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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Matrix Shampoo

Professional hair care products are very popular among the fair half of humanity. Matrix shampoo also belongs to them, which for many years occupies high positions in the popularity rating. Numerous reviews and awards are the main sign of the high quality and effectiveness of these funds.


Matrix brand shampoo is a unique preparation based on natural ingredients that favorably affects the entire hair structure. He gives them a well-groomed look, filling each hair with natural beauty and chic shine. Many well-known stylists are happy to use shampoos from this manufacturer, as they are confident in their unsurpassed properties. Properly selected ingredients have made Matrix hair products truly popular in women's circles.

The brand line includes special care products after painting, styling and perm. The main advantage of Matrix shampoos is their naturalness, because in the process of their creation only patented innovative compounds are used. A wide variety of shampoos allows everyone to choose the most suitable option for themselves, based on individual needs.

Matrix branded shampoo not only restores curls, but also reliably protects them from adverse factors. This tool is preferred even by famous Hollywood stars, including Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz and many others. Such popularity of the products of this manufacturer indicates the demand in different parts of the world.


Experts say that a properly selected shampoo can eliminate the causes of dandruff, dryness, dullness, as well as fill the curls with a healthy glow and give natural beauty. All Matrix shampoos are divided into 3 types:

  • for normal hair;
  • for dry;
  • for fatty.

All these remedies perfectly restore the damaged hair structure, while preserving the natural beauty of the hair. The gentle texture of the shampoo deeply moisturizes, removes impurities and gives a fabulous radiance. Hair becomes healthy, strong and very beautiful. The problem of dandruff is completely eliminated, and the hairstyle acquires additional volume.

Among the assortment, you can easily choose a remedy for blond hair, dark or dyed. After the first application, the curls acquire a well-groomed appearance, become soft and elastic. Hair of natural color is filled with freshness and shine, and dyed ones retain their color for a long time.


Matrix Shampoo is characterized by a natural and healthy composition, due to which it is actively used both in professional salons and at home. It contains various nutritional components that carefully care for the structure of the hair, enriching it with the necessary complex of organic substances. It is worth noting that each type of shampoo from this manufacturer fully meets all the environmental requirements for this type of product. It is made from herbs, plants, as well as other components of natural origin.

Among the assortment there are shampoos with glycerin and with proteins, which are in special demand. Their effect is simply amazing, because each subsequent use of the product significantly affects the appearance of the hair. They look vibrant, moisturized, radiant and very neat. The absence of harmful sulfates provides the strands with deep moisture, so that they do not exfoliate and do not fall out.


A special type of hair care product is Matrix tint shampoo “Solutionist So Silver”, which, in comparison with other types, has an exceptionally positive effect on pigment. Its action is characterized by softness and effectiveness, due to which the hair perfectly retains its color tone. A unique formula with delicate care suitable for daily use. The tool does not stain curls, but makes their color more vibrant and saturated, reliably protecting them from yellowness.

Since the base of the shampoo does not contain harmful substances, it thoroughly cleanses the hair from impurities, moisturizes well and gives them a chic shine. Therefore, regardless of the fact that purple is the color of hair, black, red or another shade, it always looks stylish and also has a natural shine. The colorful pigment acts very delicately, and its anti-yellow effect helps maintain the basic color without damaging the hair structure.

"Total Results"

Blond hair requires special care. To prevent the appearance of yellowness, it is recommended to choose the appropriate shampoo for this type. Such are the products of the Matrix brand called “Total Results Sleek” and “So Long Damage”, which protect the curls from the appearance of a yellow tint on light, highlighted and gray hair.

After the first application, the hairstyle acquires a chic flickering shine, and the main color looks very bright and saturated. These types of shampoos are great for daily use. They gently cleanse the scalp and the hair itself from impurities, and also effectively repair the damaged structure due to the presence of ceramides and shea butter in their composition. Thanks to this, the hair for 24 hours is under reliable protection from adverse factors.

"Oil Wonders"

Professional Matrix Shampoo "Oil Wonders" contains argan oil, which favorably affects the hair structure. Its unique formula eliminates damage, making the hair silky and beautiful, and the combing process itself is as comfortable as possible.

This shampoo is a true innovative development, where small particles of argan oil envelop each hair, filling it with new strength and vitality. This feature promotes deep nutrition and hydration, which is directly displayed on the appearance of hair. Curls become shiny, soft, elastic, voluminous and easy to style.

"High Amplify"

Matrix "High Amplify" shampoo is especially popular among women, which is distinguished by its mild action and amazing effect. After its application, the hair becomes very strong and voluminous. In addition, due to the presence of panthenol, proteins and cationic polymers in this product, the hair structure looks much denser. Ideal for thin and weak hair.

Carefully selected components make the product suitable for everyday use without harming the hair. They become lush, light, smooth and shiny. This effect is perfectly preserved for 24 hours, which many representatives of the beautiful half of society have managed to verify.


Matrix "Biolage" nourishing shampoo is designed for gentle cleansing, restoration and protection of hair from negative factors. This amazing tool is perfect for hair that is devoid of natural strength and beauty. It gently cares for colored curls, preserving their pristine color and integrity of the structure.

The active formula of shampoo is based on an orchid flower, which is famous for its unique properties in the field of cosmetology. Hair is moisturized, filled with the necessary complex of useful elements and completely does not fade under the influence of sunlight. Regardless of the frequency of shampooing, the color remains beautiful and rich.

Extracts of citrus, soy and sunflower seeds included in the product accelerate the process of repairing the damaged structure, making the strands soft and shiny. Pleasant gel consistency, low pH, as well as the absence of parabens make the shampoo as effective as possible, which becomes noticeable even after the first application.

One of these is a delicious shampoo. Matrix "Biolage Hydrasource Ultra", which perfectly cares for the scalp and hair structure, nourishing them with useful substances, strengthening and preserving color. Its anti-static ability makes the hair obedient, eliminates electrification and creates a feeling of lightness. The refined aroma of the product is held on curls for 24 hours.

You can learn more about shampoo from the video.

Shampoo is also very popular. Matrix "Biolage Keratindose Pro Keratin"surrounding hair with care and proper care. Under its influence, the damaged hair takes on a new life, strengthening and recovering from the roots to the ends themselves. The universal component prokeratin penetrates into each layer and eliminates obvious damage. The hair does not exfoliate, it becomes strong, thick and very beautiful.


Numerous customer reviews of gratitude indicate that Matrix shampoos are truly effective. Mostly the fair sex representatives note the fact that after application, the hair is noticeably strengthened and easily combed. Some of them focus on the fact that the products of this brand gently care for dyed hair, preserving their pristine color and protecting hair from leaching paint.

Women are attracted by the pleasant aroma of shampoo, as well as its soft texture. Many of them claim that after the first use, the hair looks healthy and incomparably beautiful, and the process of styling it becomes as easy and comfortable as possible. A professionally selected composition promotes thorough cleansing and reliable protection of hair from adverse factors. Shampoo is ideal for daily use and can be used both in beauty salons and at home.



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