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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Fast Hair Straightener

The Fast Hair Straightener comb straightens hair by applying heat to it. It works like an “ironing”, but not quite like that, and thanks to these differences, the novelty has gained great popularity among all hair styling devices.


The package contains a thermo comb with a meter cord and a user manual. The case is plastic, the teeth are the same, narrow at the edges and wide in the center. On wide teeth there are gum, which, when combed, gently massage the scalp.

A button for turning on and setting the heating temperature is on the side of the comb handle. From the back on a small board you can see the amount of heating.

Principle of operation

Heating to the desired temperature occurs very quickly - it takes literally a couple of seconds. The temperature that you set initially will be maintained throughout the operation of the device.

How fast the hair will straighten depends on its length, on the density and on the type of hair. It is clear that the shortest haircut will be easiest to handle. The whole process usually does not take more than 10 minutes, even if the hair is long and tangled.

The tourmaline coating of the comb determines its uniform heating, so that the hair is never burned. Speaking about the properties of tourmaline, it is necessary to note the ionization process, which is so useful both for curls and the whole body.

Thanks to ionization, the accumulated static charge is removed from the hair, which complicates the work with hair and interferes with hairdoing. In addition, the ionization process allows, when processing the hair with heat, to properly distribute moisture along the entire length, so that the hair is silky and shiny.

The hydration process protects the curls from brittleness and reduces their fluffiness.

About the benefits

The difference between this device for styling and aligning hair from similar devices for the same purpose, as well as from expensive straightening procedures in hairdressing salons, lies in a number of advantages of thermal comb:

  • in the sustainability of the result - the hair will maintain its silkiness and straightened shape throughout the day;
  • in double effectwhen the hair is not only straightened from styling with an electric comb, but also get rid of static electricity;
  • in versatility, because the owner of any hair can use this device, there are absolutely no restrictions - neither in length nor in type;
  • in ease of use. Use the thermal comb during styling in the same way as if you just combed the curls with a massage brush. The handle is conveniently located in the palm of your hand, no additional accessories are needed. And, for example, when straightening curls with the “ironing” device, you need to use the comb at the same time, that is, perform additional movements;
  • in profitability. A hair straightener is a double saving of both time and money. Once you purchase this device, you can not spend money on styling in beauty salons for years - you will easily maintain the silky and softness of your curls yourself, and you can do it at home at any time when it is convenient for you. And the cost of electricity will be negligible;
  • in safety, and this is the essential difference between this device and the “ironing”. In this case, only ceramic elements are heated, and they are coated with tourmaline and located under the teeth, so a burn is excluded. In addition, the curls also warm much weaker than is the case with other straightening devices.

How to use

The rules for using this device provide for elementary actions that we perform when we simply comb our hair. But the effect in this case is much more significant, as if we straightened the hair with the help of “ironing”.

In the manual that comes with the thermal comb, the following sequence of necessary actions is indicated:

  1. Connecting the device to an electrical network with a voltage of 220 watts.
  2. The choice on the comb of the required temperature. If the choice is not made, the device will heat up to 180 ° C by default, and the maximum can be set to 230 ° C.
  3. . While you divide the hair into locks for combing, the appliance will have time to heat up.
  4. Move from top to bottom smoothly, slowly. For long and tangled hair, it is recommended to start from the ends, gradually rising higher and higher to the crown.
  5. At the very end, some fixing agent such as varnish, wax or mousse can be applied to the curls.
  6. Unplug the comb from the outlet

How to distinguish an original from a fake

In the original comb, the wire is connected in such a way that it can rotate freely and not be twisted during operation. In the vast majority of fakes this is not provided, the wire either does not rotate at all, or with difficulty and only at 180C.

The original comb on the handle will definitely have the inscription "Fast Hair Straightener", while the fakes either do not have it at all, or something else is written.

This thermal comb is made with a plug for the Russian version of the outlet, and no adapters are required to connect it. And if the plug is of a different design, then this is a fake.

The fastening of the red tips, which protect the scalp from hot touches, in the original is very reliable, and with their base these tips are attached inside the teeth. If you have the original in front of you, then it is not easy to tear off such a tip, even if you do it on purpose, and in a fake the tip will fly off from one combing, because it is simply glued to the tooth.

Customer reviews

The hair straightener appeared on the market not so long ago, and there are already a lot of laudatory reviews about it. Girls write about how convenient and practical it is in comparison with the usual “ironing” - curls of any length fit simply and quickly.

It is pleasing to users and the fact that the effect obtained, and for any type of hair, lasts a long time and you can not worry about the beauty of the hairstyle all day.

Business women are delighted with how quickly the hairbrush heats up and with their perpetual employment and a busy schedule, they manage to create a complete marafet on their heads in just a couple of minutes.

There are many reviews that the comb is always warmed evenly, thanks to its special coating, it never burns either the hands or the scalp, the hair does not overheat, moisturize, become literally silk. In addition, the fragility of the hair is noticeably reduced, and the ends cease to be split.

What else I really liked about the new product is its compactness and the fact that the thermo comb fits easily in a handbag, so if you need it, you will always have a curly hair straightener at hand.

Not only the ladies who wanted to tidy their hairstyle on their own, became interested in the novelty, while remaining in the walls of their home. Professionals became more and more interested in the device, and this is not surprising - because for them it is also more comfortable working conditions and less time spent on the client, which is beneficial to both parties.

You can learn more about the Fast Hair Straightener from the next video.

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