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Hair mask with linseed oil

The use of natural hair care products is gaining new popularity. Even professional cosmetologists do not disdain the so-called "folk" recipes, because they turn out to be more effective and safe for the body.

One of the popular remedies is linseed oil, the beneficial properties of which have long been known in pharmacology. Now it has become another topical component of masks for hair and scalp care.

A little bit about useful properties

The natural composition of flaxseed oil extract is very diverse. It includes various fatty acids, antioxidants, substances such as thiamine, folic acid.

Due to such a rich content, this drug can be applied externally, nourishing the hair and scalp or face with all the essentials.

Despite the fact that the main function of flaxseed oil is to nourish, it is capable of exerting a very wide range of various positive effects on the hair and scalp when combined with other natural ingredients in mask formulations.

  • Elimination of split ends. This effect is really achieved with regular use of linseed oil, and its secret lies in the rich content of fatty unsaturated acids. These substances stimulate the body's natural production of collagen and elastin, which are necessary to maintain a strong hair structure and prevent its delamination even with frequent drying and curling;
  • Reduction in itching. The composition of linseed oil includes vitamin B2, which has a calming effect on irritations and inflammations. Although this does not solve the problem, it is successfully used for seborrhea and the presence of dandruff;
  • Active restoration of hair structure. Any woman knows that after dyeing, hair is exposed to the destructive influence of various chemicals that are part of the dye. Folic acid in the flax oil extract moisturizes the cuticle, protects the hair from harmful factors and accelerates their regeneration;
  • Slows down aging. Niacin contained in the oil reduces hair discoloration, which allows to prolong their youth and prevents the early appearance of gray hair;
  • Reduced brittle hair. The substance niacin, which is also considered to be a unique vitamin in its structure, actually impregnates the defective areas of the hair and prevents further destruction and delamination;
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Application features

Hair mask with linseed oil is a natural product. The components in it vary depending on the recipe, however, the main one always remains the same. It should be borne in mind that some people, even absolutely healthy ones, may have hypersensitivity or intolerance to flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil, as a medicine, can be used internally. Usually 1 teaspoon per day for a month is recommended. Then you should take a break for two weeks. However, now we are talking about absolute contraindications, which also concern masks containing flax oil:

  • Age up to 5 years. The children's body as a whole is characterized by increased sensitivity, so hair masks should not be done at this age. Especially if we are talking about the use of oils that have a pronounced nutritional effect;
  • Hypertonic disease. Since flaxseed oil has a high permeability, even when applied externally, it has a serious effect on the entire body, including can increase blood pressure;
  • Regular intake of antiviral or sedative drugs. The chemical composition of these preparations may conflict with the natural components of flax. As a result, various complications are possible, ranging from simple disorders, such as nausea and diarrhea, to toxic liver damage;
  • The presence of neoplasms, in particular tumors and cysts. The fact is that linseed oil is inherently a phytoestrogen. Such agents can affect the growth of various neoplasms, which depend on the level of hormones;
  • Pancreatic disease. It is one of the organs that are very sensitive to hormones and natural elements entering the body. In the presence of the same pancreatitis, the use of flax inside or outwardly is contraindicated;


Using chicken yolk

Flax oil extract is an essentially universal remedy that can be used in combination with various natural components to achieve a certain effect. Chicken yolk is a unique nutrient medium. In cosmetology, it has been widely used to strengthen dry and brittle hair. Due to its vitamin and mineral composition, the yolk can be a very effective tool in the fight against dandruff or even seborrhea.

The combination of linseed oil and chicken yolk gives a simple and effective composition that moisturizes curls and gives them shine. There are several classic recipes:

Based on mustard. For this recipe, mustard powder is used, which must be soaked in hot water to a paste, and then add two egg yolks and 30 ml to it. linseed oil. Mix everything, and gently rub the resulting mass into the hair roots. Such a mask does not need to be distributed over the entire length of the hair, and can withstand no more than half an hour, after which wash your hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo;

With lemon juice. For cooking, you need 35 ml. flax oil, one chicken yolk and 40 ml. lemon juice. All ingredients should be mixed and thoroughly beat until a thick foam appears. Apply the mask with a brush to the hair, spreading from roots to ends, and then wrap your head in a towel to create dry heat. This mask is aged for about 20 minutes and has a good cleansing and nourishing effect. Not recommended if you have irritation on the scalp. To soften the irritating effect of citric acid, liquid honey can be added to the mixture;

Mask with cognac It is recommended for moisturizing and combating split ends. In 35-40 ml. Flaxseed oil, add two chicken yolks, and then beat them until smooth, into which, then pour 25 ml. cognac. It is believed that a good drink needs a good drink, so it’s better not to use cheap cognac. The mask is applied along the entire length, paying particular attention to the tips, and withstand for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water;

With the addition of burdock oil

Burdock oil extract is another fairly popular hair care product. You probably could see more shampoos that contain it. The combination of burdock and flax is an ideal basis for preparing various masks that are suitable for any type of hair. They enhance their growth, and also prevent brittleness and loss. Most often, the following recipes are recommended:

  • Mask with pepper - This is another version of the “burning” mask, which significantly increases the growth and nutrition of hair, due to improved blood circulation in the scalp and saturation of the hair follicles with oxygen. For cooking, just mix equal amounts of burdock and flax oil in equal amounts, and then add 15-20 ml. pepper tincture. It is necessary to rub in with gentle movements, preferably so that the product soaks the roots and the middle part of the curls, and rinse off after 20 minutes;
  • A mask enriched with vitamins is necessary for the active nutrition of hair follicles. The burdock and flax oil should be mixed in equal proportions and slightly warmed in a water bath. Add to them one ampoule of vitamins A and E. The resulting mixture should be applied to the scalp and hair roots with gentle massaging movements, and then distribute the rest along the entire length using a comb. It is better to do such a mask before washing your hair and not stand it for more than 30 minutes;

You will find even more about the beneficial properties of linseed oil, as well as masks with this ingredient in the next video.

Some rules for making masks

Flaxseed oil is a natural remedy. Despite this, its use also requires compliance with certain rules. These recommendations are useful to you if you want to avoid possible complications and achieve maximum effectiveness from cosmetic masks:

  • For the preparation of any mask using oil. It must be preheated to a temperature slightly above room temperature. To do this, it is recommended to use a water bath. In extreme cases - you can use the microwave;
  • Natural products deteriorate quickly enough. Prepare the mask only once, as it should not be stored categorically under any conditions;
  • If you are preparing a mask containing yolk - do not overheat it. Otherwise, the egg may curl up and lose its properties;
  • Use only glass or ceramic dishes to mix the ingredients. Never use aluminum containers;
  • Flaxseed oil must be stored in a place without direct sunlight;
  • Use only quality products to make masks;

If you take into account the reviews of cosmetologists, as well as women who have experienced similar recipes, it is easy to come to the conclusion that flax oil is a really effective remedy.

It can be purchased at any pharmacy, and other components for making masks can generally be found in your refrigerator. Due to its practicality and effectiveness, the hair mask with linseed oil has gained widespread popularity, which this tool clearly deserves.

Watch the video: DIY Hair Mask- Avocardo & Flaxseed Oil for Incredible Healthy, Silky Hair! (February 2020).


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