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Facial wrinkle cream

The first “swallows” in the form of small wrinkles in the corners of the eyes appear very early - at about 20 years old. Some structural changes in the dermis occur in the body by this age, and, if, for example, stop smiling completely, the appearance of expression wrinkles could be avoided but it’s impossible.

You need to start fighting wrinkles right away, and if you don’t do this even when you are 25 years old, then later on you will hardly be able to get rid of a noticeable mesh in the eye area.

An assistant in getting rid of wrinkles and in slowing down the processes associated with aging can be a cream from facial wrinkles. This drug is sold in the cosmetic departments of stores, as well as in pharmacies.

What's in the composition

The skin needs constant proper care, which is ensured by an appropriate selection of cosmetics. After all, the nature of the appearance of facial wrinkles is not only the result of a good mood and, as a result, smiles. Their occurrence is also caused by stress, lack of sleep, improperly removed makeup, and excessive exposure to the sun.

The cream is then called effective when it removes wrinkles, improves skin texture, activates the functioning of collagen and the structure in the skin, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Therefore, such a cream should consist of the following components:

  1. hydrogenated collagenthat tightens the skin and gives it more elasticity;
  2. muscle relaxant complexrelaxing on the face the muscles responsible for facial expressions;
  3. peptides capable of easily penetrating deep into the skin and activating the process associated with cell division;
  4. fruit acids to reduce the thickness of keratinization of the dermis and to stimulate synthesis in hyaluronic acid;
  5. vitamins extracts some plants;
  6. beekeeping products to protect and nourish the skin, as well as improve metabolic processes in cells

Best remedies

"Perfectionist" by Estee Lauder

In the ranking of the most effective was precisely this drug, which can significantly refresh the skin of the face and remove from it all the unwanted imprints of inexorable time.

It will help you regain skin smoothness thanks to the new technology on which it is based. Your skin will produce twice as much collagen and peptides, which are responsible for the presence of wrinkles.

The structure of this corrector is quite light, a special applicator is used for application, and absorption into the dermis occurs quite quickly. This cream can be used with any type of skin, it never causes inflammation and does not have a perfume aroma. The price of this miracle drug in our country is about 3000 rubles.

"Ideal Resource" by Darphin

The creams of this series have everything you need for women after 30 years, facial wrinkles which have already become very noticeable. These are active ingredients in the form of a Japanese highlander, hibiscus white and Asiatic centella, which improve the condition of the skin and smooth wrinkles.

Only two months will pass before you begin to notice that such an anti-aging complex really has a rejuvenating effect. Cream can be bought at a store at a price of 3100 rubles, fluid - for 3300, and serum - for 3800 rubles.

"Urnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer" by Clinique

This cream will make your skin smooth and eliminate facial wrinkles.

Cells of the skin are renewed, the texture of the skin becomes soft, and the color - bright. The composition of this drug contains 80% natural substances:

  1. chestnut hood;
  2. extract from sage;
  3. burdock root enzymes;
  4. Vitamin E

The cosmetic product acts in three stages, from cell maturation to enzymatic action on it and exfoliation. One has only to start using this drug, as every day there will be a noticeable decrease in the number of wrinkles and an improvement in the tone of the skin. Such a cream, smoothing the skin, costs 2500-3500 rubles, depending on how much capacity.

"Capture Totale" by Dior

This anti-aging line contains everything you need to look after your skin. This can be done using this concentrated cream, as well as a special cream designed to care for the eyelids. Any such preparation is aimed at one thing: remove unnecessary folds from the face and give the skin elastic and elastic properties.

The presence of stem cells helps to achieve the effect, not only rejuvenating the skin in its upper layer, but also affecting the layers deep in the dermis, where adjustment is quite difficult.

In stores, the purchase of this anti-aging drug is possible at such prices: a eyelid care product costs 4100 rubles, the price of cream is 4220 rubles, the price of concentrated cream is 6100 rubles.

"Age Delay Concentre Jeunesse" by Chanel

This is a cream concentrate that rejuvenates the skin.

The composition includes:

  1. yeast extract that restores cellular activity and corrects the aging process;
  2. Vitamin E
  3. extracts from plants;
  4. Aglycal, which protects connective tissue from hardening.

This drug is able to rejuvenate the skin on the face and hide the signs of its wilting. The price in cosmetics stores varies within 1800 rubles.

"Vinolift Serum Au Resveratrol de Vigne" by Caudalie

It is a cream in the form of a light gel that stimulates the renewal process at the cellular level, due to which the skin structure improves. The composition contains the grape molecule of resveratrol, as well as components of extracts from plants such as alfalfa, oats, ginseng, and so on - a total of 11 items. Experts recommend using this composition with the detection of the first signs of aging - before the inclusion of night and day creams.

The first application will noticeably reduce the number of facial wrinkles, and your skin will be distinguished by smoothness and elasticity. On sale, the product costs about 2000 rubles.

"Firm Profile Serum" by Swisscare Givenchy

This drug is a wrinkle smoothing cream. This highly concentrated anti-aging agent contains components of green tea and antioxidants. There are extracts from plants such as honeysuckle, sprouted wheat, beech buds, etc.

The drug inhibits the activity of free radicals and is a reliable protection for collagen and elastin fibers.

In addition, capillary circulation improves and toxic substances are eliminated. The effect will be noticeable very soon, the product is recommended for women over 30 as a basis for basic care. The price is about 1700 rubles.

"Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift" by Lancome

The drug takes care of the skin in the eye area. The effect is multi-lifting, the GF-Volumetry complex in the composition of the drug accelerates intercellular metabolism, and thanks to argan oil, the skin acquires elastic and elastic properties. The price of such an anti-aging drug is approximately 4000 rubles.

"Fluoroxygen + C EyeC Eye Cream" by Christina

Highly effective care product for delicate skin in the eyelids.

Removes facial wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. The cream is able to protect your skin in the eye area from the negative effects from the outside. The composition of this preparation contains vegetable extracts of rape, soybean, oatmeal and almond oil. The price of the drug is approximately 2600 rubles.

"Serum Vegetal" by Yves Rocher

Clear Look also takes care of the skin of the eyelids.

Excellent natural ingredients are suitable for any skin type. Composition with aloe vera gel, cornflower juice, Indian chestnut and sesame oil will relieve you of facial wrinkles, remove cyanosis and puffiness of the eyelids. Recommended drug for women over 35. The price in the company store is 1090 rubles.

You will learn more about this product from the video.

"Myokine" by Vichy

French preparation against facial wrinkles. Recommended from the age of 25. Among the active ingredients is a complex to smooth wrinkles with a relaxing effect on the skin - adenoxine, as well as shea butter and tocopherol. The drug will delight you with its effect after a week of its use. The price of the drug, which can be purchased both in the store and in the pharmacy, is 1300 rubles.

"Revitalift" by L'Oreal

This is the budget option for anti-aging cosmetics, because you can buy this cream in the store for only 600 rubles.

Despite this, this cosmetic product is considered one of the best ways to eliminate facial wrinkles - it will perfectly smooth and tighten the skin on the face and neck, and it will again look young.

This drug has a double effect, because the skin acquires smoothness and elasticity. The action of the main components of the cream is aimed at improving the skin and normalizing immune processes.

Learn more about Revitalift from L'Oreal in the next video.


Probably, how many women, there are so many different opinions about this or that cream. But they all respond positively to any of the above tools, so calling the best is quite problematic. And this is understandable, because any of them is the care and protection of your skin. If you pay attention to it and not miss the moment when facial wrinkles already make themselves felt, then you can permanently prolong the youthfulness of your facial skin and masterfully hide any signs of aging, and numerous customer reviews fully confirm this.

Read more about the cream from facial wrinkles in the next video.

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