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Lipstick & Dolce & Gabbana

Every day, new brands of lipsticks appear on the market of decorative cosmetics. But there are brands that have no equal and they have maintained a leading position for many years. Dolce & Gabbana lipstick is one of the most popular with women of all ages.

Features and Benefits

Italian brand Dolce & gabbana many associate with clothing, which is very popular with many representatives of the starry world. Among the fans of the brand stand Madonna, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman.

Now many cosmetic boutiques have decorative cosmetics and perfumes in their assortment. D&G. Lipsticks of this brand are constantly updated and improved. Currently, the brand produces several unique lines of lip care products. It is worth noting that they are made only from high quality raw materials, are hypoallergenic. Whatever lipstick of this brand is - red or blue, it fits perfectly on the lips, emphasizing their natural beauty.

Beauticians and designers carefully work out the design of the package, which should correspond to the quality content. In fact, any tube is a real work of art that you just want to pick up and not let out.

Recently, Dolce & Gabbana is increasingly devoting the release of lipstick to famous personalities, conveying their character to the maximum.


"Classic Cream"

Classic lipsticks have been present in the assortment of the brand for many years. Most recently, the company released an updated version of makeup "Classic Cream Lipstick". Manufacturers have tried to recreate as much as possible the version of lipsticks from the distant fifties. A delicate powdery aroma and a characteristic click when opening and closing the tube convey the atmosphere of those years when lipsticks just began to gain their popularity.

The updated line of decorative products is more delicate, cream. When applying them on the lips there is a feeling of extraordinary tenderness, similar to a kiss. This effect is achieved due to the presence of caring ingredients that soften the lips and provide a perfectly smooth application.

"Dolce Matt"

This line of decorative cosmetics is presented in the form of matte shades. The entire color palette is centered around classic red. According to the creators, each woman will be able to choose her perfect red shade. Indeed, the gamut of colors is quite diverse - from bright carrot to passionate burgundy.

The product has a fairly dense texture, which with one movement provides an ideal coating and a clear color. During the day, lipstick gives a pleasant feeling on the lips, without causing discomfort and without tightening the skin of the lips.

"Sofia Loren"

Lipstick "Sophia Loren" from D&G dedicated to the famous actress, who has no equal in the whole world. The creators of decorative cosmetics thus wanted to express Sophie's recognition and admiration. The hue turned out to be quite saturated, pink and cherry. It is this color that the lips of the famous actress have.

The new lipstick was created jointly with Sophie, under her strict guidance and with the help of her advice. Lipstick is easily recognizable thanks to the gold case and the presence of Sophia Loren's autograph.


Lip line "Monica" dedicated to the famous actress Monica Bellucci. Lipstick creators claim that this actress is the embodiment of style, luxury and grace. The collection contains funds of six different shades, each of which is a compliment to Monica. The color palette includes both light beige and fiery red.

The composition of the lipstick includes caring and moisturizing components that provide a perfect application and give a pleasant feeling.

"Passion Duo"

"Passion Duo" It is also a relatively new line of lips that have a modern design. The tool is a saturated shade with a shimmering core. Thus, when applied to the lips, the effect of a dense coating with the effect of radiance.

This decorative product is a real find for those women who want to get a persistent saturated color and voluminous shine. Thanks "Passion Duo" You have the opportunity to combine two effects in one.


It’s not surprising that such a famous brand as Dolce & Gabbana, received many positive reviews on each line of his lipsticks. Girls who were fortunate enough to try out decorative cosmetics of this brand note the unusually smooth, dense, but light texture of lipsticks. Each of them has an unusual aroma that returns to the distant fifties, to the youth of mothers and grandmothers.

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