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Avene Antirougerus Fort Cream

Avene Antirougerus Fort Cream is designed for skin care prone to rosacea. Cuperosis is a skin disease called dilated vessels and the formation of a thin "red" mesh on the face and body parts. For its treatment and prevention, a pharmacy product of the famous European brand - Avene Antirougerus Fort is used. Regular use of the product allows you to smooth out the "star mesh" and significantly reduce its visibility, to solve a number of not only cosmetic problems, but also aesthetic ones.

Cuperosis can be a feature of thin skin, the fight against which may not bring the desired effect - complete disposal of skin disease. Treatment of rosacea caused by improper (unbalanced) nutrition, poor environmental conditions is possible thanks to Avene Antirougerus Fort cream, the leader in the care of special dermis. The product is widely used by women to get rid of local redness caused by allergies, irritation by external factors.

Indications for use

Couperosis occurs due to a weakened skin that loses its tone and becomes thinner under the influence of physiological or natural factors, and body characteristics. The use of the Avene Antirougerus Fort product is possible not only with a pronounced disease, but also in some cases:

  • Thin, sensitive skin;
  • Weakened, devoid of elasticity and skin tone with noticeable signs of rosacea;
  • Prevention of the appearance of the "circulatory network" in the face and thin areas of the body - neck and décolleté;
  • Redness in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, depleted thin skin;
  • Avene Antirougerus Fort cream is used as a preventive measure against the appearance of the circulatory network;
  • Its use is not limited to skin diseases: the product has been used as a calming composition for redness on the skin.


The pharmacy product Avene Antirougerus Fort is known not only among specialists - cosmetologists and dermatologists, but also ordinary women who suffer from rosacea and local redness on the face and sensitive areas of the body. The cream of the famous French brand has visible advantages that allow it to earn the title of the most effective in the fight against the hated red mesh and irritations:

  • Regular use Avene Antirougerus Fort cream allows you to restore skin elasticity, make it stronger, denser;
  • It heals blood vessels, compacts the walls of the dermis and eliminates redness;
  • Avene Antirougerus Fort Cream can be used as a base for makeup due to its light formula and quick absorption;
  • The product is used as a treatment cream and preventive composition for sensitive thin dermis;
  • It has a simple but effective composition.based on Avene thermal water and several active ingredients to strengthen the structure of the skin;
  • Avene Antirougerus Fort Cream suitable for use at any time of the year and time of day;
  • The product is stored in a small package.-tube with a volume of 30 ml.


Avene Antirougerus Fort is based on thermal water with soothing properties and gentle hydration. In its composition, the active substance is retinaldehyde, which normalizes the regeneration of cells and restores their structure, makes the surface of the epidermis uniform in color and texture. Ruscus extract helps to reduce the size of the vasculature and smooth out redness due to improved blood microcirculation.

Strengthening vascular cells are the components of chalcone, dextran sulfate and hesperidin. Additionally, they enhance blood circulation.

Application rules

Avene Antirougerus Fort anti-redness cream is applied to dry, pre-cleansed skin. Its regular use allows you to achieve the desired effect: therapeutic benefits are noted after 6 weeks of daily use. For the treatment of aesthetic problems, Avene Antirougerus Fort is applied twice a day: morning and evening on the damaged area of ​​the face (on the entire skin or locally) thanks to a light massage movement; Beauticians recommend completing the procedure with light patting finger movements.

To prevent the formation of rosacea, the product can be used 1 time per day as a day or night cream.


Avene Antirougerus Fort Cream is highly rated. Women in their reviews note its pleasant weightless texture and rapid absorption, therapeutic action - the product eliminates redness after a month of daily use and smoothes the skin, makes the surface of the epidermis smooth, moisturized and uniform in color.

Other women report an allergic reaction to the product, which is extremely rare. Among the disadvantages of the product, consumers note its high cost and small volume, the consumption of which is high during daily use.

You can watch one of the reviews in the next video.

Among the features of creams, women in their reviews note that to achieve a visible effect, it will take from 3 months of daily application of the product on the skin, for those who suffer from a pronounced type of rosacea and severe redness.

About the rules for applying the cream - in the video below.

Watch the video: Avene Antirougeurs Fort Relief Concentrate Redness Cream Review (February 2020).


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