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Eye shadow

The green color of the cornea is one of the rarest eye colors in the world. Green-eyed women in the Middle Ages were burned at the stake, considering them to be witches. Today, owners of eyes of this color leave only about two percent of the world's population, most of whom are women. It is natural that I would like to emphasize such natural beauty in every possible way, and one of the best options is the use of eye shadow.

Which cosmetics are right for you?

The most obvious thing that can most successfully emphasize the shade of green eyes is a tone that is suitable for the color palette - it should be contrasted. The best makeup products that emphasize the green color of the eyes can be the following shades:

  1. Violet, lilac, pink, lilac, burgundy, plum tones. They are located on the opposite side of the color wheel, and, therefore, will be advantageously combined with green. Shades can be selected depending on the season - for winter - cold, for summer, respectively, warm.
  2. bronze, beige, brown - with them the look becomes warmer. The shades of these shades are universal, they are suitable for both daytime and evening look. The main thing is that matte shadows should be used in the makeup for the day, but in the evening you can treat yourself to golden and shiny.

In addition to shadows, you can choose such shades of blush or lipstick - they can also shade the natural beauty of the eyes.

Before choosing one of the above colors, you should decide on your own shade of green. Pure emerald eye color is extremely rare, most often it is green with the addition of yellow, brown, blue, gray pigments or an olive color. These color splashes must be taken into account necessarily, so as not to emphasize, for example, a blue tint, and green, on the contrary, to put out.

So, green-blue eyes accentuate pink colors in makeup, and better peach. The olive color is tinted most favorably with the help of lilac-pink tones, and pure lilac will look good with yellow-green eyes. But you should not take the purple color, as it will emphasize only yellow, and the desired green will remain in the shade.

If you choose a green shade of shades for green eyes, you should follow a few tips, since an incorrectly selected color can cross out all the features and all the beauty of nature. The main thing is the obligatory combination of green with other colors that are suitable for the palette - for example, the above pink, purple or lilac. And the shade of green should not be as bright as the color of the eyes, so that he could not draw attention to himself, but only emphasized the natural color.

In addition, in order to know which colors are suitable for the eyes, it is important to remember those shades that should not be used for makeup, since they do not fit the color palette or contrast:

  1. First of all, it is blue - especially a turquoise and dark blue hue, against which green eyes will lose their expressiveness.
  2. Another undesirable shade - silver, which is strictly not recommended for light-eyed girls - against its background, their eyes will become even more dull.
  3. And the last “dangerous” color is brick and different shades of red. Its illiterate use will lead to a red-eye effect, and the owner of such a make-up will probably be given handkerchiefs, thinking that she is crying or she is allergic than will give a compliment.

Hair color

It would seem that, having recognized your eye shade, narrowing the boundaries of the color choice to a suitable color palette for contrast and immediately discarding colors such as silver, red-brown and blue, you can begin to apply the desired shadows and wait for compliments. But there is another factor affecting the choice of shade - this is the color of the hair. Depending on whether the girl is a blonde, a brunette, a brown-haired or a redhead, the set of colors of shadows or other makeup used also changes.

For blondes

Girls with blond hair and green eyes look very gentle and romantic, and it is important not to cross out all femininity and adhere to a few tips that professional makeup artists give for those who are going to choose cosmetics for this type of appearance.

The ideal color scheme for blondes is all shades of brown, peach and light gray.

They will be well combined with a light skin color and with their help even the lightest shades of green eyes will not go unnoticed. In addition, these colors are quite versatile and can be used both in daytime makeup (for example, peach shadows) and in the evening (all golden and copper shades).

Inappropriate colors should also be noted. First of all, these are all shades of blue, since blue and green are close to each other in the color spectrum. And most importantly - green-eyed blondes do not go pink shades at all. It is they who will create those very “tear-stained eyes", and the look will turn out rather dull and inexpressive than memorable and bright.

For brunettes

Owners of dark hair and green eyes, on the one hand, were very lucky, as this is a very memorable, interesting and vivid combination. And on the other hand, they should be especially careful when creating an image on the face, since there is a fine line between the sensual evening look and vulgarity. To do this, focus on one part of the face - either on the eyes or on the lips.

To highlight the eyes, brunettes fit makeup, called "smoky eyes" - "smoky eyes." For him, the best color scheme will be all shades of bronze and gold. Also, dark-haired girls go with all the cool colors, especially pink and blue - which with a different type of appearance will not work. A variant of using eyeliner for emphasis on the eyes is also possible.

Bright red lipstick will look great on the lips - with a restrained version of the eyes, of course - it will be enough to make up with mascara or, to the maximum, use eyeliner. Daytime option - shine or pink lipstick blends perfectly with dark hair color.

For brown hair

For fair-haired girls, almost any color of shadows is suitable. A universal option is lilac and lilac shades, which, depending on saturation, will look appropriate in both day and evening make-up. Beige, golden, peach colors and all shades of brown also shade green eyes well. Since almost everything goes to brown-haired women, it will not be difficult to choose the right color, and this choice will depend mainly on the personal preferences of the green-eyed beauty.

For red

For the sun girls, the colors should be appropriate - sunny and warm. An ideal palette for the eyes of red-haired girls must include sand, gold, coffee and brown shades. It is important that warm colors will be in good combination with this type of appearance - they should be used.


Today, trendsetters have given girls almost complete freedom in choosing combinations of makeup and hairstyles - there are no mandatory trends or taboos. The only trend that is becoming more and more popular is the desire for a harmonious image. As in makeup, it is worth focusing on one thing (eyes or lips), as in clothes (either an open back, or a neckline, or a short skirt, but not all together), so here - either on the hair or on the face .

The last few years, a topical female hairstyle is a square. It can be classic, elongated, graduated, with or without bangs - there are a lot of options. Since this hairstyle involves fairly short hair, all attention falls on the face, and, of course, on the eyes. It is all the more important to choose the right eye shadow color for green eyes, depending on their shade and the type of hair.


Skin color is another aspect that you should pay attention to when choosing a shade of shadows and the entire color palette. Everything is very simple here - for fair-skinned girls, all cold shades are best suited - lilac, light turquoise, green (if they are lighter than the color of the eyes in tone). And for dark skin, the best option is warm colors: peach, ruby ​​and all shades of brown - they emphasize the natural, slightly southern warmth of the skin and look.

How to paint?

In order to properly color green eyes and emphasize all their advantages, there are several tips that make-up artists share with girls who strive for excellence.

  1. Do not stop using only black eyeliner and mascara. Brown shades of this type of cosmetics will look much more natural, and much more interesting - gray, plum, lilac or golden pencils and eyeliners.
  2. Besides the fact that you should not use the red-brown color, you should carefully consider the choice of the shade of pink - so as not to get "sick" or "tear-stained eyes."
  3. Moderate use of different shades of the same color. There should be no more than three, otherwise you risk getting the effect of "dirty", inaccurate and as if smeared eyes.
  4. To make the look fresher, and the eyes a little more, apply lighter shades to the inner corner of the eye, and the closer to the outer edge, the darker the tones to use.
  5. With the corners of the eyes down, you can do the following - shade the shadows towards the eyebrows. So you can visually correct this small feature.
  6. After the base is applied on the eyelids, you can easily walk on it with shades of ivory - this way the base is “fixed” and all subsequent shading will be very easy to do.


Applying eye makeup correctly is an art that only requires a little practice and patience to comprehend. Having considered how to gradually stain your eyes with daytime and evening make-up, you can be sure that the look will not be left without attention.


Daily makeup is now most often performed in the style of nude. He is almost invisible, and his main goal is to make the face look healthy and fresh. Makeup for the eyes in this case does not take much time, which will make it look well-groomed even to the most eternally hurrying business women.

Stages of creation:

  1. Pay attention to the skin - it should have a healthy color. Lightly treat it with a tone close to the complexion, if necessary, use a concealer to mask bruises or spider veins under the eyes.
  2. On the eyelids, apply a basic matte pigment - so the makeup will last until the evening;
  3. In the crease area of ​​the upper eyelid, apply beige matte shadows;
  4. Using dark gray pearlescent shadows, draw a line from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, blend it;
  5. Now draw another thin line in the same shade - along the entire lower eyelid and blend it too. Pearlescent pigment gives the look a natural glow;
  6. Draw eyebrows with a pencil as close as possible to the natural shade of the eyebrows or a tone darker (if you have very fair hair) or lighter (if your hair is dark). To emphasize the eyebrow line, you can apply light beige shadows under it;
  7. Color your eyelashes. For makeup-nude, it is recommended to use dark gray or brown mascara.

smoky eyes

A smoky look is one of the most suitable for creating an evening look. It involves the use of dark shades of shadows and thorough shading, so it may take a lot of time to complete it at first. However, it is worth it - with such an attractive look, it is impossible not to be in the spotlight at a party or to conquer a young man on a date.

Stages of creation:

  1. Cover the face evenly with foundation or base;
  2. In the middle fold of the upper eyelid, apply a thin layer of eye shadow of the desired color (for example, lilac), best with a silver sheen;
  3. In the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye, apply dark gray pearlescent shades (the so-called “wet asphalt” color);
  4. Fold the line of the movable eyelid and slightly above it with peach shadows, shade thoroughly;
  5. Draw the upper eyelash growth line, the line above the lower eyelashes and the part of the lower eyelid close to the outer corner of the eye with a black pencil, and smoothly blend along the eyelash growth line;
  6. Dye your eyelashes with black mascara.

Makeup options

The best of green eye makeup internet ideas are presented below with descriptions and reviews.

Delicate everyday make-up using red-pink-purple

Despite the fact that the use of red is not desirable when making up not only green, but also other eye colors, its skillful combination with other colors can favorably emphasize the natural greenish tint in the look. For example, daytime makeup can be done as follows:

  • Apply the base under the shadows throughout the moving eyelid to the eyebrow line.
  • Fix it with shades of ivory to simplify subsequent shading.
  • To emphasize the crease, going a little on the lower eyelid with the help of a lilac-brown taupov shade - it will add volume.
  • Shade the fold of the eyelid with a pink and berry shade.
  • The outer corner of the eye is highlighted with chocolate and berry purple shades, and they are also added to the outer corner of the lower eyelid.
  • Feather all the borders of the resulting shadow pattern.
  • On the moving eyelid from the inner corner to the middle, as well as on the bend of the eyebrow, apply a light pink pearl color.
  • Bring the lower eyelid with golden shadows.
  • Dye your eyelashes with brown mascara.

Of the advantages of this makeup option, girls especially note that it is suitable for different shades of green (both cold and warm) and different types of appearance - hair and skin. He also looks very gentle and evokes associations with chocolate covered cherries or the New Year mood. Great solution for every day.

Original bright smoky eyes for green eyes

Usually smokey is associated with an evening party or some special occasion and appears in combination with black and gray-brown tones. But there is a very unusual make-up that is perfect for the summer season and emphasizes green eyes, despite the use of blue in the palette. How to make it:

  • As always, apply the base for makeup and fix it with beige shadows.
  • Make the substrate with a brown pencil (apply it from the middle to the outer corner of the eye over the entire surface of the movable eyelid) and blend it.
  • Apply purple shadows on top of the pencil and blend it too.
  • We add shades of burgundy to the outer corner to give the look depth.
  • In the center of the moving eyelid, we apply another purple color lighter than the previous one and blend it to the inner corner of the eye
  • To the inner corner of the eye, add shades of aquamarine. Do not connect it with purple, otherwise the transition will be a strange shade
  • Now you need two pigments - mint for the inner corner (on top for blue shades) and the colors of the sea wave (in purple to make the shade look neater).
  • To soften the transition from blue to purple, without mixing them, we use the chameleon pigment, putting it on the joint of two tones.
  • The final touches - we summarize our eyes with a purple pencil and color our eyelashes.

This makeup option attracts girls, firstly, with a bright color palette, which is perfectly suited to the summer season and can be worn even during the day. Secondly, the violet shades to the maximum emit precisely green blotches in the color of the eyes.Thirdly, this is the possibility of combining purple and blue without losing green eyes - the color of the sea wave will dilute the dark purple tones and give the look a summer freshness.

Interesting arrows in green-turquoise blue

The arrows have long entered both our daily lives and act as an accent for a holiday or an important event. This option is unlikely to be appropriate for every day, but it will work very well for a theme party or celebration. How to make unusual arrows:

  • We process the upper eyelid with the base for make-up and beige eyeshadows.
  • We begin to draw a contour of the future arrow with a black pencil. It should be noted that if at this stage the line is not very neat, you do not need to redo everything - all the flaws will be masked by further coloring.
  • We draw a line from the middle of the lower eyelid, continuing its bend, which gradually rises up. It continues in height until the pupil is reached with the eye open.
  • From the resulting tip, draw a second line, reaching the start of the fold (again with the eye open).
  • From the new edge of the arrow, we draw a line down the contour of the eyelid to about the level with the outer corner of the already formed contour, and then we lead it to the middle of the border of the upper eyelid.
  • We paint the finished arrow with a dark green eyeliner, we use it to draw the inner corner of the eye.
  • We fix the eyeliner with the help of dark green shadows, and for the inner corner, lower eyelid and “tail” of the arrow we use a bright turquoise pigment.
  • We draw the inner border of the lower eyelid with eyeliner, and cover the rest of the outer border with a turquoise-blue pencil.
  • We color the eyelashes and the makeup is ready.

The main advantage of this make-up is its tenderness, despite the use of bright colors and unusual shapes. Also, according to the girls who have tested this method, it makes it possible to use saturated blue shades for green eyes without eclipsing them - this is not common.

Day makeup for green eyes from a professional makeup artist - in the following video:

Watch the video: Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial. Parts of the Eye. How To Apply Eyeshadow (February 2020).


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