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Vivienne Sabo Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is a real trend in lip makeup. The velvet texture, devoid of glossy gloss makes the lips puffier and more charming, brings romance and charm to the female image. Vivienne Sabo Matte Magnifique matte lipstick allows you to be in trend and enjoy a fashionable shade on your lips that fits evenly and does not cause a feeling of dryness or tightness.

The unspoken rule of the modern make up: emphasis in the image is either on the lips or on the eyes. Having emphasized everything together, it will not work to create a beautiful image.

You can make your lips more expressive using a matte texture in shades of nude (with an emphasis on the eyes) or more bold red, terracotta, provided that it is the lips that will become the main accent.


Vivienne Sabo "Matte Magnifique" gives a magnificent matte finish and is available in current shades from natural nudes to classic red and cold terracotta. Key Features:

  • The collection of the brand of decorative cosmetics contains 16 fashionable matte shades - warm and cold;
  • Vivienne Sabo matte lipstick has a liquid texture that allows you to conveniently apply and evenly distribute the product on the lips;
  • It has a soft velvety texture and a charming aroma of rose petals;
  • Each of the products is highly resistant - up to 6 hours of uniform coverage without flaws;
  • Vivienne Sabo "Matte Magnifique" has a highly pigmented composition, that is, for a complete overlap of the natural lip color, one layer of matte lipstick is enough;
  • If we talk about the composition, then the product has modern silicones that make the coating invisible for a whole day due to the lightness of the components;
  • When dried, the gloss does not have a sticky layer;
  • Lipstick does not dry the surface of the lips due to the moisturizing ingredients in the composition;
  • It does not spread when applied and while on the lips;
  • Easily removed with a cotton pad and makeup remover;
  • Attractive low cost tube with lipstick - another important advantage (250-300 rubles per package).

Vivienne Sabo Matte Magnifique liquid matte lipstick has a large list of benefits that have made this product one of the most sought-after lip liners on the market.

An additional advantage may be the opportunity to purchase goods in most perfumery and cosmetic stores in the city: the French brand is represented in small chain stores and large cosmetics markets, including those operating online.

If we talk about the coating of Vivienne Sabo lipstick, then it is more likely not matte, but velor, velvety, that is soft and natural. Unlike classic matte textures, which emphasize small wrinkles on the lips and do not always look natural, the makeup product "Matte Magnifique" fills the bumps and gives the lips a fresh, natural pigment.


Vivienne Sabo matte lipstick contains a complex of silicone oils that make the product texture incredibly light and easy to apply - the lipstick does not spread and instantly “sits” on the lips. It has a highly pigmented composition: among its components, coloring pigments in high concentration are contained. Among them there is kaolin powder, which deprives the coating of glossy gloss and makes the texture velvety, soft.

The shelf life from the day the bottle is opened is 12 months.



Vivienne Sabo "Matte Magnifique" liquid lipstick entered the cosmetic market in 2016 and instantly won the attention of modern fashionistas. Lipstick is famous for its soft coating without a characteristic glossy shine. Attention was drawn to 8 actual shades from natural nudes to cool red and terracotta. The collection was supplemented by 8 more exclusive flowers, including Marsala and burgundy wine.

The liquid texture of lipstick allows you to apply the product evenly with a felt applicator and additionally create a contour without using a pencil. In addition, the liquid texture allows you to apply only one layer for a natural result or two for a more saturated shade.

Read more about Vivienne Sabo liquid lipsticks in the next video.


In the line of the French brand Vivienne Sabo there were lipsticks with the 3D effect “Gloire D'Amour”, however today their release has been suspended.

The gel base of the product for lip care allows you to achieve easy uniform application, moreover, such a tool is not felt on the lips. In the collection "Rouge Charmant" there are several types of lipsticks - from gel pigmented to hygienic with a natural shade.

Brand lines

"Matte Magnifique"

The collection is represented by matte lipsticks in 2 lines: "Matte Magnifique Collection" and "Matte Magnifique" in 16 general shades. The coating of the decorative product is velvety, soft, absolutely not felt on the surface of the lips. To create it, it is enough to use only one layer, because the Vivienne Sabo product has a high pigment content in the composition.

"Rouge Charmant"

Moisturizing lipstick in 34 shades is indispensable for a woman. It is ideal in its composition and palette of shades. In addition to its amazing durability, this product provides gentle hydration to the skin of the lips. The product is packaged in a stylish case, at the bottom of which is a plastic insert with a moisturizing lipstick pigment.

The Rouge Charmant collection differs in lipstick texture and finish: glossy, mother-of-pearl, gel, light with a low content of pigments and with the content of glitters of various sizes.

A mixture of aristocratic aroma of champagne and persistent currant liquor is the distinctive aroma of the series. With the help of lipstick "Rouge Charmant" it will be possible to create everyday makeup thanks to a palette of nude shades or a festive make-up due to the abundance of bright and rich colors.

"Le Denim"

This collection is represented by two nude shades of lipstick: warm nude and brown. The creamy texture of the product lies in a dense uniform layer and has a barely noticeable natural shine. In addition to creating a natural image, this product will provide additional care for the surface of the skin of the lips due to the presence of natural oils in the composition.

Makeup artists recommend using Le Denim lipsticks together with a contour pencil - this will allow you to give the correct shape to the lips and prevent smearing of the pigmented product, its spreading, increase resistance.

Archive Collections

  1. "Gloire D'Amour". "The Shine of Love" - ​​this is exactly what the name of a decorative product for lip makeup means. This tool has a 3D effect and visually enlarges the lips due to special "stellar" blotches in the texture. Simply put, lipstick contains reflective particles of various sizes. This lipstick was withdrawn from sale and is no longer represented in the assortment of the brand.
  2. "Bon Marche". Another archive collection of the brand, which was presented with a lipstick with a moisturizing formula.
  3. "Levres de Velours". Liquid lipstick is no longer sold in cosmetic stores. It was a velveteen texture with a high content of pigments, giving the finish an almost matte finish - soft, devoid of shine, velvety.
  4. "Charme Vous". Moisturizing lipstick with a natural shine did not have bright shades in its palette, for which it received the title of "product for every day." Today this line does not exist.


The matte shades of Vivienne Sabo are presented in an amount of 8 pieces, they are fundamentally different from each other:

  • Light pink cold;
  • Pink beige;
  • Dark pink cold;
  • Fuchsia;
  • Terracotta cold;
  • Wine;
  • Bright red;
  • Dark red cold.

In addition to the classic shades listed, in the limited autumn line of the brand new colors are presented (fall 2016 collection and plus 8 color numbers):

  • Light brown pink warm;
  • Pink beige warm;
  • Dusty pink cold;
  • Pink dusty warm (vintage);
  • Warm cherry;
  • Berry-blackberry;
  • Warm cherry;
  • Marsala color.

How to choose a shade

In the line of matte lipsticks Vivienne Sabo, there are two types of shades: cold and warm. To choose your “own” color of the coating, choose the type of your own skin tone. For this:

  1. Look at the veins in the elbow and wrists: if they are lilac or blue, then you have a cold undertone. If the veins have a brown or greenish pigment, then belong to the category of "warm undertone".
  2. For ease of selection, the Vivienne Sabo matte texture is each labeled warm or cold. - this can be seen on swatch in the name of the shade.

A few more tips on how to choose the right shade:

  • For girls too light almost porcelain skin should avoid body shades and give preference to dusty pink lipsticks and the fact that one tone is darker than the natural pigment of the skin;
  • For fair-skinned girls should exclude brown shades and choose beige with an admixture of pink (natural nudes);
  • Girls with olive skin can choose any shades. It is important that they are a tone darker or lighter than the natural skin tone;
  • For swarthy dark brown shades and golden ones will do;
  • For brown-eyed persons scarlet and brown shades of lipstick are suitable, for gray eyes - cherry and beige, for women with blue eyes shades of cherry, marsala will be appropriate, for green-eyed - terracotta;
  • Brunettes almost all shades go, depending on the skin tone, which can not be said about blondes. Blonde beauties are lipsticks with peach, berry, pink, coral shades, and brown-haired - terracotta and brown.

How to apply

Vivienne Sabo matte lipstick, like any texture devoid of glossy gloss, simply obliges the lips to be in perfect condition, because it emphasizes any imperfections. Professional makeup artists have identified several rules for how to create the perfect matte finish:

  • First of all, do not forget about daily care. behind the surface of the lips and about timely hydration. Beauticians recommend providing intensive nutritious night care. To do this, before going to bed, you need to apply the fattest and most dense of the balms;
  • Before application matte lipstick must be cleaned and the skin surface scrub: a special composition with abrasive particles or a regular toothbrush is suitable. Massage the sponges for 15-30 seconds and rinse with warm water;
  • The next step is hydration. Apply a little transparent hygienic lipstick to your lips, hold it for up to 5 minutes and pat it with a dry cloth - now the lips are ready to create a decorative make-up;
  • Makeup artists of the brand Vivienne Sabo recommend applying liquid matte lipstick with a built-in applicator from the middle of the lips and distributing the product to the corners;
  • So that the lipstick does not go beyond the contours, It is recommended to use a pencil before applying it. Underline the natural boundaries or circle the lips, slightly protruding beyond them to give volume;
  • For long-term coverage use a primer for the whole day - this secret allows you to wear matte lipstick for up to 8 hours;
  • Another secret of professional makeup artists - the use of the color of a contour pencil, suitable for the natural shade of the lips. Having outlined the lips with a natural shade, you can use a matte finish from natural nude and pink to red and terracotta. The pencil will not be visible on the lips, because the pigment of the matte lipstick will hide it, while the product does not spread beyond the contours and gives the lips natural puffiness;
  • To bring lips as naturally as possible, choose a pencil of medium density;
  • Since matte lipstick Vivienne Sabo It has a highly pigmented composition, it is recommended to apply it in one layer.

Liquid matte lipstick is used not only to create lip make-up, but also the entire face.

This product is often used by makeup artists in order to give a shade to the cheeks, to emphasize the cheekbones or eyelids, arrows often draw in matte lipstick in bright makeup. Another professional “trick” is to apply a matte lipstick of one shade on the lips and apples of the cheeks - this will create a harmonious stylish make-up and get along with just one product.

In the absence of experience with matte textures, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules for perfect uniform application again! It is worth noting that matte textures are capricious and require a perfect condition of the skin of the lips, otherwise an even coating can not be achieved. To protect the lips and further moisturize them, makeup artists talk about the mandatory preliminary use of hygienic lipstick.


Reviews of liquid matte lipstick are positive - the product has a fairly high rating on the Web and is in demand among women of various ages and income levels. Women note a pleasant velvety texture that fits well on the lips, does not dry and does not tighten them. A felt applicator guarantees easy application and even distribution of the composition, and a convenient dispenser allows you to take as much lipstick as you need to create one layer. The only drawback that combines all the reviews is the low durability of the Vivienne Sabo product. However, it is easily compensated by the low price of the product and the abundance of colors, among which there are warm and cold shades. Women are encouraged to choose the perfect lipstick tone for their skin color, which makes product selection easier.

Vivienne Sabo matte lipstick is one of the most affordable products for a perfect matte finish, for which ordinary girls, professional make-up artists, and even domestic and world movie stars managed to fall in love with it.

The first thing that attracts this decorative product is fashionable shades and a contemporary matte texture. Add to this a stunning delicate rose aroma and affordable price - and in the end we get the perfect product for creating lip makeup.

Watch the video: Бюджетные матовые помады VIVIENNE SABO Matte Magnifique Свотч-видео (February 2020).


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