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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Butterfly comb

Each of us dreams of having beautiful, well-groomed hair. If girls solve this problem quite easily, because they can carry a comb in their purse, then for men it is much more difficult. The American company Benchmade will help simplify their life by offering unique folding combs that easily fit in your pocket.

Buying goods of this brand, each consumer can count on high quality products, because it was developed by leading designers and made of innovative materials. Initially, the company specialized exclusively in the production of metal knives. Their first models were made by hand. Naturally, customers were offered only one sample of goods, they themselves could pick up the material of the future blade.

But over time, Benchmade developed, many revolutionary ideas were introduced for the production of new products. Thus appeared balisongs - steel butterfly knives. Their design was the basis for the development of butterfly combs.

You will learn more about the butterfly comb in the video:

What it is

The butterfly comb is made of high-quality steel, and a fairly simple design makes it easy to fold and unfold. All this can be done thanks to a special mechanism that was first used in such a product. Now Benchmade is the only company on the market who produces combs with such a mechanism, while making it an option. And with all this, visually it resembles an ordinary knife, which will give the image of a man a little brutality and severity.

Such a useful accessory can be presented as a gift to every man, because it can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also be a wonderful addition to the style.

Advantages and disadvantages

Reviews of butterfly combs are quite controversial. Users identify both positive and negative product qualities.

Let's start with the pros:

  • stylish and original design;
  • Suitable for both men and women;
  • high quality metal processing;
  • weighty handle;
  • fits in the hand.
  • many say that it can be used for self-defense.

And here are the disadvantages:

  • much heavier than other combs, as it is based on steel;
  • the edges are quite rigid, they often cling and tear the hair when combing;
  • small depth of teeth - only 9 mm;
  • looks very similar to melee weapons.
  • many note that a butterfly comb, unfortunately, is almost impossible to buy at ordinary retail outlets, since in some countries such a product is considered a prohibited product. Therefore, it can be purchased, in most cases, only through the online store.


Butterfly comb is available in several versions. Each type of product has its own parameters:

  • small comb: 17.5 cm - disassembled, folded - 10.5 cm;
  • large: 22cm - the length of the open blade, 13.5cm - closed;
  • scallop: small - 7.3cm, large - 8.5cm.

Simplicity and convenience

If you value simplicity and comfort in things, you can always try the simpler Ameli comb. These products have been on the market for quite some time, they are very easy to use, but convenient and compact. This butterfly comb is great for any type of hair and fits perfectly even in the smallest handbag. Its main advantage, according to users, is an acceptable price. It should only be noted that it is very fragile, as it does not consist of metal, like a Benchmade butterfly comb, but of plastic. But then it can be purchased in almost any specialized store.

Watch the video: CS:GO inspired Butterfly Knife shaped COMB DIY tutorial (February 2020).


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