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Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner from Maybelline - This is the favorite of many girls around the world. It is suitable for both beginners and those who engage in professional make-up. Let's look at the features of this cosmetic product and highlight the reasons for its popularity.


Manufacturers claim that their gel liners are much more stable than products from competitors. Therefore, makeup made using their products is very persistent. On the package it is stated that the arrows drawn with this liner can hold out for whole days. But in practice, durability is not so long. Although a working day, such makeup can well withstand.

Gel eyeliner can remain in excellent condition even in bad weather conditions - in extreme heat or in rain. If you do not rub your eyes or try to adjust the arrows with your hands, then the beautiful shape will last as long as you need. When shading with a "native" brush, the product does not smear and does not clog into small folds on the eyelids.

Pleasantly pleased with the range of products. Cosmetic products from this brand are presented in different colors, so you can use them both for everyday makeup and to create unusual images.


Each buyer can read the composition of eyeliners from this brand on the packaging. This is good, because you can independently analyze it for the presence of those components that cause allergies in you. The list of the main components of the gel eyeliner includes water and a cosmetic base. Pleasantly pleased by the absence of any oils.

And on the surface of the package you will find information about the expiration date of the goods. So you can know exactly when the time comes to buy a new tool.


Gel eyeliners presented in different formats. The most popular option is comfortable liner. This eyeliner is suitable even for beginners, because with it you can draw a beautiful and clear arrow before your eyes.

Another option for the same tool is gel in a jar. This brand eyeliner comes with a brush. It has a creamy texture, so when applied the product will not spread and spoil your makeup with ugly smudges.

You can also determine for yourself which eyeliner you need: waterproof or simple. If it is important for you that the make-up withstands even the most difficult weather conditions and keeps even on oily skin, you definitely need the most stable eyeliner. Otherwise, you will get by with the usual tool, which is easily washed off.


The most popular eyeliner colors are black and brown. They are best suited for everyday makeup. But along with them, there are other shades.

The black

The main shade in all collections is a classic black eyeliner. This color looks beautiful in the eyes of almost any girl. Gel black eyeliner from Maybelline It looks very impressive. The color is as saturated and beautiful as possible. If you need a matte line for a century, then the classic liner from Maybelline it will not suit you, because it is slightly glossy and shimmer.


Another popular shade is gray. If you are tired of the classic black arrows and you want to add a new detail to your image, then pay attention to the rich graphite shade of the liners. Using this cosmetic product, you can create both classic neat arrows and smokey ice makeup.


Shades of brown are most often advised to choose girls with blond hair. Blondes and girls with light brown curls can safely buy such a product for themselves without fear that it will not work.

Gel eyeliner from Maybelline with a beautiful brown color looks good in the eyes, emphasizing the depth of their color.


And lovers of custom makeup will be completely captivated by the beautiful purple shade of gel eyeliner. This shade has a light lilac subtona and if you look objectively, it is not suitable for everyone. But if you like unusual colors and you know how to combine them with each other, adjusting the makeup specifically for you, then this option is perfect for you. It is best to use purple shades for evening makeup or if you are creating an image for photo shoots.


In addition to different colors, the company's assortment Maybelline there are also different product lines. This also complicates the choice, because you need to delve into the features of products from each series in order to choose for yourself what you really need.

"Master Precise Curvy"

This is a series of eyeliners in unusual packaging. By its appearance, this cosmetic product resembles a marker. Such a liner has a wider brush than the classic felt-tip pen. But this can not be called a minus of the product. With this brush you can make interesting volumetric arrows with rich color and without any bald spots over the entire width of the line. "Eyestudio" - This is a good option for a beginner in the world of makeup.

"Lasting Drama"

This gel eyeliner is more suitable for those who have already mastered the skill of drawing graphic arrows by all available means. The product is sold in a small glass jar. And to depict a clear arrow in your lifetime, you have to use a brush. There are many subtleties - you can gain too much, or vice versa, not enough product. And the line itself with the habit will not turn out very smooth. But if this is not your first liquid eyeliner, then you can safely buy.

Many girls actively praise products from this series, calling them practical and multifunctional. If you want and have certain skills with this persistent eyeliner from Maybelline You will make perfect arrows for a business meeting or for meeting with your loved one.


This version of eye products is closer to classic liners. Eyeliner turned out very persistent and beautiful. Convenient felt brush allows you to draw thin tails and quickly fill the base of the arrow. The finish of this product is satin, which looks impressive and goes well with recently popular matte lipstick.

Useful Tips

How to dilute?

If you use eyeliner is not very active and eventually found that your favorite tool has dried up, then it makes no sense to buy a new product. Firstly, you are also unlikely to often put it on your eyes, and secondly, eyeliner can always be reanimated. To restore the desired consistency, do not use components that can harm you.

The most harmless additives are eye drops and simple boiled water. You need to add them until the product acquires the consistency you need

How to apply?

To apply gel eyeliner on the eyelids, it is advisable to use a "native" brush. This is the most convenient option for drawing arrows. To make the makeup last longer, especially on oily skin of the eyelids, before applying eyeliner, you need to cover the eye with a special base under the shadow. In extreme cases, just powder your eyelids.

How to rinse?

In order to wash eyeliner from the eyes, especially if it is waterproof, it is best to use a make-up remover. No need to rub your eyelids - so you only injure your skin. Gently dampen a cotton pad with special fluid and apply it to your eyes. After a minute, gently wipe the liner with mascara. After that, wash your eyes with plain warm water without soap.


Funds from Maybelline - it is an affordable cosmetics that pleases customers with decent quality. Gel liners are loved by girls and women of different ages, because they are convenient to use, and the finished makeup lasts a long time and withstands extreme conditions.

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