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Cosmetics Topicrem

Pharmacy Products skin care products are considered to be one of the good reasons the safest. They are tested by dermatologists as thoroughly as possible, so you can be sure that their using not only does not harm your skin, but also will make her better and healthier. An example of such products is cosmetics Topicrem. Its features, advantages and disadvantages will be discussed today.

What it is

To begin with, it’s worthwhile to understand what cosmetics is. Topicrem. it hypoallergenic products, which solves several problems at once. This product made famous french company. She has good reputation among consumers, so you can be sure that emulsions for the treatment of the epidermis will not disappoint you.

Topicrem is an non-hormonal product. It is safe to use both on a daily basis and as a product for solving any specific problems. For example, peeling or rashes. The product is equally suitable for the face. with dry epidermis, and for the skin, oily and manifestations minor imperfections.

Composition and reasons for effectiveness

Topicrem is being created based on hypoallergenic components that do not cause irritation. The products are based on lactic acid and mineral oil. It is supplemented with such useful components as beeswax, sodium sulfate, paraffin, perfume additives and purified water.

Products are available in bulk and small packages. For samples or rare use, 40 ml vials can be used. And for daily face care - more voluminous bottles of 200 ml.

Topicrem, thanks to the right composition helps get rid from inflammation, redness and peeling. is he perfectly suitable for girls with too dry or sensitive skin. He also helps to cope. with acne problem and other rashesthat periodically appear in all.

This high-quality emulsion able to restore normal water balance and make the skin visually it is better, and healthier on practice. Topicrem creates on the surface of the skin full protective layer. But at the same time, it does not feel like a film, which means that your skin will not seem to be tight.

The presence in the composition of lactic acid and pure beeswax have a calming and softening effect on the epidermis. So, after application, the skin becomes soft and supple.

For owners of oily and problematic skin, the moment that the products do not have a gummy effect is important. So, after their use, your skin will not get worse. Such emulsions are quite can use even teenagers for cleansing the epidermis and skin care.

For dry skin, the product will also be useful because it has a moisturizing effect. After a few weeks of use, dehydrated or flaky skin becomes even and healthier.

Concerning more serious influences, product "SOS" helps to cure fungal infections, dermatitis, rosacea, lichen and eczema. Dermatologists and cosmetologists often recommend this particular product for an effective and quick solution to such problems.

Also he helps restore skin after use too aggressive products or inappropriate cosmetics. In summer it's the tool will save your epidermis from strong influence ultraviolet sun rays.

So, even after long walks in the sun or use improper care products, you can save your skin.

How to use

If you are in your hands creams "CICA" or "Topic 10", then you are probably wondering how to use them correctly. Packaged with cream always goes instruction, so you can always clarify the features of the product.

In general, makeup products from this brand applied to the surface not only the face, but also the neck, décolleté, and other areas, where the skin came in poor condition. The product is applied to the skin thin layer. At the same time, it does not need to be rubbed into the surface of the epidermis, all its useful components themselves penetrate inside.

In just a few minutes, the product heal your skin so it needs to be washed off. Leaving the product on the body overnight is not recommended.

The tool is recommended to be used twice a week, in a cycle. Thus, your skin will improve in a few weeks. The emulsion can be used not only when you have any real problems, but also just for prevention.

If a on the epidermis there is something more serious, for example, lichen or eczema then the product applied on the surface of the face and body more often. Lubricate damaged skin areas three times a day for several weeks, until the traces of the disease completely disappear.

Sometimes the procedure needs to be repeated. But this can be done no earlier than a month after you have passed the first course of treatment.

Before using pharmacy cosmetics from this manufacturer, make sure that you do not have any individual intolerance. Check the composition on the package to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the components that make up its composition.

Also product not allowed use childrento people too sensitive or damaged skin. If these problems are not relevant for you, then you can safely use this product. When tested by dermatologists, no strong side effects were noticed. Very rarely manifested on the face rednessbut the point is in individual intolerance, and not in the wrong selection of components.


When choosing any care product, you always want to be sure that it will meet your description and work as stated by the manufacturer. As show reviews customers cosmetics this brand really possesses complex therapeutic effect.

If you will be use it course then it will help you decide even enough serious skin problems. Products from this manufacturer are excellent. suitable for teensin which acne and other rashes are present on the skin. After all, a means not gummed, does not cause allergiesand it works well while cleansing the face.

Girls claim that after several days of using this makeup cosmetics, the skin becomes healthier, more elastic and softer. Face, neck and décolleté after applying the product look healthier.

The product is also very easy to apply. is he quickly absorbed, and after cleansing your skin you will not have no feeling of tightness, no oily traces. The product disappears almost without a trace - after using it there is only a positive effect that pleases girls and women of all ages.

So, if you are tired of low-quality makeup products, which only exacerbates your problems, and does not solve them, then pay attention to Topicrem pharmacy brand. Their products, tested by both professionals and ordinary users, will surely please you with their efficiency and safety.

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