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Gel Polish E.Mi

Everyone wants to have beautiful, well-groomed nails, and elegant manicure often helps in this. But it is important to choose high-quality materials for him. Today we will analyze a novelty in the Russian market - E.Mi gel polishes.

Brand history

E.Mi is a domestic manufacturer of varnishes. This line was created by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko, who graduated from the university with a degree in Graphic Design. Her thesis was not a drawing on paper at all, but a nail design.

After graduation, Catherine opened her studio and quickly gained a lot of fans and followers. At present, about fifty Yekaterina Miroshnichenko's salons are open throughout Russia; there are several similar places in Europe.

Catherine is well versed in nail art and what materials are needed for this, therefore she takes an active part in creating new tools, and also monitors the implementation of standards in their production.

Brand Distinctive Features

The gel varnishes of the company are quite liquid, but at the same time they are well suited for application to nails.

The manufacturer's packaging is almost no different from each other. They look quite stylish and beautiful precisely due to the same bottles. The brand is considered quite expensive and professional, so you can not expect a low price from it. But from time to time, stocks and price cuts happen.

The varnish pigmentation is very good - it covers the entire nail without gaps, the hue is even. In addition, the manufacturer claims that their products are designed to take care of thin and brittle nails.

All packages must have brushes. The difference of this particular company is that the brushes are not long, but voluminous and do not fluff in different directions. Due to this, they perfectly absorb the varnish and distribute it along the length of the nail.

It must be remembered that gel polish must be mixed from time to time. If you do this and apply varnish in accordance with all the rules, then the coating can last you up to three weeks.


E.Mi company produces professional cosmetics, so it has advantages over other analogues. Some of them:

  • Good consistency. Suitable for both experienced masters and beginners who have never painted nails;
  • Relatively "clean" composition. The company cares not only about the ease of application, but also about the health of your nails, so among the ingredients you can find many nutritious vitamins and minerals;
  • No "holes" or chips, the varnish does not fade in the sun and does not change color over time;
  • The duration of the varnish socks is from three weeks or more;
  • A huge number of different colors for every taste;
  • A convenient brush that allows you to evenly distribute the varnish on the nail;
  • Economical consumption and a large bottle - nine milliliters.


The manufacturer has released several lines of gel polishes, united by a common idea or color. We made a brief overview of some of them.

  • In the line "Glossemi" there is a gel effect varnish with a mirror effect. What is interesting - a glossy foil is included in the kit for performing a beautiful color-to-color manicure. Their advantage is that the method of applying these gel varnishes is not complicated and any woman will cope with it.

Before using such products, it is necessary to shake the bottle slightly so that the lacquer inside acquires the desired texture. In addition, you must definitely go over the nails with a degreaser, primer and only after that apply the first coat of varnish. After that, after drying the nails under the lamp, you can use foil.

  • The name of the line "Without Mother of Pearl" speaks for itself. In these gel polishes there is no shine and overflow. Top colors - all shades of red. Of the small minuses, it can be noted that this line has residual stickiness, but it can easily be removed using a special tool.

An exception in this regard is the product with the name "Alpine Snow", which provides an even layer and does not have stickiness. The color is also different - it is snowy white.

  • "Glam Lady" - a line for delicate and sophisticated girls. The colors are selected in accordance with this - pink, pale red, flesh, beige, peach, purple. All of these shades are great for combining with bright and rich lipsticks.

The advantage of this line, in addition to a variety of delicate colors, is its dense texture and instant solidification. With such varnishes you can make a classic monophonic manicure.

  • "Romantic Island" also has delicate tones, but this time more juicy - yellow, green, pink, blue. This line is designed to carry bas-reliefs, which are not so difficult to make for a beginner. You just need to carry out standard procedures before painting the nails and apply the base - with it, the color will last longer and look brighter.

The bas-relief is usually applied in several passes, and then processed with a buff.

  • "City Woman" is a line showing that even in the largest and coldest city you can always create beautiful and delicate nail art. Here there are shades such as "Snow Beige", "Provence Flowers" and "Mint Frappe".

Suitable for girls and women who want more tenderness in their lives.

  • The Nude Cashmere line is designed for active girls and women. Ideal for short nails and office style - all colors are discreet, classic.

It also separates this line from the rest and the fact that among its means there are paints that can be very conveniently and beautifully painted on nails.

  • A line of pastel colors created for lovers of calm and neutral shades. It is also well suited for everyday design. Often with similar shades they make a French manicure. The advantage of gel polishes is that they do not spread too much and they are more convenient to apply, especially making a white strip on the tip of the nail.

Here, it is also necessary to apply two layers, no less, in order to ensure a durable coating. And all the irregularities can be removed with a wooden stick or brush.

  • "Season of contrasts" - this is probably the brightest line of all those listed. Among the colors there are Emerald, bright purple and Ultramarine. If you are a lover of juicy shades, then you can paint your nails in one of these colors.

These varnishes are great for applying original drawings.

  • Heart of the Ocean is a ruler in a marine style. It includes many blue and green hues, as well as sand colors.

Experts recommend not only painting their nails in these colors, but also making drawings - with such shades they look great.

  • "Neon" is the most varied series of color gel polishes. There are blue and green tones, as well as red, orange, yellow and purple. These colors are for lovers of very bright, one might even say, “sour” shades.

Plus, it has a dense texture, which already after the first or second layer allows you to make a bright and persistent manicure.

  • The mother-of-pearl line is filled with rich colors. The paint dries up almost instantly and lays down in an even layer. Specifically, this series was developed by a specialist in nail painting, who clearly knows how to make a beautiful and unique nail design.

The only negative of this series is its stickiness. But it is easily removed with a special tool and accurate handling of nails.

Application Features

A manicure will last long if you learn how to apply it correctly. There is nothing complicated - once you have learned and turned it into a habit, you will already perform these actions on the machine.

The first thing to do is to clean the nails from natural shine. Then the varnish will lie better and the coating will be more durable. Just do not use an abrasive file for cleaning, otherwise it can damage the surface. Then you should use a degreaser and treat them with nails.

You will need a primer if you want to keep your manicure for a long time, since it allows the varnish to more closely "adhere" to the surface of the nail. It is better to choose a primer without acid in the composition - it will not harm the nail and protect it.

After all these manipulations, it is worth applying the base, drying it under the lamp for two minutes - no more. And finally, you can apply E.Mi gel polishes. They are bright enough, so for starters, one layer is enough.

The process of competent application of gel polish is shown in the video below.

Color palette

The color palette of the E.Mi brand is very rich. However, several main areas can be noted:

  • Base colors. For example, pink, green, blue and red, as well as other relevant shades that are used most often and which are well suited for the base;
  • "Shades of Elegance" - delicate and elegant tones with a slight shade of pink in each color. There are brighter tones, but they are much smaller;
  • "Neon Party" Provide vibrant neon shades. There are few of them in the collection, but each stands out;
  • "Park Avenue" also rich in bright colors, but there are more light and glossy shades;
  • "Dolche Vita" - A chic collection of all shades of red from dark deep and passionate colors to pale pink;
  • "Cozy Evening" presents you basic classic shades that can be used both as a base and as an independent color;
  • "Royal Tone" prepared luxurious dark colors for your nails. The advantage is given to red, but there are several other shades, the same dark;
  • "Sport Chic" created for everyday life and neutrality. They are usually warm flesh shades, suitable for any style and occasion;
  • "Tropical Garden" unique in that it combines gel polish and paint. Moreover, they are very pigmented. Shades are tender and juicy.


According to the masters, E.Mi gel polishes are not bad, they are convenient and easy to work with, but they are also not the best. Approximately half of the specialists who tried these funds eventually settled on similar counterparts from other manufacturers.

According to customer reviews, it becomes clear that most people liked gel polish because of its ease of application. However, there were grievances regarding, for the most part, the price being too high and that the varnish was too liquid.

Watch the video: A curative manicure with gel polish Recovery of natural nails (February 2020).


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