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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Hair Growth Oil

In the modern world, natural aromatic oils have proven themselves among the female population. With their help, you can slow down the growth of hair on the legs, arms, face and in the bikini area.

To avoid frequent shaving, you can resort to essential oils that slow down hair growth. This is also good because in this way the girl gets rid of irritation and redness. Oil products are safe to use, but can cause an allergic reaction.


  1. Jojoba oil, peppermint and tea tree are mixed. The resulting mixture is applied to the necessary areas after depilation. Some add it to after-shave creams.
  2. 150 ml of olive oil is mixed with 60 g of finely chopped nettle leaves and 30 g of seeds. The resulting mass is removed in a dark place for 7 days. Apply it to the skin after depilation.
  3. Grape seed oil is a good retardant. You need to add chopped nettles and 5 drops of tea tree to it.
  4. A teaspoon of castor oil is added to 15 ml of ammonia. After that, a few drops of iodine are dripped.
  5. In ordinary vegetable oil (2 tsp) add 4 drops of mint and 10 drops of tea tree. To reduce the growth rate of hair on the face or in the bikini area, the resulting mixture must be rubbed daily.

The recipe for a mask to slow hair growth, see the next video

On the shelves of cosmetic stores you can find various anti-hair growth products.

• Veda Vedica is a composition of ginger, sesame oil, turmeric, sowing oats, sunflower and salt. It not only eliminates frequent shaving, but also moisturizes, nourishes and makes the skin supple. The product must be used regularly to achieve the desired result.

Buyers respond well to this tool. The skin after it is moisturized, and the hair grows much slower.

Cost - from 500 r.

• Mini Bikini X6 - a set of products consisting of natural ingredients that are safe to use. With it, you can get rid of unwanted hairiness for several months. It contains rambutan seed oil, due to which the necessary effect is obtained. Rambutan is a fruit whose seed consists of healthy fats and oils.

Reviews about this tool are only positive. Those who used the Mini Bikini X6 talk about it as an effective method of hair removal. But, unfortunately, it’s impossible to get rid of hair forever.

The cost of the complex is 1000 r.

• Mahiya - This is a remedy that contains formic oil. It penetrates deep into the skin and effectively slows the growth of new hairs. If you regularly use this tool, you can get a lasting result. Before use, the desired part of the body needs to be removed from the roots of the hairs using epilation or tweezers.

Not only women speak positively about Mahiya. Men also praise him and note that they are very pleased to use it.

Cost - 500 p.

• Aravia - This is a lotion that contains tea tree oil and walnut extract. It prevents hair growth by loosening the bulbs. To achieve the desired result, lotion must be used daily for two weeks. The day before use, the necessary areas must be shaved.

Most girls are happy with Arabia Lotion. He really fights fast hair growth and makes it thin.

Cost - 400 r.

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