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Eyebrow Growth Oil

Cosmetic oils have a unique composition that nourishes the eyebrow hair follicles with vitamins. It activates growth, strengthens, restores, gives them vitality. If eyebrows have become rare due to the frequent loss of hair or tweezers, as well as bald patches, it is worth paying attention to natural remedies that are sold in pharmacies. Burdock, castor, peach, coconut and other types of organic oils will come to the aid of women with a similar problem.

How to use

The eyebrows in their structure are no different from the hair on the head, only they are shorter and slightly thicker. However, the same problems arise with them: they fall out, grow poorly, become stiff, and fade. Despite the problems, eyebrows can be reanimated. There are several options: go to the salon, buy an expensive remedy to strengthen or try to fix the situation yourself at home. An ideal and inexpensive option in this case is a cosmetic oil for eyebrow growth.

  • Training. Cosmetic eyebrow oils are recommended to be heated before use at home. To do this, arrange a special water bath. The optimum temperature should not exceed 50 ° C, but not less than 40 ° C. Heat accelerates the penetration of biologically active substances contained in them. The consistency becomes more fluid, they are more easily absorbed by the cells, penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis.

For eyebrows, you can use the oils in pure form or mix them with each other, as well as combine with various food products. Beat the ingredients for the mask with a special whisk. Before applying the product, drip the shampoo onto a moist cotton pad and rinse it with eyebrows, then wipe it dry. For dried and clean hairs, oil for quickly growing eyebrows will lie better.

  • Application. Wrap your index finger with a large cotton pad. Dip it in the oil prepared for the eyebrows so that the fabric is thoroughly saturated with this mixture. Now with pressure, swipe your finger across both eyebrows several times. Make sure that the liquid does not drip onto the eyes, otherwise swelling may occur. On top of the eyebrows, put two thin strips cut from cotton pads, and the next layer - strips from a plastic bag for insulation. So all chemical reactions will go much faster.

If the superciliary arches are very high and the strips are constantly falling, you can fix them with a band-aid. Strong advice from cosmetologists: you do not need to do household chores or make your facial expressions actively work during home cosmetic procedures. If you want to achieve maximum effectiveness from oils, just lie down and relax. The exposure time of the masks - from half an hour to two hours.

  • Delete. The most crucial and difficult moment in the whole procedure. The fatty substances contained in the oils form an indelible film. If you do not want it to appear, apply the product on dry and clean hairs previously washed with shampoo. Then the eyebrows must be wiped with a decoction of herbs and lemon juice. Frequency of application of oils for eyebrows - once / twice a week, if the hairs fall out strongly - three times. The treatment course is 15 days. Then you should take a break for one month.

Oils are useful for hairs, as they activate hair follicles, nourish, make eyebrows thicker, more beautiful, softer. This natural organic product is suitable for all women who are faced with the problem of rare, thin eyebrows. Cosmetic oil is used for density, activation of growth, for medicinal purposes. They were recommended to lubricate the places of the superciliary arch, where hairs had not previously grown or were removed with tweezers. If you adhere to the recommendations on the use of oil composition, at the end of the course, the problems of rare eyebrows will be solved. The medical-cosmetic mixture accelerates growth, makes them thick, restores natural luster and natural color.

Where can one buy

Today in any pharmacy you can buy eyebrow oil, as well as in ordinary stores of natural cosmetics. You can order an organic product in online stores. They cost differently, but the prices of this natural product do not bite. However, you will have to pay a lot for exotic products, such as jojoba oil, ylang-ylang, macadamia and others.

Rating of the best

Proper eyebrow care consists of the correct and timely removal of excess hair. Today, thick and wide eyebrows are in fashion, but if by nature they are thin and rare, with the help of cosmetic and essential oils you can achieve good results and correct an annoying flaw. The most effective and affordable means are burdock and castor oil. Experts advise to pay attention to the following cosmetic products:

  • Castor. It is considered the best care agent, as it solves almost all problems: makes hair obedient, soft, shiny, activates growth. All cosmetologists recognize that the castor product is the most effective. In order to enhance its effectiveness, try adding more chopped rosehip berries and warm sea buckthorn oil to it (all ingredients - 1 tablespoon each). But here you need to take into account one caveat: the sea-buckthorn product has a coloring effect, if the mask is overexposed, you can get a bright orange tint. The optimal exposure time of the application should not exceed more than 15 minutes.
  • Olive. This is a real storehouse of nutrient compounds. At home, it is used in its pure form, and in a wide variety of mixtures with other ingredients. Olive oil makes the hair thicker, longer, it is suitable for those who suffer from loss, because it nourishes the hair follicles well. To prepare a vitamin mask, you can choose almond, peach or castor oil.

It is best to do a light massage of the eyebrow line with this tool, after cleansing the skinItza.

Moisten them with your fingertips and apply to the still moist hairs and the skin around them, massage with gentle movements towards the temples. Massage will increase blood flow to the follicles, while vitamins and nutrients penetrate deeper into the roots of the hairs and are better absorbed. The effect of the mask will intensify if you use a slightly warmed tool and carry out the procedure daily before bedtime.

  • Grape seed oil. A great inexpensive tool that moisturizes and softens the eyebrows. It also has an antimicrobial effect. To prepare an effective mask, combine the product with other cosmetic oils, apply to the hairs with massage movements.
  • Peach. An ideal and effective tool, the use of which makes the process of plucking hairs painless and more enjoyable. After this procedure, be sure to make the following mask: mix equal amounts of peach oil, jojoba oil and usma, apply with rubbing movements on your eyebrows. It is advisable to make a mask for the night. During this time, the composition is completely absorbed.
  • Black caraway seeds. Black cumin seed oil is a 100% natural product with genuine quality and centuries-old traditions of its use. It is especially appreciated by connoisseurs of traditional medicine, due to its unique healing properties, due to the harmoniously balanced composition. The product has a rich spicy aroma and a slightly bitter taste, however, it is believed that the more bitterness, the greater the effect will be achieved from its use. The product strengthens hair follicles, promotes active growth of eyebrows.
  • Burdock. The most popular oil, which has a low fat content and does not leave a greasy shine, nourishes and gives the impression of grooming. To a teaspoon of a little warmed burdock oil, add a few drops of an oil solution of vitamins A, B or E. Apply the product on the eyebrows and eyelashes, hold for half an hour and remove with a cotton pad. Also, to grow and strengthen eyelashes, do not forget to use vitamins inside. Good effect on the condition of eyebrows and eyelashes and capsules of fish oil. Another simple folk way to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows is to replace makeup cosmetics with natural vegetable oils.
  • Sea buckthorn. A product that will save from hair loss and thinning. It has a whole range of useful properties, suitable for oral and external use. With the help of sea buckthorn oil, hair growth is accelerated, especially if mixed with other active cosmetics.
  • Camphor. Camphor oil is extracted from the wood of a tropical camphor tree; it has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiseptic effect. In addition, it stimulates hair growth. Make the following mask: combine the egg yolk, one tablespoon of sesame oil, four drops of bay, 0.5 teaspoon of camphor and one teaspoon of hot pepper tincture. Keep the mixture on your eyebrows for half an hour.
  • Usma. A cosmetic product that will make your hair grow faster will make your eyelashes longer, and your eyebrows will turn into a thick, beautifully shaped arc. Usma oil is the strongest natural hair growth stimulator. It is extracted from the leaves of a plant growing in the countries of Central Asia. The people are also called usma dye wida. Since ancient times, oriental beauties have used this natural remedy to grow eyebrows.

If you want to strengthen the hairs, mix burdock oil and usma in equal proportions and apply the resulting mixture with massage movements using a cotton swab.

Like usma, burdock perfectly strengthens hair follicles. The procedure must be performed every other day. Vitamin A can also be added to strengthen eyebrows.

  • Bay. Bey essential oil is known for its soothing properties, due to which it is often used in aromatherapy with increased anxiety, irritability, depression and low blood pressure. The rich chemical composition of bay oil has found its application in the care of hair and eyebrows; it is often included in the composition of products for strengthening hair follicles, against hair loss and stimulating their growth. It has the ability to enhance blood circulation and improve tissue metabolism.
  • Argan. This cosmetic product is universal; It is ideal for hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, face and body skin. Argan oil has a rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin. It supplies the hairs with all the necessary nutrients, strengthens the hair follicles, has a moisturizing and regenerative effect, thereby stimulating the process of their growth.
  • Vaseline. This is a substance that is obtained during the processing of oil. There are no organic compounds that could be useful. This is a colorless liquid, which, along with the formation of a film, helps to soften the texture of various compositions. Vaseline oil helps other active substances to penetrate deeper layers. Therefore, be sure to include liquid petroleum jelly in the composition of nourishing eyebrow masks.
  • Jojoba. Oil has a beneficial effect on eyebrows. It is perfect for treating dry hair - it promotes their growth and improvement of appearance. Due to the effectiveness of jojoba wax and its regular use, a film appears on each hair, which can protect against irritants and external factors. Experts confirm that the product contains many antioxidants and vitamins, including A, E and D.
  • Tea tree. Tea tree essential oil contains unique elements that are very difficult to find in other cosmetic products. This tool is a great find for rare and thin eyebrows. It is used to improve the condition of hairs, restore their structure and improve growth.
  • Flaxseed. The oil has unique properties. It strengthens the roots, activates the growth of eyebrows. The composition of flaxseed oil is enriched with vitamins F, E, B and A, a large number of trace elements and valuable unsaturated fatty acids, which make it useful for skin, hair and eyebrows. Flaxseed oil nourishes and supplies hair follicles with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Burdock. Buy a special oil in a pharmacy with a convenient brush: the cost of burdock is 200 rubles, and usma is about 750. They differ from the funds in ordinary packages, as they are designed specifically for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows. If you mix them together in a few drops, you get an effective mixture that will make even the rarest eyebrows grow and be thick.
  • Almond. Provides uniform growth of eyebrows, eliminates ugly bunches. To prepare an effective mask, mix almond oil and Aevita capsules (a combination of vitamins A and E). Combine the contents with the almond product melted in the water bath and apply to the hairs. As a result, they will become obedient and soft. The mask is ideal for women who, when removing hair with tweezers, can not give the eyebrows the desired shape.


Judging by the reviews of women who use cosmetic oils to restore their eyebrows, strengthen their hair, make them more dense and soft, they really have a beneficial effect on their appearance. Essential oils soften eyebrows, stimulate their growth, give them a well-groomed appearance. Natural remedies make eyebrows thick, strong, beautiful.

You will find reviews about eyebrow care with oil from the video.

Women note that burdock, castor, wheat germ oil, and olive have shown themselves to be the best. The price range is different. The cost of oils for hair, eyebrows and eyelashes starts from 50 rubles. It all depends on the manufacturer. For example, the Shikoil brand produces a special oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, which helps to grow hairs. Its cost is 500 rubles per 5 ml.

You will learn how to grow eyebrows using budget funds from the video.

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