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Castor Eyebrow Oil

Perfect make-up involves not only correctly selected cosmetics, but also a beautiful line of eyebrows. Thick, strong, beautiful, they attract the attention of the opposite sex, allow a woman to become more expressive and attractive. The most important thing is to look natural and relaxed. You can effectively look after your eyebrows not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Castor oil will be an excellent tool for this purpose. We will tell you about what properties this product has, as well as how to use it correctly to achieve your goal, in this article.

Features and Benefits

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds using cold pressing. The birthplace of this plant is considered to be Africa. But it can be found in other warm latitudes. The seeds are based on fats (more than fifty percent) and protein substances. It is these elements that help to have a beneficial effect on the body. The advantages of this product:

  • Thanks to castor oil, hair begins to grow faster, become strong and thick. A natural remedy is an excellent source of nutrition and hydration for hair follicles.
  • When women often pluck eyebrowsthen they can stop growing altogether. It is with this tool that you can help skin cells renew themselves. This will lead to their regeneration and active growth. New hairs will grow strong and dense. And you can even independently give them the desired shape.
  • Good nutrition. The composition of the product includes ricinoleic acid. It is almost 90% of castor oil. Thus, the skin and hairs will have excellent nutrition, become healthy and beautiful.
  • It goes well with other vitamins.. The tool can be used with a variety of vitamins and oils. Vitamin A will be especially successful. To make the brow soft and flexible, you can add olive oil. This recipe will help you effectively relieve eyebrow stiffness.
  • Availability. You can purchase this product in any pharmacy or specialty store. This is another advantage. At any time, you can buy the product you need and use it for its intended purpose.
  • Affordable price. Castor oil is remarkably affordable. You will not leave all family savings in the store, but at an attractive price you will get a useful product.
  • Saving. Each representative of the fair sex wants to not only make an effective procedure, but also save money. This oil will help you do this. Now you will not need to visit expensive beauty salons. You can carry out similar procedures at home. At the same time, they can even be much more effective than salon ones.
  • Fantasy flight. You can show your creativity, create your own recipe to achieve your goals. You can mix the ingredients you like and make the right masks. Do not forget to look at the properties of the elements and observe safety precautions.
  • Great mood. When your eyebrows become perfect, beautiful and well-groomed, you will radiate only positive, charge other people with a great mood. This will be noticed by others, including the opposite sex. Be always compelling.

Among all the benefits, you need to evaluate the possible difficulties that may arise when using the tool.

Pay attention to the production time of the goods. This substance should not be stored for more than two years from the date of manufacture. Therefore, when you go to a pharmacy or other store, take an interest in the date of production of the product or see for yourself. If you buy oil that has an expired shelf life, then it will not bring benefits, but only clog pores.

It is worth remembering that you can not use castor oil and pregnant women. Do not neglect the safety rules and then you can use the product with pleasure without any negative consequences.

The properties

Consider the beneficial properties of castor oil. Of course, the very first thing that we have already mentioned is the activation of growth. In this case, the edges will receive effective protection from adverse environmental influences. This is due to the ingredients of castor oil. They gently and completely envelop the hairs with an invisible film. She is an excellent defense. Aggressive environmental factors simply will not break through there.

But the complex of vitamins beneficially affects damaged tissues, allowing them to revive and restore. The composition of the substance includes:

  • Palmitic acid. It helps to accelerate the absorption by the skin and follicles of various beneficial elements. At the same time, the cell membrane becomes more permeable, which allows the mask and other components to achieve their goal. You will feel the effect you need.
  • Stearic acid. It will help moisturize and protect the eyebrows, relieve them of dryness, peeling. It will become an effective protection against ultraviolet rays and low temperature conditions.
  • Oleic acid. It allows you to speed up the metabolism, restore immune processes, protect against damage. Hair grows fast, become dense.
  • Ricinoleic acid. This component will help to actively eliminate the stiffness of the hair structure, and also has antibacterial properties. Regular use will protect you from various skin diseases.
  • Linoleic acid. Helps moisturize and protect.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E. They help to activate the synthesis of collagen fibers. Thus, the skin receives effective nutrition.


It should be noted that castor oil is not only important nutritional value, but also effectively used in cosmetology. Before using this oil, you should definitely check whether it will cause allergies. After all, it is the area around the eyes that has special sensitivity. Therefore, in order not to harm your health, you should protect yourself. Apply a small amount to your wrist or bend your elbow. If within an hour you do not see irritation, itching, swelling, then such a tool can be used for you.

Basic safety rules:

  • Follow the recipe clearly. If you randomly apply castor oil, you can harm your health: drain the edges, make them dull, thin, and they can even stop growing.
  • Observe all contraindications. Do not use the product if you have open wounds, scratches, or also if you have individual intolerance.
  • Get quality products. It is advisable to do this exclusively in pharmacies. A small bottle will become a universal tool for making masks.
  • Keep track of expiration dates.. An expired product can cause allergies, swelling. Store the drug only in a cool and dark place.

Using castor oil, you can get an excellent desired result. However, remember that it can not be seen immediately. Regular use of the drug is required for at least a couple of months. And you can see a more tangible result only after six months. This is due to the fact that the effectiveness of the drug is manifested by the cumulative effect.

Castor oil will help grow your eyebrows.

It is best to apply the product immediately before bedtime on clean skin. The tool will be on the eyebrows all night, which means it can better absorb and act. Carry out the procedure only with a brush comb for the eyebrows. You can even use an old mascara brush after first cleaning it.

To castor well lay down, pre-make makeup. Remove any residual makeup from your eyebrow. It would be ideal to walk with a scrub to improve the effect of a cosmetic product. Do not take too much castor oil. Its consistency is rather viscous and greasy. Excess funds can drain onto the eyes. From this morning you will have swelling. You can also provoke irritation of the mucosa.

Do not leave the product on eyebrows for a long time. Oil will be more difficult to remove. The oily film will become very dense. Thus, the optimal procedure time is ten or fifteen minutes. It is important and correct to remove the oil. First you need to hold the hairs with a dry cotton pad. Then moisten the cotton wool in water or a decoction of herbs and rinse off the residue.

Oil should be applied against the growth of hairs first, and then by growth. In the morning, you can wash off the consistency. If you do not want to leave the product all night, it should be kept at least half an hour. It is better to carry out the procedure after a shower, when the skin is steamed. In this case, it is advisable to do a light massage. It is he who will contribute to the rapid penetration of beneficial substances, restore blood circulation, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Observing these rules, the substance will be an excellent option for growth. Especially worth taking the advice of those ladies who have hair loss.

Before you use this tool, you need to warm it up. You can do this with a water bath or simply lower the bottle into hot water. At the same time, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor the temperature regime. It should not be more than forty degrees. If you make up a mask, then no more than thirty. If only cosmetic and natural oils are included, then they can be mixed together and heated in one bowl.

Using castor oil, you can display the previous tattoo. In this case, new hairs will grow even after pigment removal.

You can use the following eyebrow masks:


This option is suitable for those who have hard hair. You need to mix castor oil and unrefined olive oil. Preheat the resulting mass. Gently and gently apply the product on the brows. You can keep it for half an hour, and then wash it off. Such a tool will be great for your hair.


To saturate the hair follicles, it is worth adding vitamin E to the castor oil. This mixture will help accelerate the growth of the eyebrows. You can apply the Aevit complex, which will also help strengthen the edges.

For growth

For active growth, you can use almond, burdock oil in combination with this tool. After regular use, you will notice a visible result.

For shine

Eyebrows will always attract attention if they are shiny and radiant. This effect can be obtained using a special mask. You need to mix a teaspoon of castor oil, liquid vitamin A. Mix the mass well. Drop eyebrow fluid for twenty minutes. Then you can rinse.

For saturated color

Each representative of the fair sex over time notices that the hairs tend to fade. You can constantly dye your eyebrows. However, this can lead to negative consequences. In order to maintain color saturation, use the following mask. Take camphor and castor oil in equal proportions. Do not forget that they should be preheated first. Then generously lubricate the eyebrows. Hold the product for ten minutes, and then wash off. It can be used every other day for a month.

Thus, you can choose the option that you like. Do not forget only about safety rules and compliance with the recipe.


Many women may have just learned about the wonderful properties of castor oil. At the same time, often everything new is wary. In this case, you should focus on reviews. The fair sex recommend regular use of eyebrow masks. Girls believe that it is castor oil that helps to cope with a variety of ailments, make the image beautiful and attractive. The eyebrows will become even, and the hair follicles will be strong.

Users also note the effectiveness of the composition. With regular use, you will notice how the hairs become soft and docile. People note the ease of use. This tool can be used at home. It is enough to buy a bottle of oil and be guided by the recipe. Such a tool is sold in any pharmacy.

Women are especially noted for significant savings. You do not need to visit expensive salons to transform your skin and make the eyebrows smooth and beautiful. Directly at home, you can independently prepare a wonderful remedy for restoring beauty and health. The effect will be even better than at the hairdresser. Do not be afraid to experiment. The main thing is to remember safety rules. Then the procedure will indeed be effective.

Among all the variety of masks, you can choose the option that you like. Girls are advised to check whether you have an allergic reaction before any procedure. This is indeed an important point. Do not forget about it. After all, the most important thing is your health. Test the product on the back side okay or on the bend of the elbow. If after some time you did not see irritation, then you can safely use the drug further.

Thus, we examined the main properties and advantages of castor oil, as well as its effect on eyebrows. Remember that your health, beauty and safety will depend on compliance with the recipe and application rules. Create a hair care product at home. You will need to mix those ingredients that you like, not forgetting to evaluate their properties. Regular use of castor oil will help you cope with your problem and achieve your goal. Healthy and beautiful eyebrows will help transform your face. You will feel confident, stylish and attractive. Others will notice this. Let healthy eyebrows become a small nuance of women's victories.

In this video you will learn how to restore damaged eyelashes and eyebrows in one minute with the help of simple castor oil and make them beautiful and attractive again.

Watch the video: 30 Days of Castor Oil For Eyebrow Growth (February 2020).


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