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Nourishing Cream Dove

Every woman knows that from the age of 25, she should take special care of her face and body skin. After all, it is from this age that our skin gradually begins to fade, lose elasticity, beauty and shine. Despite the fact that at the very beginning the changes will not be so noticeable, they will grow gradually and at the most unexpected moment you can notice wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The only thing that remains to be done in this case is to run to the cosmetologist for beauty injections, but with proper care from the very beginning it will be possible to postpone cosmetic injections for several years.

Care should be taken not only for the face, but also for the body, in order to always keep the skin in good shape.

Moisturized at a sufficient level, the skin looks tightened and in itself is more elastic. Well-groomed ladies look much more attractive and beautiful.

Cosmetic giants come to the aid of each fair sex, who every year try to release new care products or improve existing ones. For more than a decade, Dove company has existed on the Russian market and has managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and effective cosmetics. One of the recommended remedies is nourishing creams. This brand produces several such products that have been bestsellers in their niche for several years now.


As a rule, nourishing creams are intended not only for face care, but also for the body. Well-groomed and moisturized skin will always look beautiful and in good shape, and if you add to the creams fitness and sports, you will not know for a very long time what loose skin is. All modern nourishing creams require a sufficient level of hydration, but not every moisturizer nourishes the skin as it should. That is why it is recommended for use for the body, and for the winter period for the face, fatty nourishing creams that saturate the skin with essential minerals and vitamins. The thick consistency and optimal water content in the product provide excellent protection for the skin from frost, wind and cold, as well as deeply moisturize the epidermis, saturating it with moisture.

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The female face and body, which regularly nourish and moisturize with necessary cosmetics, always look fresh, well-groomed and toned.

In this case, the skin constantly receives moisture and saturation with the necessary trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. One of the advantages of nutritious foods is that they provide improved metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Dove creams are intended for use on the body, from the neck to the heels, but in the cold season, judging by the reviews, it is used for the face, as well as lubricate their hands. After the moisturizing procedure, the skin is soft, smooth and more attractive. This product is suitable for all skin types.

All Dove nutritious products can be purchased at almost any supermarket or pharmacy, they have a fairly affordable price and attractive bottle design, which is a round container with a screw cap. The color scheme is standard for the products of this brand: softly dairy or even a white background with a golden or blue label and the name of the product itself.

The thick texture and pleasant smell attract even more fans of the cream.

It is absorbed quickly enough and does not leave a greasy shine. For dry skin, it has become a real salvation, as a special formula deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin properly, making it soft, smooth and supple. Some girls noticed both smoothing and the disappearance of small wrinkles.

Features of the composition

Dove Nutrient Creams include the DeepCare Complex Nutrient Ingredient, which acts inside the stratum corneum of the epidermis. The components include all the necessary vitamins and natural oils. Useful ingredients in these products are vitamins A, D, C, E, F, peptides, ceramides, lipids and protein.

An important component of any nutritional cream is collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, mineral salts and a small amount of mummy.

All these components contribute to deep hydration and nourishment of the skin. They give the skin a more toned look, elasticity, softness and smoothness.

With the regular use of such a rich in vitamins and minerals, you can significantly improve the appearance of the skin of the face and body, remove a little sagging, tighten some areas along with fitness classes, as well as smooth small wrinkles that spoil the look of the face.

Application Tips

Before you buy a nourishing cream in the store, you should pay attention to some details. First of all, you need to start from your own skin type. Dove moisturizing and nourishing products are white in color and have a dense substance, they moisturize very deeply and are ideal for dry, normal or sensitive skin. Unfortunately, for girls with an oily type of skin, this product is not very suitable, except as a deep-nourishing mask after cleaning or scrubbing.

This cream will also be an excellent tool for women aged or girls with early wrinkles. Due to its composition rich in vitamins, minerals and natural oils, it penetrates very deeply into the epidermis and can help smooth out fine wrinkles with regular use.

Despite the fact that the composition of Dove products is natural, some of its individual components can cause allergies due to individual intolerance.

A small amount of cream should be applied to a small area and, if everything is in order, already applied to the whole body.

The cream is applied in a thin layer so that absorption occurs faster. For even greater effect, you need to perform massaging movements in a clockwise direction. Carefully lubricate the knees or elbows, as these parts of the body are most likely to lose elasticity and dryness.

The agent is also applied on the face with a thin layer. Massaging movements and small pats will contribute to better absorption, and therefore greater product efficiency. It is worth remembering that facial massage should be carried out at least five minutes a day, then your skin will become even more attractive and more elastic.

Beauticians recommend alternating different means in order to exclude the possibility of the skin getting used to one or another cream.

Product Overview

Intensive Nutrition

This tool has a fairly thick consistency and is a type of cream oil. Available in two volumes: 150 and 250 milliliters. The product provides deep hydration to even the driest skin, after its application it becomes smooth, soft and silky. The smell is very gentle and pleasant. Even with daily use it is spent very economically and lasts for a long time.

Cream oil is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film and an unpleasant shine. Moistening occurs instantly and persists for a very long time. Even the weathered hands in the cold cream will restore from the first use. The product perfectly nourishes and softens the skin and protects it from external factors.

"Delicate silk"

This tool perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it more supple and elastic with regular use. It smells very nice and has a rather thick consistency. It is absorbed very quickly and leaves a pleasant aroma that lasts for an hour. The product is available in two volumes: 75 and 150 milliliters.

"Almond milk and hibiscus"

This product is a favorite of many online bloggers who conduct reviews of cosmetics. It is suitable for both the face and body. Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes all areas, after which the skin is tender, like a baby. Almond milk, natural hibiscus oil give the cream a pleasant aroma and soft texture, it is very gently distributed and quickly absorbed in just 10-15 seconds. With regular use, the skin will be filled with vitamins and minerals, will become more attractive and elastic.

"Coconut milk and jasmine petals"

A product with a pleasant coconut aroma in combination with notes of soft jasmine not only intensely nourishes dry skin, but also relaxes the body as a whole. Thanks to a complex of natural and nutritious components, the skin becomes incredibly silky, soft and delicate, and the bewitching aroma remains on it for some time after application. The light texture is quickly absorbed, it is consumed quite economically even with daily use.


It should be noted that the company Dove from its very appearance on the Russian market has become one of the favorites of many girls and women. As for the nourishing face and body creams from this brand, the ladies are delighted with them. Online blogs and communities are filled with laudatory reviews about these products. Attractive packaging design looks very nice on a shelf in the bathroom. All products have a protective film under the screw cap.

Creams have an incredibly pleasant and gentle smell without sharp perfumes, which is very pleasing to many customers.

There is also a good texture of products that are absorbed very quickly and do not leave a greasy or sticky layer. The girl’s products with dry skin are especially praised, for which they became a real salvation, especially in the winter, when the skin is highly susceptible to external factors.

Unfortunately, girls with oily skin were not able to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the nutritional products of Dove, since excess sebum combined with deep hydration negatively affect the epidermis. But they are very pleased to use the products as body creams.

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