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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Gel Polish NeoNail

A product such as gel polish appeared on the market relatively recently and immediately became popular among women of completely different ages.. The secret of such success is quite explainable: in comparison with ordinary nail polish, such a coating lasts several times longer. In addition, it allows you to hide possible irregularities in the nail plate, as well as make a unique design.

Today, there are a huge number of brands that offer this unique product.

Modern technology is becoming more sophisticated every day, forcing cosmetics manufacturers to look for more advanced formulas that form the basis for nail coverage, which would not only not spoil the nails, but also strengthen them, make them more durable and protect them from brittleness and chips.

NeoNail is a manufacturer of not only varnishes, but also other related products for manicure and pedicure. In the assortment of the company there are various basic and top-end bases, lamps for drying, as well as material for design. The NeoNail gel polish palette pleases with its abundance.


Gel polishes from the German company NeoNail are popular all over the world. Each woman will find for herself the colors that she will like. Analyzing the reviews of fans of this brand, we can conclude that not only the coating itself is really of good quality - he also has a comfortable brush, which allows you to apply an even beautiful layer.

  1. Large selection of colors. The company offers its customers more than 200 different shades in 12 different collections. Any woman will find a shade for herself under any outfit and for any occasion.
  2. The assortment contains coatings with different textures. A choice of shiny glossy or strict matte finish.
  3. NeoNail gel polishes are also valued for their durability - they can maintain their integrity for up to three weeks without damaging the nail plate and allowing it to harden. In addition, when applied, the coating does not spread and does not crack. Even after a few weeks, the color remains as deep and saturated as immediately after application, allowing the woman to keep her hands well-groomed.
  4. Does not damage the plate. The coatings of this company are absolutely safe for health. Moreover, it protects the nail from the external aggressive environment - cold and dry air, exposure to household chemicals and other negative factors. Being under such protection, the nail plate hardens, becomes less brittle and more durable. All products undergo mandatory certification and comply with European quality standards.
  5. Frequent renewal of assortment. The company's designers are constantly working to create new shades and constantly delight their customers with an expandable assortment.
  6. Easy to use. The products of this company are intended primarily for professional use by masters in beauty salons. However, many women choose them also for home use, since the application process is not complicated and is quite beyond the power of professionals.
  7. Acceptable price. Compared to many other well-known brands, NeoNail coatings are affordable for the masses, while maintaining the famous German quality.
  8. Convenient packaging. For the convenience of consumers, the company produces gel varnishes in two different dosages. Salon masters prefer 15 ml bottles, and a dosage of 6 ml is enough for home use.


As already mentioned above, the company has in its assortment 12 different collections of coatings, which are constantly updated and expanded.

  • "Aguarelle" ("Watercolor") created specifically for the technique of "wet manicure", when the additional color is applied to the still not dry primary. When blurred, it creates a beautiful original pattern on the plate. It can be flowers, various figures and objects or just a freakish abstraction.
  • "Floweresense" ("Flora"). This series contains shades named after garden plants. For example, pink colors have names in honor of a lily (5401-01), peony (5402-01) and tulip (5403-01), and blue - iris (5404-01), hyacinth (5405-01) and bell ( 5405-01). Coatings have a bright shade and glossy texture.
  • "Warning memories." This series is distinguished by pastel colors of cold shades with romantic names: "Sensual silence" (5317-1), "Return to Homeland" (5322-1), "Evening walk" (5323-1), etc.
  • "NeoNail Thermo". The feature of this product is that the coating can change color depending on the air temperature: the warmer it is, the shade becomes brighter, and vice versa, when it is cold, the lacquer acquires a darker color.
  • The cat's eye. The essence of this method is that with the help of a magnet the gel is formed into an interesting pattern, creating the effect of a narrow light reflection that resembles chrysolite stone. Under the influence of a magnetic field, a picture with a three-dimensional image is obtained. Such gel polishes are very fashionable and popular this season and are suitable not only for special occasions, but also for everyday wear.
  • "Spring Summer". With a cursory glance at this series, it seems that she has gathered all the riot of the beauties of nature at the time when she woke up from hibernation. From the names alone, the head goes around: "Citrus Paradise" (4809-1), "Pink Pudding" (4627-1), "Lavender Garden" (3644-1), "Hummingbird" (4812-1) and many others, no less exotic names.
  • "Galaxy Glitter." The names of gel polishes included in the Galaxy collection correspond to the theme: Silver Moon (5013), Cassiopeia (5012), Mysterious Neptune (5013), Sensual Venus (5014), Seductive Mars ( 5016), Andromeda (5009), Mystical Saturn (5015), etc. There are so many colors that it is simply impossible to mention everything in one article.
  • "Grunge". The idea of ​​the Grunge style, as you know, is in the denial of generally accepted conventions, neglect of glamorous chic and outrageous. Gel polishes of this series are distinguished mainly by dark tones from bright blue to deep black, sometimes with a cosmic sheen.
  • Collection "Milady". This series is characterized by calm discreet tones. There are no bright flashy flowers, as in the Spring-Summer collection. In it you will not find gloomy tones, as in "Grunge". It’s enough to look at the names of the shades to understand that this time everything is decorous and noble: “Chestnut” (2618), “White Collar” (4659), “White Chocolate” (3218), “Morning Rose” (4816), “ First Love "(2859), etc. They are suitable for manicure in an official and business style.
  • "Candy Girl". The “Sweet Girl” series of varnishes is distinguished by bright cartoonish colors: turquoise (2992), dark yellow (2995), caramel pink “Dawn in Havana” (4822), green neon (3749), etc. Especially popular is the shade "Bermuda Beach" ("Bermudas Beach" 4817).
  • "Lady in Red." The Lady in Red collection speaks for itself: it contains all the shades of red: Pink Opal (2689), Argentine Tango (3217), Ripe Cherry (3790), Poppy Hill (2690) and much more.
  • "Mono - 3 in 1". The peculiarity of this coating is that it does not need either a base or topcoat - all three products are combined in one bottle. NeoNail Mono series gel polishes have bright saturated colors and a beautiful glossy shine. Miss Bordeaux (4043), Mint Summer (4048), Beetroot (4051), Prune (4049), Silver Pearl (4055), Green Ocean (4200), Salmon (4210) - All these and many other shades are included in this series. As the names show, in it you can choose a shade for any outfit and for any occasion.

All gel varnishes of this company are suitable for LED, as well as for UV lamps.

You will learn how to apply NeoNail gel polish from the next video.

Watch the video: Nails tutorial - uv gel polish - semipermanente NEO NAIL. ERICA NAILS (February 2020).


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