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Lipstick Max Factor

Max Factor brand products appeared on the market of our country during the difficult turning points of the 90s. Immediately, these products gained popularity and took their niche and was considered not only a good purchase, but also a great gift for women on various holidays. At the moment, the brand has a lot of competitors, but the company does not intend to give up its positions. The assortment is constantly updated with new relevant products, and the quality remains at a fairly high level.


The founder of the Max Factor brand is an American businessman with a Polish origin, Maximilian Factorovich. The name of the company is formed from its own name and surname. A young man born in Poland, from his youth plunged into the world of beauty and fashion. As a child, he began to help the wig maker in his craft. Then he became an assistant make-up artist and worked in Russia at the Bolshoi Theater. It was this work that gave him extensive knowledge and useful experience. The young man opened his first cosmetics store in Ryazan.

The company places particular emphasis on lip care.

Before Max Factor brand products, few products combined the functions of decorative and caring cosmetics. The addition of useful components to coloring agents was simply a revolution in decorative cosmetic products. Almost 60% of Max Factor products consist of nourishing and caring components, and the remaining 40 are responsible for creating a persistent, bright and even color and a pleasant shade.


The composition of Max Factor lipstick is one of the innovative properties of this cosmetic product.

Special components that create a protective layer over the epidermis provide resistance to harmful environmental factors.

  • Shea Butter, also called shea butter, known for its nourishing effects, perfectly protects and restores the dermis.

  • Squalene of plant origin very similar in structure and effect to the fats produced by the skin of a person. It has an excellent moisturizing effect and protects against aggressive environmental influences.

  • Lanolin obtained from sheep’s wool and used to provide active moisture and protect the coating from exposure to water.

  • White Tea Extract It has an antibacterial effect, helps to heal the microcracks that occur when the dermis is dried out and weathered. It stimulates regeneration and tones, returning youthfulness and freshness to the lips.

  • Also included are various plant extracts - Aloe vera, avocado, vitamin complexes that fill the skin's needs for the necessary components.

Experts who studied the composition of lipstick in the laboratory noted a rather high lead content in Max Factor lipstick samples.

Its amount is approximately 3.7 mg / kg. However, it should be noted that this number is within the normal range and this is not a violation of production technology and existing quality parameters.

Shelf life

Max Factor lipstick has a rather long shelf life of three years from the date of manufacture.

However, during the study, specialists felt a specific rancid odor in some samples with an unexpired shelf life on the package. The appearance of an unpleasant odor may indicate an improperly selected chemical composition and premature oxidation of lipid constituents. Laboratory studies have revealed an increased number of acid and carbonyl groups, which also speaks in favor of spoilage of the product. This could happen due to improper storage of cosmetic products during their transportation and sale in the store. In addition, poor raw materials and an unbalanced content of substances that prevent the rancidity of fats could become the cause.

When choosing lipstick, be sure to check the period of use, in no case do not use the product after it has expired. To protect yourself from poor-quality purchases, try to purchase goods in trusted stores that provide proper storage and sale conditions.


The range of lipsticks brand Max Factor is wide enough. It includes a moisturizing line "Color Elixir", resistant and caring for the epidermis. Due to the increased content of caring components, the product works like a balm, while having a pleasant rich color and confident durability.

Super long-lasting lipstick is presented in the line of "Lipfinity". This is a very stable cosmetics, not washable even after eating, kissing. It is waterproof and does not flow even under the hot summer sun. The packaging of this product is double and contains lipstick and shine, which must be used together to achieve maximum effectiveness. Girls note that the consistency of lipstick is very convenient, the package has a special brush for applying the composition.

Also, this lipstick is available as double-sided. In the middle, the package has a partition: on the one hand, a matte base, and on the other, a light, unobtrusively shining shine.

More on Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick in the next video.

Also in the range there is a collection of matte lipsticks "Velvet Matte", which has caring properties.

Brand lines

The brand produces several lines of lip cosmetics that are popular.

  • "Lipfinity" - super resistant series. The package contains two products - lipstick and shine. Both products have a liquid consistency and are equipped with applicators. Convenient to use. Lipstick has a saturated color and, according to the manufacturer, absolute resistance for all 24 hours. When using it, there will be no need to correct makeup after eating or during dates. Shine adds hydration and makes lips voluminous. It has a protective function and can be used repeatedly throughout the day. You can use the funds separately, but manufacturers are advised to combine them to achieve the best result.

The palette contains fourteen shades.

Basically, these are basic calm colors and nude options. There are no extremely bright tones, but there is something to choose for the celebration.

The series is also available in lipstick format called "Longlasting". This product does not have supernatural resistance, but is suitable for daily use. By the end of the day, the coating is slightly lighter and becomes dull. Among the shades there are "Evermore Lush", "Stay Exclusive", "Always Chic" and others.

  • "Color Elixir" - A special series, a novelty among decorative cosmetics, providing hydration and daily care for delicate lip skin. It contains the necessary vitamins, oils and extracts of plants such as shea butter, aloe vera, white tea, avocado and others. Gives sponges incredible softness, nourishes, moisturizes and stimulates tissue regeneration.

With all this, the new lipstick has sufficient durability and retains its original appearance after a few hours. It has a chic palette of shades, allowing you to choose the color for every woman and for any occasion. It can be pink, brown, red and purple in all kinds of variations, including Coral, Chile, English Rose, Flamingo and others. 24 tones are presented.

  • "Marilyn Monroe" - A collection of four red shades. Berry red is suitable for a cold color type, sunset red for warm, cabernet for dark colors, and ruby ​​can be used by all ladies as a universal tone.
  • "Xperience Lipstick" - A compact series with an additional moisturizing effect. The translucent product has a light texture and is, in fact, a caring balm with color pigments. Good for light daytime makeup.
  • "Velvet Matte" - matte collection, creating a rich noble coating and moisturizing the surface of the lips. The basis of this lipstick, unlike analogues, are caring components, supplemented by light-scattering particles to create a matte finish. The product has a rich shade and is nice when applied.
  • "Color Collections" - A compact lipstick with a palette suitable for different skin types. It is divided according to skin tones and has colors for a light, natural and dark skin derma. Among the shades there are “Mocha”, “Plum wine”, “Lilac sky”, “Raspberry punch” and many others.


The variety of shades depends on the product line.

The Lipfinity series is mainly represented by calm basic colors. These are thirteen pleasant shades:

  • Pearl Nude

  • Tanned Rose

  • "Whisper",

  • "Ethereal",

  • "Angelic",

  • "Passionate",

  • "Ice",

  • "Pink",

  • "Violet",

  • Coral Red

  • Burgundy Wine

  • "Natural",

  • "Brown".

The care line of "Color Elixir" boasts a more active variety of colors. The following shades are presented:

  • "Pearl Chestnut",

  • Ice Rose

  • English rose

  • Angel Pink

  • Beautiful Flamingo

  • Divine Purple

  • "Eternal flame",

  • The Secret of Ceramics

  • "Garnet",

  • "Mulberry",

  • Midnight Pink

  • Ruby Tuesday

  • Ghost Scarlet

  • Clarified fuchsia

  • Dusty Chestnut

  • "Glowworm",

  • Pink Brandy

  • Enchanting Coral

  • Twilight Rose

  • "Pink tree",

  • "Tan",

  • "Chile",

  • "Raisins".

The red line "Marilyn Monroe" is presented in four shades:

  • "Ruby red" is suitable for any skin tone, is a universal red tone.

  • For representatives of a cold color type, the shade "Berry Red" is suitable.

  • "Sunset Red" will adorn the warm tone of the skin.

  • "Red Cabernet" is perfect for dark tones.

How to choose your own shade

Choosing a shade of lipstick for yourself, you need to focus on what color type your appearance has and on makeup in general.

  • Fair-skinned blondes different variations of pink are great. And for an exit in the afternoon it can be light peach, and under the evening illumination a tone of plum or coral will do. It is better not to resort to excessively saturated tones, otherwise the face will seem too pale.
  • Red ladies can afford warm coffee shades, variations on the theme of coral, plum and rose. Warm shades are good. To exit in the evening, you can pay attention to the color of Bordeaux.
  • Dark-skinned and dark-haired beauties Feel free to give preference to strong natural shades. Perfectly in harmony with the appearance of plum and pink. However, do not use warm shades of coffee, wood or coral, they can make the skin lifeless.
  • Fair-skinned brunettes can use almost all colors except orange and too dark. Ruby, plum, red tones will do.

Remember that light shades make lips more puffy.

If they are not symmetrical, do not use dark colors, they will only emphasize the disadvantage. Also, dark tones are not recommended for young girls, as they can age.


The price of Max Factor lipstick can vary significantly depending on the store where you can buy it.. The cost of "Color Elixir" funds fluctuates around the mark of 700-800 rubles, and "Lipfinity" - 700 rubles. Many women consider such a price to be too high and do not classify the brand as budgetary; others determine the price category as quite acceptable for the product.

How to use

Using lip makeup is not that difficult. Before applying lipstick, take care to pre-clean the surface and create the correct lip contour if necessary. You can apply the product on the surface of the lips either with the help of the bottle of lipstick, or with a special brush.

You should start staining from the center and make movements towards the corners. Excess product can be cleaned gently with a cloth. To make the color most vivid, you need to lightly powder your lips and paint them again.

Before applying the product from the collection "Lipfinity"The manufacturer recommends degreasing the surface using a special tool. You need to paint over the contour and the middle of the lips with lipstick. And after a minute, when it dries, apply shine.

Rinse off regular cosmetics with the help of familiar foams, lotions or micellar water. The main thing is not to use soap, because it greatly dries the skin. When using especially persistent products, you must use a special tool to remove waterproof makeup.


Max Factor lipstick reviews vary widely.

Almost all the ladies are satisfied with the durability of the products and note that the color does not lose during the day, does not spread and does not spread even during lunch or under the sun.

Not everyone saw the declared care effect of the Color Elixir line. Dry lips are noted after using the products.

Many people don’t like the way the Lipfinity series fits. Users pay attention to the fact that it forms lumps and leaves bald spots.

Nevertheless, most women consider the brand to be one of the quality manufacturers in this price category, creating truly persistent and color-pleasing products.

Watch the video: Testing NEW Max Factor Lipsticks & Entire Collection GIVEAWAY. Meg Says (February 2020).


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