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Face Cream Natura Siberica

Natural or organic cosmetics is gaining popularity in the market. The funds of world famous brands - American, Australian or Korean - may not be affordable for many women. In this case, face cream Natura Siberica will be a worthy alternative.

Features and benefits of the brand

Natura Siberica - Russian brand of organic cosmetics. The word "organic" means that all the key ingredients that make up the preparations are grown either in the wild or in special conditions, without the addition of chemical fertilizers and in healthy soil.

Over the past few years Natura Siberica From a company producing obscure shampoos and hair balms, it has turned into a large enterprise that produces a wide range of cosmetics. Production is conducted in all directions: from development to growing ingredients and selling. The company has several certificates confirming the organic origin of raw materials.

The funds are based on herbs and berries grown in Siberia, Primorye or in the North of Russia. Flowers and fruits growing in harsh climates are known for their medicinal properties. They contain a huge amount of vitamins, volatile, oils and other active ingredients. A small list of plants that can be "found" inside Natura Siberica packages:

• Urkhanai sea-buckthorn (berry growing in the Far North);

• Sagan-daila (plant collected near the Sayan mountains, Eastern Siberia);

• juniper;

• royal jelly;

• Ussuri karagana;

• wild bear berries, barberry;

• wild raspberries;

• cloudberry;

• wild sophora.

According to the manufacturer, all these wonderful berries and herbs are either collected in the forests of Siberia, or grown on organic farms, which Natura Siberica three: in Khakassia, Kamchatka and Sakhalin.

In the assortment of the brand there is everything for face, body and hair care. Separately allocated male and children's lines, a collection of toothpastes. Packaging for products is mainly budget, but there is a category of goods for a premium buyer: funds in stylish glass jars with an original composition. In addition to creams and shampoos, in the premium assortment there are cosmetic cedar oils and fragrances for the home.

Cosmetics are sold through supermarket chains, pharmacies, their own online store and single-brand points, which are in large cities throughout Russia. By the way, boutiques Natura Siberica work in Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Tallinn and Barcelona.

Face care

In the assortment of the brand there are both caring creams for every day, and means of "special" purpose.

Basic care promise to provide goods lineDay Cream".

For dry skin - Based on extract of Aralia Manchurian. By action - moisturizing and nourishing. It contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and plant ceramides. In addition, SPF20 will allow you to wear this cream even in the summer in the city.

For oily skin the product of this line is developed on the basis of Japanese sophora. Other active ingredients are hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Sun Protection Factor SPF 15.

For normal skin a basic care cream with cornflower extract from the series is suitable Loves estonia. Cornflower and cloudberry provide a good level of hydration and skin protection, have an antioxidant effect. As a complement to this cream, created it "night"nutritious option with the same ingredients at the base.

From the "geographical" series of Natura Siberica (a series of cosmetics dedicated to foreign countries where branded stores open), it is worth paying attention to drugs Blanc de noirs. This is a day and night cream, created on the basis of Siberian herbs and algae of the Faroe Islands. The manufacturer promises improvement in skin tone, color alignment, deep hydration and protection.

For those, who does not like to walk in freckles, a lightening cream is suitable. The White Series consists of day and night care. Arctic cloudberry extract, Vitamin C and the patented ingredient - natural extract from turmeric root “work” in them. It is she who whitens the skin, evens her tone, nullifies age spots and freckles. Night, more nourishing cream has a restorative effect and accelerates the metabolism in cells.

For mature skin

To combat the first signs of aging (which means for women about 30 years old), the Bio series has been developed. Intensive daily moisturizer nourishes the skin with moisture, tones and smoothes. At the core is Altai sea buckthorn.

Anti-aging cream lifting is enriched with collagen, which produces a tightening effect. The composition also contains hyaluronic acid and a patented component - snow cladonia extract. Sun Protection Factor SPF 15, cream suitable for winter, spring and autumn.

Black caviar extract series for tired skinprone to premature aging. In particular, a firming cream: it is recommended to be applied to the most noticeable wrinkles. It is saturated with collagen and helps to smooth out the formed folds. However, the manufacturer immediately warns: as a base for makeup, this tool is not suitable! You can add it "Concentrated Night Cream".

Reviews and tips for use

Insofar as Natura Siberica refers to the mass market, reviews of professional cosmetologists about it are difficult to find. As a rule, cosmetologists do not work with such brands: these products are intended exclusively for home care.

It remains to study customer reviews, which, as usual, are divided into 2 types - skeptics and fans. Skeptics operate with one reason: a truly natural cosmetics with a well-working composition can not be a mass market. In contrast to this view, it is clear that NSworking with Russian raw materials and not investing a lot of money in packaging and advertising can significantly reduce the price of the product. Besides, drugs of this brand cannot be called absolutely “cheap”; their price is most likely “democratic”.

What are the "pros" of face creams Natura Siberica customers say:

nice texture and smell;

convenient and simple packaging;

low allergenicity;

performance of basic functions: hydration, nutrition, skin protection.

The negative sides of this cosmetics:

the presence of a number of creams "inorganic" components in the first places in the list (this means that there are a lot of recipes);

empty manufacturer promises.

Many girls agree that for Russian cosmetics Natura Siberica is a breakthrough: nice packaging, good texture, rich assortment. Most of the girls who have tried this brand believe that it copes with the main tasks perfectly, which means it is quite suitable for basic care for problematic skin. "Highly specialized"creams, for example, anti-aging, not everyone has an obvious effect.

One of the most successful products of the brand is the Siberia Whitening whitening cream. It is popular with shoppers across the country. The manufacturer promises to lighten age spots, freckles, pimple marks, brightens skin tone, gives radiance.

In practice, according to reviews, the cream gets 4-4.5 points out of 5. It is well absorbed, despite the dense texture, pleasant on the face. It is best suited for combination or slightly oily skin. Buyers note an excellent matting effect and the fact that the product is suitable as a base for makeup. It is suitable for use in the city in the summer, since it is quite high SPF 30. In addition, the product is packaged in a convenient tube with a vacuum pump, which prevents air from entering the product and dispenses the drug very economically.

Customers often mention in the reviews a rather natural composition of this cream - not perfect, but without aggressive components: parabens, mineral oils, silicones and PEG.

Of the negative qualities Natura Siberica White note the following: the cream copes well with post-acne spots, but freckles or other pigmentation is not on his shoulder.

The manufacturer claims it as a remedy for all skin types, but for dry skin in practice it is rather weak.

Also a lot of good reviews about lifting cream based on cladonia of snow and Siberian cedar. The pluses are the same: a pleasant consistency, a light aroma, quick absorbency without the effect of a mask, a tube with a vacuum pump.

Buyers note a noticeable effect: the skin looks fresh, moisturized, radiant and toned. New wrinkles do not appear on the background of using this cream.

When choosing a good facial cleanser, the main thing to remember is that in the end, everything is determined by individual characteristics: the simplest, cheapest cream can be ideal for the skin. This is determined by the constant sample method. Company funds Natura Siberica, at least, safe to use, due to its non-aggressive composition, which means that you can test them as much as you like.

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