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Eveline Cosmetics Cream

Every day, delicate female skin needs nourishment and hydration. At the heart of care, an important task is to use the cream according to skin type and age. The choice of cosmetics is now very large. Among the popular brands, Eveline Cosmetics deserves special attention. Here you can buy budget funds that contain natural ingredients and help to maintain freshness and youth for a long time.

Features and Benefits

Eveline Cosmetics is a popular Polish cosmetics company, which began operations in 1983. During this period, this brand of beauty fell in love with many women. Quality products are available at affordable prices. The range of manufactured goods is extremely extensive: these are skin care products of different ages, decorative cosmetics, hair care balms, shampoos and masks.

Eveline cosmetics is available for many women, because its price range is much lower than other brands. The quality of the products is at a high level. Creams of this company will find their application among many women.


Eveline care products are full of variety. In a series of creams of this company you can find: face cream, body cream, warming up, for heels and fat burning.

  • Face cream in Eveline Cosmetics can be selected for both young and mature skin. For young face care, a great option would be "The Magic of Orchids." Its main ingredient is polysaccharide orchid extract. One of the best options for women of mature age may be "Caviar Prestige " based on black caviar. Such a cream will be an excellent helper for the rejuvenation and restoration of cells in women older than 45 years.

There are many varieties of Eveline face creams, so there will definitely not be a problem with the choice.

  • Eveline Cosmetics body products moisturize and soften the skin. The aromas of creams are suitable for every taste. Natural ingredients such as avocado oil, cocoa, olives take care of the skin and make it velvety and pleasant to the touch.
  • The warming effect of a thermoactive cream makes it possible to change your figure for the better. Together with other important procedures for losing weight, this tool helps to burn subcutaneous fat. After some time of regular applications, the result will not be long in coming, and your silhouette will become more toned.
  • Cream for heels from Eveline Cosmetics allows you to forget about the problems with cracks and corns on the feet. Its softening effect makes the legs tender and soft, and unpleasant problems in the form of dryness and calluses quickly pass.
  • Eveline Fat Burning Cream is based on innovative technology. It contains active ingredients: collagen, kelp, kelp, elastin, L-carnitine and Ginkgo biloba extract. Many customers talk about their bargain. Anti-cellulite in combination with massage and physical education helps to achieve excellent results and correct body imperfections.

The cream is sold at an affordable price, has a slight smell. The disadvantages include the fact that the product is absorbed into the skin for a long time.

Makeup lines

The range of Eveline Cosmetics allows you to choose a cream according to the type of skin and the specific purpose.

  • "Extra Soft" is a universal nourishing cream that is perfect for skin care for the face and body. It is well absorbed without leaving stickiness and perfectly softens the skin for 24 hours. Its special formula can be an excellent helper in personal care for any skin type. The composition of the cream "Extra Soft" includes d-panthenol, allantoin and avocado oil.

Useful properties of the latter were noted in the regeneration of cells, maintaining skin elasticity and saturating it with moisture. D-panthenol and allantoin in the complex have anti-inflammatory effects and contribute to intensive nutrition and hydration.

  • Eveline Cosmetics Fitolini Cream is a real storehouse of natural healing ingredients prepared using unique modern technologies. It is based on silk proteins that actively retain moisture in the skin, creating an invisible protective film. Their unique feature allows you to restore damaged areas and gently smooth out skin from wrinkles.

The collection of care products "Fitolinia" has its own series of creams. These are olives and an orchid with silk proteins, as well as cocoa with avocado oil. Creams smell great, leaving a light and sophisticated aroma on the skin.

  • "Diamonds and Gold" is a cream that rejuvenates the skin, giving it a luxurious glow. This series increases elasticity and significantly reduces wrinkles. The cream contains hyaluronic acid, the main purpose of which is to maintain moisture.

Also, the cream contains diamond particles that give a fresh and healthy look, and 24k gold improves skin density, significantly tightening its structure.

  • Cream "Mezo" is created taking into account modern technologies of rejuvenation. Its main components nourish the skin, saturating it with the necessary substances. Pro-retinol A promotes cell renewal and improves skin tone.

Cream "Mezo" is suitable for regular use after 35 years.

  • The Eveline Cosmetics line for mature skin is called Laser Precision. This intensive lifting helps to cope with leading age-related changes and restores youthfulness and freshness to the skin. The cream includes collagen, hyaluronic acid and kelp algae.

Deep moisturizing and toning prevents moisture from evaporating and gives a toned look.

  • The tool "Bio Hyaluron" is aimed at combating wrinkles and other imperfections. Its intensive hydration nourishes the cells and reliably protects against the first signs of aging. After using the product, the skin becomes smooth and delicate and takes on a healthy shade.
  • A truly universal anti-aging remedy for all skin types is "Tears of the Mountains." The composition includes a mummy and a complex of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Their numbers achieve stunning results. These are 30 micro and macro elements and 28 elements of a chemical discharge. This range of substances in combination with vitamins B1, B5, B12, E, P restores skin cells and contributes to their active renewal.

In addition, the cream “Tears of the Mountains” protects the epidermis from the negative effects of the environment.


Eveline Cosmetics contains different ingredients in each product. A series with silk proteins perfectly retains moisture in the surface of the skin, because these special molecules contribute to cell regeneration.

Gold thread products have been developed to get rid of wrinkles quickly.. They are based on the smallest particles of a given metal. This method is great for combating the imperfections of women of a mature age category. The unique formula of the cream allows you to smooth the skin, making it more elastic.

Olives have special properties. It's no secret that olive oil rejuvenates cells, creating a healthy and radiant look. Eveline Cosmetics, supplemented with olives and silk proteins, is essential for thorough nutrition of the epidermis.


The opinions of cosmetologists coincide in the fact that Eveline Cosmetics are high-quality budgetary products for the care of the skin of hands, face and body. Cosmetics are made from the best materials. According to experts, Eveline is one of the largest cosmetic brands in Europe. It can be rightfully said that it reflects the latest trends in cosmetology.

The brand rating has excellent marks and is at a high level. Eveline adheres to two important rules: improving product quality and applying innovative techniques.

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