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Natura Siberica Hair Balm

Many consider the use of shampoo as a hair care product sufficient. However, the first place in the formulation of any, even the most expensive shampoo, contains aggressive surfactants that adversely affect curls. Therefore, in addition to cleaning up contaminants with shampoo, experts recommend the mandatory use of a basic nourishing and regenerating agent, which is Natura Siberica hair balm.

About Brand

Taiga Siberia has always been famous for its unique plants and herbs growing on its territory, which are collected exclusively by hand and contain highly active biological substances with antioxidant properties.

The Russian brand Natura Siberica, whose products are popular with customers in many countries, uses the power accumulated by plants of the northern region to create lines of care products for curls.

The products are environmentally friendly, certified and, according to the test results, have many professional prizes confirming its effectiveness. It is produced subject to the stringent requirements of European bio-quality standards for cosmetics that contain natural ingredients. The company, whose range of products is constantly expanding, takes care of consumers of all age categories, releasing a line of products that care for the hair of adults and children.

Which product to choose

The most important factor contributing to the creation of a beautiful hairstyle from shiny elastic hair is the selection of a balm that matches the condition of the hairline.

For dehydrated and normal hair, a product with a lamination effect called "Sea buckthorn" from the professional series "Oblepikha Siberica".

The product contains amino acids that contribute to the nutrition and restoration of the hair structure. Precious oil extracts of Altai sea buckthorn and Moroccan argan stimulate the synthesis of natural keratin, which supports the natural radiance and vitality of the hair.

Extracts of cladonia, arctic rose and flax seed, sealing surface flakes, make hair obedient and accelerate unraveling.

The composition of the product "Protection and Nutrition" for dry hair contains milk of cedar and vitamin E. With constant use, the product regenerates the damaged structure of the scalp. Well-moisturized curls acquire a natural glossy look.

A nourishing balm that effectively restores any type of hairline from the collection "Gzel" "Royal berries" enriched with bio-extracts of berries of wild Siberian plants: cranberries, cloudberries and sea buckthorn, which are a storehouse of useful substances.

Actively nourishes, restores the hydrobalance of the scalp along the entire length, making it soft and silky.

Formula "Protection and Shine" for curls damaged by staining and styling, containing extracts of Rhodiola rosea, ginseng, Helichrysum, Linnaeus chamomile and chamomile promotes regeneration after staining, provides a lamination effect and eliminates confusion.

Wheat germ oil, Daurian soybean and cedar milk intensely nourish and restore the structure of the hair shaft.

Universal balm "Wild Juniper", suitable for any hair, contains in the formula an extract of wild-growing juniper, known for its regenerating properties and the ability to normalize the production of sebum. Oil wormwood extract effectively restores the health of the scalp, eliminating dandruff.

Peppermint oil extract soothes skin itching and intensifies hair growth.

Vitamin complex and plant bio-extracts obtained on the organic farm of Altai Krai: cedar, burdock, mulberry, mallow contained in baby balm "Silk braids" from the line "Siberica Biberika", strengthen, make shining and soft. The tool gently smoothes thin and naughty curls.

How to apply

The manufacturer created a bottle of high-quality plastic in such a way that when you lightly press the cap, the dispensing hole opens. After washing with shampoo, wet hair should be treated with balsam, evenly rubbing the product with your palms along the entire length of the strands, starting from the roots.

To better distribute the product, you can walk along the curls with a comb with rare teeth. After waiting 2-3 minutes, the balm must be washed off with plenty of water. To achieve the effect, experts recommend using the product regularly.

Product Reviews

Due to the safety of use, environmental friendliness, beneficial effects on the skin and hair, contributing to the long-term preservation of beauty and youth, hair cosmetics from Natura Siberica has won recognition, love and numerous positive reviews from customers around the world.

Consumers pay tribute to the company's pricing policy, traditionally combining high quality with maintaining affordable prices for hair care products. The natural organic composition of the balm is noted, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hairline.

Many people notice that after applying the balm, the curls become alive, shiny and comb well, without being electrified. The effect manifests itself after a single application. Regular application of Natura Siberica is considered an important procedure to maintain their health.

Customers who use hot styling to create hairstyles thank the developers for creating a recipe that gives the product excellent thermal protection properties. Everyone who used Natura Siberica brand balm notes stylish packaging with a practical dispenser and a pleasant unobtrusive berry aroma.

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