and beauty of your skin, so it should be given special and daily attention.

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According to most experts in the field of cosmetology, any makeup remover milk is perfect for sensitive and dry skin, It is especially recommended to use it or light foam in the winter. This means that all products with a special creamy structure much better affect the condition of our skin, as well as nourish it with useful substances, vitamins and trace elements.

For owners of oily or combination skin types, especially in the summer, it is recommended to use various foams, mousses and gels for washing. Very good and funds made for sensitive skin type. In the presence of alcohol in the cosmetic composition, it is extremely undesirable to use it. If you are a lover of very persistent and waterproof make-up, then take a look at cleansers and oil-based lotions.

According to many experts, it is not recommended to use soap to cleanse the face, because using it we can upset the natural balance of the skin, which will not lead to very good consequences, to dryness and tightness of the skin.

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Micellar water is a mild cleanser that consists of special microparticles - micelles. This tool perfectly removes makeup, and according to many manufacturers, it does not even require rinsing. But still, after cleansing the makeup, even with such a tool you need to wash your face with water. But more on that later. Micellar water is suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.

This makeup remover can also be compared with foam and lotion, but micellar water to a greater extent removes pollution from the face according to many experts.

We can say that all of the above tools are basically identical in composition. The main thing to consider is that the composition contains beneficial amino acids that do not irritate, but soothe the skin, as well as glycerin and lecithin, which slightly soften the effects of surfactants. These surfactants are designed to dissolve various contaminants, but, nevertheless, they can accumulate in the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although micellar water is so popular and even unique in its way, it has a lot of pros and cons.

Micellar water consists mainly of micelles. These microparticles are special balls (which we certainly don’t see), but they clean out dirt, grease and makeup residues even deep in the pores. Panthenol and glycerin in the composition relieve irritation, inflammation, and also deeply moisturize our skin. The pluses can also include hypoallergenic drugs, as well as the absence of any obsessive aroma or color.

The disadvantages of this water can be attributed to the fact that after applying it, a sticky layer may remain on the skin, which also requires additional rinsing with ordinary water. Sometimes constriction and slight dryness. Very often, when you remove makeup from the eyes, a slight burning sensation may appear, especially if there is alcohol in the composition.

Application: cosmetologist's advice

On almost all bottles with micellar water you will find the inscription "does not require rinsing", but on this issue there are two opinions of experts in cosmetology. Yes, flush and yes, do not flush. Let's see why.

Some manufacturers claim that their products are 2 in 1 and 3 in 1, which means that such water is used not only as a make-up cleanser, but also as a tonic and has a moisturizing effect, like from thermal water. Therefore, it supposedly does not need to be washed off. But here one very important question arises.

According to many cosmetologists, in almost every composition of any micellar water there are surfactants that, as mentioned above, are designed to remove contaminants, but if micellar water is not washed off after its use, these same surfactants will remain on the skin and will come into contact with it , especially with fats.

All this, although after some time, but can lead to not very good consequences, namely to the loss in the skin of the necessary moisture, dryness and various kinds of peeling.

Therefore, if you are not very sure about the composition of the product you purchased, it is best to insure yourself and your face and wash your face again after using this kind of product.

Also, do not be fooled by advertising tricks, according to experienced cosmetologists, do not get too carried away with cleansing the oily sheen and refreshing the face with the help of such water for a day or a trip somewhere. Since it is still a cosmetic product, and it requires rinsing. Even if you are not having problems now, this does not guarantee you their appearance in a few months.

To properly use micellar water, it is enough to adhere to a simple scheme.

If persistent makeup is applied, then you can remove it with a lotion or hydrophilic oil, then wash with water, then use micellar water applied on cotton pads and wash again with water. If you use hydrophilic oils, then be careful with them, many cosmetologists treat them negatively, since such products are made from polysorbets that do not affect the skin barrier in the best way.

If you clean your makeup immediately with micellar water, then also do not forget to wash after using it, then you can wipe your face with a tonic, and only after completely cleansing the skin apply face cream.

Reviews and top rating of the best firms

Looking at the shelves of cosmetic stores, you can find a lot of various bottles with micellar water with a price of 200 rubles and up to 2000 thousand luxury. So what is the best brand of all presented? How to choose it correctly and what is worth paying attention to?


One of the most popular products suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, is Garnier micellar vodka. There is also an option for oily, imperfect skin. According to the manufacturer, it does not require flushing, but here it is up to you to decide. This tool is suitable for daily use, as well as for the area around the eyes. But, according to many girls, after cleansing the eyes, a slight burning sensation appears.


Micellar lotion from L'Oreal is also very popular among the fair sex. Since it is made for all skin types. It does not contain perfumes and alcohol, ideally cleans contaminants from the pores and removes makeup in seconds. It has a calming and moisturizing effect for the skin. You can also look at the micellar gel of the same company. Some girls, leaving their reviews on this product, noted not only the positive qualities of the application, but also a feeling of tightness of the skin, as well as a slight burning sensation in the eyes.


Nivea micellar water will provide you with reliable makeup cleansing, refreshment and toning of the skin. Also suitable for all skin types. But, as with the previous two remedies, when using this water, some girls felt a burning sensation in their eyes and in their area.

La roche posay

La roche posay micellar water will thoroughly cleanse your skin and remove even the most persistent makeup. Maintains optimal pH balance of the skin. Does not contain alcohol, suitable for daily use. It is much more expensive than the previous three remedies, but many girls report extremely positive reviews after using it and no burning in the eyes. Contains thermal water and glycerin.


This cleansing water is suitable even for the most sensitive skin and removing makeup from the eyes. Moisturizes and soothes the skin. There is no soap in the composition. Many girls are very positive about this micellar water, but they consider the price a bit overpriced.


The composition of Bioderma water contains caring, moisturizing and calming skin components of plant origin. According to many women, it cleans even the most persistent makeup very well, nourishes the skin and does not leave a sticky layer.


The well-known brand Vichy also produces micellar water for removing makeup, it does not cause irritation due to its rather good composition, and also does not clog pores. In addition to cleansing, it refreshes the skin. According to reviews of many ladies, there is a positive effect on the skin of the face, excellent washing off of makeup, as well as a rather small expense. Cases of eye irritation are minimal.

Hydra Vegetal by Yves Rocher

This water will help not only to effectively remove makeup, but also to refresh the skin of the face. The Yves Rocher brand is valued for its natural face and body care products. Therefore, choosing a tool of this brand, you will not lose. Thanks to the use of Hydra Vegetal, you will get not only cleansed, but also moisturized skin. The disadvantages expressed by the girls who purchased this tool can only be attributed to the fact that it does not do very well with waterproof makeup. At the same time, only positive reviews from girls with dry skin are noted. This tool helps them moisturize the skin so that there is no need to use the cream.

What to choose

Summing up the multiple assortment of micellar water, we can say that all of the above products almost equally cope with the removal of makeup and facial skin cleansing in general. There are some differences in the composition and its naturalness. But the main objective of this tool is still the removal of makeup, and not care, so many cosmetologists recommend not to ignore this fact. So, after using micellar water, do not forget that it is recommended to wash it off and only then wipe the skin with a tonic and apply cream.

And finally, it is worth noting the fact that if you have never used this innovation, then you can choose the very tool only through trial and error. You should also not completely abandon this tool, if you have not made friends with the micellar on the first try, perhaps you should pay attention to the composition and choose a different brand.

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