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Cream after depilation

After such an aggressive procedure as hair removal, it is very important to take good care of the skin. Properly selected cream after depilation will help to avoid irritation, itching and ingrown hairs.

Final Stage - Skin Care

After any type of depilation - shaving, hair removal with an epilator or wax, shugaring - the skin needs thorough care. Any of these procedures injure the skin, especially those that involve tearing hair with the root (shugaring, wax). Moreover, most often these procedures are done on delicate places - a bikini zone, armpits, which are very sensitive in themselves.

Other causes of inflammation:

  • Together with the hair, the outer layer of the skin is often "cut off". This happens when using a dull razor or disposable machine.
  • Hair Remover may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Some women the skin is so sensitive that pimples and redness can appear even after the most gentle depilation.

To minimize unpleasant consequences, the cream after depilation should have a calming and antiseptic effect.

Even the best cream will not help if the process of hair removal itself goes wrong. General rules for hair removal at home:

  • The skin must be thoroughly steamed before starting the procedure. Therefore, shaving or sticking wax strips is necessary after you wash and care for your hair.
  • Ideally, a razor should be kept on hair growth. To remove hair in this way, you will need a sharp, new blade, preferably with a gel pad. Do not drive the machine several times in the same place.
  • To prevent inflammation, immediately after hair removal, the skin must be disinfected. Never use alcohol! Only soft, non-burning products: miramistin (very convenient with a spray nozzle), chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide.
  • Sprinkle with talcum powder the place where the hair was removed, it is not necessary. It clogs pores and promotes hair regrowth.
  • To dry your skin they get wet with a terry towel.
  • After drying the skin and disinfection, you need to apply a special cream. This should be done with gentle massage movements.

Immediately after depilation, the skin needs to rest. Do not immediately run to the street, and even more so - to the beach or to the solarium. Try to do such procedures at night or on the eve of the flight to the place of rest.

See more about the features of care before and after depilation in the next video.

Operating principle

Although all skin products that have undergone hair removal have common goals, they differ in principle of action. This allows you to choose the drug that will fit perfectly.

One of the most unpleasant consequences of hair removal is hair ingrowth.

The reason is simple: the follicle weakens from frequent shaving, the hair becomes thin and does not have the strength to grow up. Then the “lazy person” begins to sprout right in the skin. Around this hair, inflammation forms.

Creams against ingrown hair necessarily include an antibacterial component - salicylic acid. This is necessary to prevent the growth of microbes. It is also very good if the ingrowth remedy has an exfoliating effect (cream scrub): it removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, leaving no room for ingrown hairs.

If the legs or bikini area after shaving blush and “burn” - you need a remedy for irritation. A restorative cream with panthenol content, aloe extract, or cooling components such as menthol is a good choice.

If the irritation is very strong, it is worth taking a closer look at the medicines. Antibacterial ointments such as Baziron or hormonal ointments ("Sinaflan"). To choose a drug, be sure to consult your doctor.

By the way, according to the experience of many women, male remedies - aftershave lotions - help to relieve irritation after depilation. If there is nothing at hand, you can safely borrow a little money from your husband or boyfriend. The only negative of such cosmetics is the "male" scent.

If there are no visible problems after the procedures, this does not mean that you do not need to take care of the skin. In this case, a simple caring cream after depilation is suitable. It may contain plant extracts or oils that give a calming effect.

After hair removal (electric or laser), panthenol products are best suited - "Bapenten, Dexpanthenol"In addition, after laser hair removal, it is imperative to use a cream with high SPF to protect the skin from sunburn.


Not to understand cosmetic "chemistry" today is bad manners: customers carefully study the composition of tubes and jars before buying them. Cream after hair removal should be as soft as possible, but effective.

Moisturizing components that may be contained in preparations of this type:

  • Shea Butter;
  • jojoba oil;
  • Palm oil;
  • olive oil;
  • cacao butter;
  • aloe extract.
  • If the cream contains tea tree oil, calendula, chlorophyllipt, sodium lactate, betaine, celandine hydrolate - This means that this drug has an antibacterial effect, which is very important for the problem of ingrowth.
  • The components of sorbine, walnut extract, arnica extract, and skeleton root slow hair growth. Also, a specific brand of cream may contain its own patented complex that inhibits follicles, for example, Pilisoft.
  • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide included in the composition - nothing like UV filters. They are completely safe for the skin, and help minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

Recently, drugs with papain have been very popular.

This plant enzyme is found in large quantities in tropical papaya fruit. The component acts very well on the follicle, suppressing its activity, which means - slowing down the growth of unwanted hair. You can use funds with papain on the face and body.

Overview of popular manufacturers


Affordable care product. It can be used both immediately after shaving, and every day in areas where hair has been removed. The composition includes soothing and healing components - allantoin, bisabolol, panthenol and vitamin E.

Also in the composition is menthol, which slightly cools the skin - it is very pleasant immediately after the procedure.


An inexpensive tool that can be bought almost everywhere. It has gained popularity thanks to a wide range of actions. Shea butter and rice moisturize, papain works against ingrowth, and daffodil extract slows the growth of new hairs.

Seaweed extract and panthenol heal the skin.


Another economical tool. At the core are extracts of aloe and chamomile. They moisturize and soothe the skin. Walnut extract slows hair growth. To soften and nourish the skin, the composition contains lanolin and vitamin F. Surprisingly, the cream, the manufacturer of which produces a line of sunscreens, does not have UV filters.

In general, the cream has a fairly natural basis, although parabens and silicone are present in it.


A tool of a higher price category, with a large number of moisturizers and sorbine, slowing hair growth. You can apply, including on the face.

Green mama

Gel with mint and arnica extract. Mint relieves itching and discomfort after shaving, soothes the skin, and arnica slows the growth of hairs.

The composition of the product can not be called 100% natural, but there are a lot of plant extracts in it, and all the “chemistry” is gone into the background.

Aravia professional

A professional tool, very affordable for most customers. Its main action is to slow hair growth. The papain contained in the formulation is responsible for this.

In addition, the product has the properties of an exfoliant, that is, gently exfoliates keratinized cells, protecting the skin from ingrown hairs.

How to use it

To choose the right cream, which is ideal after hair removal, you need to proceed from several factors. Firstly, the area where the drug needs to be applied is important. Of course, for the bikini zone and the face (those who remove the antennae above the lip), you need a cream that is as soft as possible without aggressive ingredients. It is desirable that the product does not contain alcohols and acids.

Usually on creams after depilation indicate whether it can be used on the face. Well, if the drug was enriched in SPF.

On the legs, arms, armpits, the skin is usually less demanding, although there are individual characteristics. Here you should think about which problem is most worrying - hair ingrowth, irritation or dryness, and choose a drug based on these considerations.

Another criterion for choosing a cream is the method of hair removal itself. It is necessary to distinguish between hair removal - cutting off hairs at the edge of the skin (shaving) and hair removal - hair removal with roots (wax, shugaring, electrolysis, tweezers). Since shaving only provokes hair regrowth, there is practically no point in using a tool to slow down growth. But for those who remove the hairs along with the bulbs, passing through painful hair removal procedures, you can think about a growth blocking agent.

After laser hair removal, the cosmetologist usually paints the care - the specialist must tell in detail how to behave in the first days after the procedure, what means and in what sequence to apply.

In any case, after exposure to the skin of the laser, any creams with alcohol and acids (even fruit ones!) Are excluded, sunscreens are required.


We list the funds that most often fall into the ratings of magazines or get high marks from customers.

Aravia Cotton Mousse

According to women who regularly use it, this tool is great for sensitive places. Aravia cream gel, which we wrote about above, is well suited for legs or armpits.

Mousse has a delicate texture and a pleasant smell. It is easily absorbed and perfectly moisturizes. Customers also appreciated the bottle with the dispenser, thanks to which the product is spent very economically.


According to reviews, the drug takes good care of the skin, eliminates inflammation and redness. As for the slowdown in hair growth, here the reviews are contradictory: some girls did not notice the effect, others argue that the interval between shaving procedures increases to 6 days.

Gel Bielita-Vitex

Affordable and widely distributed drug on sale (you can buy it at any supermarket). It copes well with irritation and slows hair growth, but subject to regular use.

Green mama

Customers love this brand for its high natural composition. According to reviews, the product is very quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. Arnica extract in practice is quite effective - hair grows 4-5 days slower than usual.

The only thing that confuses some girls is a bright herbal aroma that slightly resembles men's after shave products.

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