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After Shave Cream with Vitamins F and E

After shaving skin needs active nutrition and hydration. Only in this case it remains smooth, does not dry out, and is not covered by irritations and pimples. A good option for skin care products is an after shave cream with vitamins F and E. You will learn about how this product works and why not only men love it, from this article.

Action and Benefits

A simple shaving cream with vitamins is a really good product that many buyers put on a par with expensive luxury face care products. Even an inexpensive product completely copes with its task due to the fact that it is enriched with a vitamin complex.

This product makes the skin very soft, pleasant to the touch and well-groomed. After using it, you will not feel either dryness or excessive tightness. And outwardly your face will look more well-groomed.

Cream is used not only by men. Girls also apply it after depilation on all parts of the body to protect the skin and make it smooth. It can also be used on sensitive baby skin. It is usually very prone to irritation and peeling, so this type of epidermis needs good protection. It may well give a good cream, the composition of which is supplemented with vitamins.

A remedy of this type can also be a good helper in the fight against all kinds of acne and other skin imperfections. After shave cream dries them well, and they pass much faster.

So, in general, after-shave cream with vitamins F and E is popular among men and women. Although cosmetologists claim that it is these vitamins that are intended for men, they are also suitable for solving many of the problems faced by women. Therefore, many girls from time to time use this product to combat dry skin or rashes.


The effective action of the after-shave cream enriched with vitamins ensures its correct composition. Of course, the exact composition may vary between manufacturers. But there are certain components that should definitely be present in it.

The main components of the cream are, of course, water and vitamins. But, besides them, there are other significant components. For example, an important role is played by glycerol. This component is responsible for the softness of the face after shaving. It nourishes the skin, protects it, makes it more hydrated and smooth.

It is impossible to imagine the composition of the cream after shaving and without emulsion wax. This component holds all the components of the cream together, and it is thanks to it that such a good homogeneous consistency is obtained.

It protects the skin from minor irritation and damage. linoleic acid. It also slows down the aging process. Therefore, regular use of such a cream will allow you to keep your skin youthful and smooth longer.

And such a component as allantoin - A real salvation for an overdried epidermis. It softens it and very gently removes all dead cells from the surface, stimulating the regeneration of the epidermis. Due to the presence of this component, the pores are not clogged, the epidermis does not become inflamed and no new wounds occur.

Shaving cream may have a distinctive menthol flavor. Get it thanks to the addition of menthol. This component helps to narrow the pores and reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, after which the skin becomes less oily.

Finally, the main component is worth mentioning - vitamin f. It is he who moisturizes the skin as deeply as possible. It becomes less dry and fresher.

In addition, this component actively protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is especially useful to use in the summer.

Featured Products

Perhaps the most famous after-shave cream with vitamins is produced by the Freedom factory. This cream can be found in a pharmacy for very little money. But at the same time you will be surprised how powerful he possesses. This product is recommended to be stored in a home medicine cabinet to solve many problems - from rashes on the baby's skin to the treatment of burns and bruises.

Its only drawback is its too sharp menthol flavor. But for the sake of a good result, this minor inconvenience can be endured.


After shaving cream with vitamin F gets a lot of good reviews from both girls and guys. But in their reviews, users note not only the advantages of this product, but also its shortcomings.

A comparison of the product of the factory "Freedom" with other similar creams is presented in the video below.

After shaving cream, rich in vitamins, as the reviews confirm, it really soothes the skin and saves it from overdrying and the appearance of all kinds of irritations. Due to the presence of menthol, the cream has a good refreshing effect. After application of this product, the skin appears chilled and a slight tingling sensation appears on it.

But this is definitely not a drawback. The product thus does not harm your face, but rather, solves problems and prevents any pimples and rashes from appearing.

In addition, this tool has other advantages. As you know, with the advent of cold weather our skin becomes rougher and rougher. Cold and frost affect her badly. Therefore, the skin must be actively moisturized. After shaving cream is also good for this purpose.

It is enough to take a small amount of the product and rub it into the skin. After the cream is absorbed, you will immediately notice a positive effect. Such a tool softens the skin well, while the effect lasts long enough. Without making any special efforts, you will make your skin much softer and more pleasant to the touch. In the summer, it can be used to treat sunburn and soothe the epidermis.

By the way some girls, taking advantage of the fact that the product moisturizes well, apply it on the face instead of the foundation for makeup. After such moisturizing, the skin becomes smoother, and the foundation settles on it more easily, without any roughness. Even the most difficult to apply product will not emphasize peeling or rashes if you moisturize your face first.

As you can see, this cream can be used not only for men, but also for women. Buy one inexpensive cream for two, and save not only your skin, but also your family budget.

Watch the video: Gillette Fatboy. Denim Shaving Cream (February 2020).


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