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Londa Hair Oil

Our curls are constantly exposed to any negative impact. In summer, burning sun rays and sea water are dangerous to them. In winter, frost, cold wind, and dry air in warm rooms are harmful to them. The Londa Professional line of Velvet Oil oils will help protect our curls from all the attacks of nature and civilization.

About the hair care products of the line "Professional hair care (londa professional visible repair)" in the following video:

The main ingredient of the entire line is argan oil and a strong antioxidant, vitamin E, which reliably prevents dry hair from invigorating properties to restore the healthy strength of our curls. Composition Two types of components are distinguished in the composition of Velvet Oil. Synthetic silicone polymers reduce the viscosity of the product, evenly distributes it along the entire length of the hair. In this case, the sticking of the flakes of the rod occurs and the hair becomes more obedient when combing.

Another part is represented by Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil and Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil. They are based on argan nuts and apricot fruits. To give a special flavor to the composition of Velvet Oil add musk and sandalwood, as well as peaches, apples, citrus fruits. Jasmine and violets are also included in the fragrant composition. But, of course, the main component and value is argan oil.

The only place where about 2 million argan trees grow is Southwest Morocco. They are the basis of the ecological balance of the region, and building material, and fuel.

Mechanism of action

Londa products restore the structure of weak and dull hair, give them a healthy look, natural shine, softness and silkiness. Oil actively nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, increases blood supply to the bulbs, stabilizes the sebaceous glands. Silicone and panthenol in Londa's preparations create a protective film on the hair shaft. Then, substances from the outside that have harmful effects cannot penetrate under the scales. The film protects against ultraviolet rays, from drying out when laying with an iron or other dehumidifiers.

The special value of the use of Londa drugs also lies in their actions in inflammatory processes, against bacterial and anti-fungal effects.

Alopecia, greasy dandruff and seborrhea are cured. Recovery is provided by the presence of argan and apricot oils, a significant amount of Vitamin E and panthenol. Under the influence of all the components of Velvet Oil free radicals are forced out of the cells, moisture is retained - all this is useful for the treatment of tips.

Hair is easier to style, excessive fluffiness is removed, they become more obedient, combing becomes a pleasant and useful activity. The hairstyle acquires lightness and the necessary contours desired by the stylist and client. Londa based on the natural preparation of argania has regenerative functions, draining properties, neutralizing the effect of toxins. Use in a mixture with other natural components helps to strengthen the hair, return to their natural structure.

A clear dosage of Velvet Oil when using it is carried out by convenient dispensers that allow you to economically distribute these expensive care products for our curls.

The use of Velvet Oil from Londa Professional for aroma combing is very popular now. For these procedures, you must have wooden combs, the process should be calm and measured, bringing calm and improving mental balance. The session will require 3-4 drops of Velvet Oil and 25-30 minutes of time, and after a week you can feel the good effect of these procedures. Be sure to take breaks between procedures.

For the density of curls

To restore hair and enhance its growth, and hence its density, start by controlling your diet, lifestyle and habits. Add carrots, sea buckthorn, dairy products, vegetable oil, and chicken yolk to your daily diet. Then with blood there will be a hair nourishment with balanced and full-fledged products.

It is advisable to visit an experienced hairdresser to get good masks, but frequent access to beauty salons (Hair salon) is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, you can make such masks at home.

Nutrient masks with Velvet Oil can largely solve the problem of growth, and hence the density of strands:

  • hair structure is restored
  • curls return smoothness and silkiness
  • dandruff decreases and even inflammation disappears

For complete success, it is best to immediately buy the Velvet Oil line to provide comprehensive care for your curls.


Inside the bottle Londa Professional - a bottle with a dispenser, the liquid is clear, light, viscous. By clicking on the dispenser, you get two or three drops of oil, which is enough to distribute the drug along the length of the hair, right up to the tips. Consumers note that with such a dosage, the oil in the bottle lasts for a long time.

It is nice that after drying with a hairdryer, if you do not overheat, the moisture of the strands does not disappear, dryness is not felt. "Fluffiness" does not increase, individual hairs stand out less from the total mass. Weighting of hair and excess shine is not observed, just the dosage must be observed.

Many people like the smell of strands and their condition when using Londa preparations. The fragrance is delicate and pleasant, like an expensive perfume. The curls lie calmly, obedient in styling, individual hairs do not puff. Beautiful packaging can only add value to a gift from Londa.

Some consumers are not entirely satisfied with the composition of Londa Professional preparations. Not all the substances that make up these oils, as they believe, are useful, in particular for the scalp. It is difficult to immediately detect the restorative effect, perhaps because the process does not proceed the same for everyone. Some people seem a bit overpriced, but it should be noted that the contents of the bottle are enough for a long period of time and its use in the proposed doses makes the high cost not so noticeable.

Watch the video: Lightweight VELVET OIL for instantly revived hair by LONDA PROFESSIONAL with Argan oil (February 2020).


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