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Cream butter

Along with skin nutrition and hydration, a modern cream butter can handle it. He appeared on the cosmetic market for a long time, but not everyone knows about its features and advantages. This article will help you correct this situation.

What it is

To begin, let's figure out what a butterfly is. This is a product that nourishes the body and skin. It consists of a combination of several base oils. The consistency of the butter is solid, but when it comes in contact with warm skin, the product melts. Therefore, it is especially good to apply such a tool to pre-steamed skin in the bathroom.

Batteries can be used for both the body and face. It is also often used as a base, supplementing then with other components. They make nutritious and moisturizing lip balms, creams and massage tiles.

Beneficial features

Butters themselves differ from other care products, first of all, in their texture. They are hard and slightly oily. Despite the fact that the butter initially appears greasy, after application to the skin such a product is absorbed very quickly. The composition of the product is as safe as possible, and after its use there is no film left that would shine or clog pores.

Cream Butter is an excellent moisturizing product that will make your skin soft and velvety to the touch. It is suitable for all girls, regardless of age and skin characteristics - even on the most sensitive epidermis after use, no irritation appears.

Batteries can always be used, no matter what the weather outside. In the summer, they nourish overdried skin, and in the winter, they protect the weathered and flaky skin. If your skin is dry or rough to the touch, then such a product will be your real salvation.

Features of the composition

Cream Butter is a very nutritious product. That is what makes him the right composition. In order for the product to really nourish and moisturize the skin, several oils are added to it at once. Let's look at what components are most often found in the composition.

Shea Butter

This component is known for its ability to nourish the skin and slow down the process of withering of the epidermis. It is very often used as part of various products for body and hair care.


Cocoa butter promotes regeneration. It is used to treat skin on which there are traces of acne, acne or rashes. Also, this component allows you to make the skin more elastic, straightening small wrinkles.


This oil is less common. It is extracted from a Brazilian plant with the corresponding name. This component nourishes the skin and retains moisture. The oil is perfect for sensitive and dry skin.


Like the previous component, mango allows you to retain moisture in the skin and make it more elastic. In addition, due to the presence of this component, the cream acquires a pleasant sweetish aroma.


This is another not very common component. It is an extract from walnut oil, which is mined in Brazil. It cools the skin perfectly and is very often added to various creams that are applied to the skin after tanning.

Muru Muru

This component with an unusual name is also Brazil nut oil. This product protects the skin by creating a protective film on its surface. But this film, however, does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe.


Another fragrant product is coconut oil. It is very easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, removes dryness, nourishes the epidermis and makes the body surface velvety to the touch.

The cream-butter may contain one of these components or several at once.

How to use

Most often, the cream-butter is applied to the body in a pure form. It is rubbed into a clean body immediately after you take a bath or shower. Batteries can be used to care for different parts of the body: hands and cuticles, hair, lips, skin under the eyes, etc. A good butter can also be used to moisturize sensitive skin after shaving.

Cream butter is recommended to be applied to the body in the evenings. This is especially good when the skin is steamed after a shower or taking a hot bath. It is at this time that the skin best absorbs all the components that moisturize and nourish it. Also, before performing this procedure, you can scrub the body in the shower.

If you want to use a cream-butterfly for massage, then you will need twice as much product. But after the procedure with such a tool, the skin will become really soft and very pleasant to the touch. Remember that after such a procedure, it is better to get your body wet with dry napkins in order to remove excess product from it.

Cream butter is also sometimes used to moisturize and nourish hair. Apply this tool also on dry and pre-washed curls. So that the hair does not become oily and ugly, the product is distributed only at the very tips. Thus, you feed them without overloading the entire length.

Before applying oil to the ends of the hair, you need to warm it in your hands. Then the butter should be distributed on locks, fingers. Next, the hair needs to be combed well with a comb.

Top brands

For body and hair care you need to choose high-quality products. Let's look at a few brands that make good butters.

"Fruit & milk"

Quizas company produces many interesting products, among which a line of creams called "Fruit & milk" deserves special attention."This product is known for its very good nutritional properties and a truly magical effect on the body.

As part of this care product, you can find several high-quality oils at once: shea, grape seed, avocado and mango.


This company also has many interesting body care products. Batteries nourish the skin and actively moisturize it. In addition, they contribute to the regeneration process and accelerate it.

The composition of this product is not only a lot of base oils. The base is supplemented with almond, pistachio and argan oils.

Beauty cafe

This cream butter attracts customers not only with its beautiful packaging, but also with its incredibly delicious aroma. The mixture in a beautiful jar captivates with the sweet smell of cocoa, which lasts long enough on the skin.

The product is consumed very slowly, so you can please yourself with such a cream for a long time.

Cafe mimi

Oils from this brand are very suitable for winter care. Hand cream-butter perfectly protects the epidermis from chapping and frostbite.

The product is in a convenient bright yellow tube, which can not only be put on a shelf in the bathroom, but also taken with you.

Valentina Kostina

Among the products from this brand, it is worth noting a sweet remedy with mixed aromas of almonds and coconut. This is a domestic product, but nonetheless, it does not disappoint. And the assortment is pleasantly pleasing.

Queen helene

Finally, it is worth noting the Cocoa Butter Creme Butter Butter. The thick consistency allows you to spend the product more slowly. But, despite this, even small doses moisturize the skin well, even the most overdried and thinned.

At the same time, an unpleasant oily film does not remain on the surface of the body and face.

How to cook yourself

If you wish, you can yourself at home to cook a completely natural and organic butter for the body or face. This is very easy to do.

For the basics, you will need some kind of base oil. It can be shea butter or cocoa. Complement such a basis with more liquid. For example, almond or olive. In order for the solid base to mix well with the soft, thick oil should be melted in a water bath. Next, allow the resulting mass to cool. It will thicken very quickly. The product will end up being slightly less solid than the base oil, but also less liquid than the extra.

A nice point is that you can always add homemade cream butter with the components you need. So, for example, for additional protection, you can supplement the oil with vitamin A, and to give the body elasticity - with vitamin E.

Sometimes, after mixing, the oil may not immediately thicken. In this case, it must be refrigerated overnight. The next day, the product can be safely used on your body.

See the following video for the recipe for cream butter.


Reviews of girls who use such skincare cosmetics to moisturize and nourish their skin are mostly positive. They note that the body becomes more toned, and the skin - velvety, moist and well-groomed. Batteries can be used even on a daily basis, even for rare skin care procedures. In any case, the body and face after such home procedures will become more beautiful and well-groomed.

Watch the video: Baking School: How to cream butter (February 2020).


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