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Payot Eye Cream

Many women ignore the use of such a universal and multifunctional product as a cream for the skin around the eyes. And very in vain, many experts in the field of cosmetology believe, since this cream should be part of a comprehensive facial skin care. Next, you will learn about the effective face care products from the French brand Payot.

About Brand

Today, the famous Payot brand, with more than a century of history, was born Nadia Payo, who was a very talented doctor and dreamed of using all her medical experience to improve and perfect female beauty.

The first "beauty creams" Nadia developed in her apartment in Paris, using only natural ingredients and essential oils. In 1925, Nadezhda opened her first beauty institute in France, Paris, where not only the presentation of her products was held, but also training in application technologies and an overview of facial treatments.

A lot of time passed before the 2000s, the brand developed many new tools and various face care techniques and methods. From year to year, Payot releases something new, various series for the face, body and hair.

Today, this brand is one of the most respected in the beauty industry worldwide, it is appreciated by the fair sex of all ages for excellent quality and effective effect.

Product Overview

Payot offers various ranges of face and body care products designed for different skin types, women's preferences and, of course, the result that you want to get as a result. Next, we will consider the products for the skin around the eyes that you can purchase from this brand:

  • A series of Absolute Pure White products will help combat dullness and age spots.. Here you will find a cleanser for sensitive skin around the eyes, which will not only even out tone and relieve pigmentation, but also smooth wrinkles of various degrees and remove bags under the eyes. Ideal for all skin types.
  • Gel - cream for the skin around the eyes Hydra 24+ instantly relieves fatigue thanks to a pleasant massage roller and a pleasant, cooling texture. You will immediately forget about fatigue and bags under the eyes, especially with regular use. Ideal even for the most dry and dehydrated skin.
  • The famous range of My Payot products offers a product for the skin around the eyes with superfruit extract, it will definitely add you a few hours that you did not sleep at night. This cream can easily relieve swelling, help create a fresh and bright look, as if you were sleeping as much as needed.
  • The Perform Lift Anti-Aging Gamut offers an excellent eye tightening agent. which will help smooth out the "crow's feet", relieve swelling under the eyes and tighten the skin of the eyelids.
  • Techni Regard Anti-Aging Eye Cream, designed for even the most sensitive skin around the eyes, will help smooth out fine wrinkles, relieve swelling and swelling, and also prevent the appearance of other visible signs of aging. It has a light fluid texture, which is absolutely not felt.

The brand also did not bypass the stronger sex, creating a men's series of Defatigant Regard products, where you can find an excellent gel - a remedy for swelling and dark circles, which also has properties protecting the epidermis and preventing the early appearance of wrinkles.

Expert Advice

Many experts are sure to recommend having in their beauty arsenal such a universal and necessary tool as a cream for the skin around the eyes. After all, he is a real wand - a lifesaver that will instantly remove puffiness and swelling and make your look bright and fresh. And the means of the Payot brand, in addition to their main task, also struggle with the signs of aging and dullness of the face, which is also important.

But you can’t use only one of these creams so that the result is obvious, it is recommended to use day and night creams, as well as proper facial cleansing for a more complex and effective effect.

Specialists of the brand also pay attention to the fact that all creams should be applied with soft and massage movements. Then you will get the desired result faster.


According to many women who use creams for the eye area from the famous Payot brand, they have a really effective effect. Most women do not consider these funds as advertising tricks and buy them together with the basic means of care and purification from this brand.

Young girls praise a series of My Payot products very much, and roller fluid cream helps a lot in the morning after a sleepless night, when it is so necessary to restore the eyes to their former freshness.

More mature ladies who choose anti-aging ranges of face care products and note that after the first application, small wrinkles under the eyes seem to “melt away”, returning the skin to its former elasticity and firmness.

But how many women - so many opinions. If you decide to purchase a cream from this brand, you are unlikely to lose. Since Payot specialists and laboratories take their products very seriously so that women are satisfied and enjoy the effective effect. Prices for Payot products are average, but it justifies these costs.

In the video below, the girl talks about the features of skin care around the eyes and about the cream Payot.

Watch the video: PAYOT Supreme Jeunesse Regard Eye Cream (February 2020).


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