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Toilet soap

It is difficult to imagine modern life without soap. Nothing can wash hands like this is a wonderful invention of mankind. Increasingly, ordinary manufacturers and fashion brands produce soap for washing the body and hair. Toilet soap easily replaces all the necessary detergents. In addition, a large selection of useful additives and shades allows you to find the treasured piece for every taste.

Features and Description

The main task of the soap is to wash away dirt and bacteria from the epidermis. This is achieved due to the alkaline environment of the product. Essentially, soap is a product made from sodium salts or fatty acids. According to GOST, each brand is required to give the soap an individual name.

The product is classified by type of use. There are only four of them: children's, neutral, extra and ordinary.

Cosmetics correspond to one general characteristic - the piece should be solid, with a clear stamp, not have cracks and damaged structure.

A cosmetic product may slightly not meet the requirements of GOST by separate agreement with the consumer. This, for example, is the color fuzziness of the product or minor structural defects due to freezing.

According to a universally accepted standard, the product should foam well.

It is also recommended to use vegetable or animal fats, as well as their derivatives, natural palm and coconut vegetable oils and other vegetable extracts in the manufacture.

The Ministry of Health recommends the use of excipients: sodium chloride, soda ash, caustic soda, boric acid, whitening components, pigment titanium dioxide, grades A-01, A-1, P-1, P-02, zinc whitewash as a coloring pigment, bleach, lanolin, moisturizers, fats mink and Arctic fox, wheat germ oil and mink, glycerin and others. The presence of dyes and perfumes is allowed.

The soap packaging material must be one, two, or three layers of paper. Printing on a wrapper is recommended to be water and alkali resistant, not fading in the sun. Products of the type "Detsky" and "Ordinary" are allowed for release both in the wrapper and without it. And "Neutral" and "Extra" - only in the package.

Each bar of soap necessarily contains the date of manufacture, expiration date, storage conditions, brand name, information about the manufacturer, barcode and trademark on the package.

Products must have a slightly irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes, have slow-burning properties and not cause allergic reactions.

Shelf life

Usually, components of chemical origin are added to soap products, due to which the shelf life of products is possible up to three years. If the hygiene product consists only of natural ingredients, then it can only be stored in its original state for one year.

Any soap products should be stored at a temperature of at least 5 degrees and with a humidity of no higher than 75 percent. Unused product is best stored in paper wrapper or factory packaging. In any case, it cannot be kept pure, otherwise it becomes more exposed to the environment, which adversely affects its cosmetic and external qualities.

The product used must be in a soap dish or a special stand to prevent it from getting wet and violating the integrity of the structure.

The shelf life of an open product is not more than a year. It is advisable to observe the temperature regime, since at too low or high temperatures the product may crack or melt.

Homemade toilet soap is stored depending on the naturalness of the components. For example, a soap-based product can be stored for no more than a year, and with the addition of decoctions or dried flowers, up to 2 months at all.

Also, the storage room should be well ventilated.


Standard components of toilet soap are:

  • Sodium salts. Due to the unique chemical composition, the molecules of the substance, when reacted with water, break up into parts, one of which adheres to water, and the second to fatty oils. This provides a washing effect.
  • The plasticizer acts as a stabilizer. The substance improves the cosmetic qualities of the product, and also enhances the quality of color, odor and the degree of exposure to the skin when washing. The plasticity and ability of the soap to crumble depends on the amount of plasticizer content.
  • Dye use synthetic or natural origin to give the product an aesthetic appearance. The piece may have a plain coating or in the form of a pattern.
  • Perfume necessary to create an attractive scent of toilet soap. In children's soap, perfumes are practically absent.
  • Antioxidant necessary to increase the shelf life of soap and prevent its rancidity. In addition, such substances favorably affect the epidermis, preventing and slowing its aging.
  • A healthy supplement determines the cosmetic qualities of the soap. For example, an aloe vera extract is added to the antibacterial, and chamomile or a string to the nursery. Essential oils, dried flowers, and natural products (such as honey and milk) are sometimes used as additives.

Natural toilet soap is made from more gentle components. So, instead of salts, saponins are mainly used. The substances foam easily and have high detergent properties. And the saponins themselves are plant extracts from the Tatar soap grass, horse chestnut, violet or soap root.

Home and "Baby" soaps are made with a minimum alkali content, so they are not able to cause allergies.

A home-made product can be olive, with chamomile, from black cumin, with white clay and even with coffee beans. Additional components are selected depending on the purpose of use and the type of skin.

Vegetable cosmetic oils of wheat germ, sea buckthorn, jojoba, avocado and olive are very popular as nutritious ingredients. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, due to which they are suitable for aging skin and even sensitive. To enhance these characteristics, you can add glycerolthat helps protect the epidermis from environmental influences.

Factory toilet soaps are also available with the contents of chamomile and string decoctions. Basically this is a "Baby" soap. It perfectly fights diaper rash and irritation of delicate skin.

Black cumin has long been famous for its beneficial properties. Such a product has healing and antiseptic properties, slows down the aging of the epidermis, refreshes and exfoliates dead skin layers. The tool is used both for the body and for the face.

Such a product is recommended for use with problem or oily skin. Its main advantage is the lack of preservatives and perfumes.

White clay gives the skin useful vitamins and minerals that smooth the epidermis and increase its elasticity. The supplement is absolutely harmless and does not cause allergies.

With coffee beans, products belong to the type of scrubbing. Coffee is rich in antioxidants and essential oils, which eliminates the effects of aging of the skin and cellulite, strengthens blood vessels and actively nourishes. As a result of use, the epidermis becomes velvet, even and moisturized.



Available in solid pieces and liquid detergent. The product practically does not contain perfume additives and is mainly colorless or white, that is, without dyes. Thanks to its gentle composition, it does not cause allergic reactions. Recommended for use also by adults with problematic or sensitive skin.

Especially good are those containing chamomile, lanolin, string, aloe vera, St. John's wort and calendula.


It also has a gentle composition, but includes the most active components. Medicinal plants, decoctions of herbs, lanolin and glycerin, natural vegetable oils. Soap is able to cleanse the epidermis qualitatively without damaging it. Such a product is called cream soap. The product moisturizes the skin and prevents premature aging.

Separately produced cosmetic toilet soaps marked anti-age for dry and sensitive skin or moisturizing.


Lump soap scrub contains hard particles consisting of ground coffee beans or peach seeds. It is mainly used to cleanse the skin and massage the body. The product does not require daily use. The composition also contains vegetable oils and vitamins.


It has disinfecting qualities. Despite the alleged benefits of the antibacterial novelty, the constant use of the drug is detrimental to the epidermis. It copes with washing the wounds and eliminating odors. That is indispensable on trips and hikes.

Caution should be used for sensitive and problematic skin, as the product washes away the protective natural film of the epidermis.


Used only for its intended purpose. Such toilet soaps have a directed action and contain sulfur or tar. The product is designed to combat irritation, rash and suppuration. Funds are issued in the form of pieces or a thick paste-like consistency in banks.

The main disadvantage is a persistent unpleasant odor.


Most often this is handmade soap. It is mainly made from a soap base with the addition of vegetable oils of coconut, jojoba, avocado, shea butter and others. Perfumery fragrance is replaced by esters. The most popular are ylang-ylang, lemon, neroli, eucalyptus, mint and orange. Essential oils also have healing and nutritional properties.

It is allowed to include honey, milk, glycerin, food colors and dried flowers.


Thick liquid soap in consistency. It is made from vegetable fats and oils. Best for washing in a bath. It easily replaces the body scrub and nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis intensely. Packaging with a dispenser is very hygienic and convenient. Maybe in the form of foam for washing.

Every year, manufacturers expand the range of liquid detergents due to their convenience and popularity. In addition, such a product is easy to store and transport. A wide range of products also includes soap for intimate hygiene and means for washing babies.


"Siberian" from the brand "Recipes of Grandmother Agafia". It has a thick paste texture and is intended for washing the body and hair. The composition includes about 37 healing Siberian herbs and essential oils, which contribute to the healing and nutrition of the epidermis. The product has a pleasant aroma and excellent foaming, qualitatively washing ringlets and body skin.

"One hundred recipes of beauty" concern "Kalina" represents a wide range of soap products: thick soaps, liquid and lumpy.

Thick are presented in two options - "Berry" and "For the bath"designed for washing hair and body. The natural extracts included in the composition guarantee high-quality cleansing and care for curls and epidermis, have rich berry or coniferous aromas.

The packaging is presented in the form of a plastic can with a volume of 400 ml with a screw cap. Consumption is very economical, has a fairly budgetary cost.

Lump remedy is available with aloe extract, honey, berry and olive. The manufacturer indicates that the basis of the production involved a unique recipe for handmade. The product nourishes and softens the skin. Products are packaged in individual briquettes, economical to use.

“Crimean” natural soap was provided to the consumer in several series - olive, goat’s milk, mud from Saki Lake, oriental, wine, coconut cream, handmade and even souvenir in sets. The brand uses the most natural ingredients to create its products, including essential oils, vegetable coconut oil and coconut flakes, rose water and wine additives.

Means are unique in composition and have a number of medicinal qualities.

"Spring" famous for affordable and quality products. Several lines of solid and liquid products are available: herbal, milk, cream, caring. A wide range of products allows you to choose soap even for sensitive skin. The composition includes components such as green tea, strawberries, jasmine, mint, peony and others. All products have a pleasant, light aroma.

Especially popular is the soap "Tender" due to its excellent washing ability, non-irritating to the skin and pleasant aroma.

"Camay" It belongs to the type of premium care products that have been proven over the years. Refined perfumery compositions and moisturizing qualities are in perfect harmony with the cleansing ability. The main series of soap products are:

  • "Soft Aloe" Has a light fresh aloe aroma. The product does not dry the epidermis, qualitatively cleans and refreshes it. Ideal for the summer season. A series has been created specifically for delicate and sensitive skin.
  • "Mademoiselle" enchants with a sweet berry aroma, moisturizes, foams well and makes the skin velvety and soft.
  • "French Romantique" has the scent of red roses. Soap is great for washing hands and body. It has moisturizing properties, does not dry and does not irritate the epidermis.
  • "French Lavender" It has a pleasant aroma of lavender. The tool copes with all the declared qualities and prevents the feeling of dry skin.

"Special" factory "Freedom" popular from Soviet times to this day. Excellent quality with moisturizing components copes well with the washing task, removes irritation and dryness of the epidermis. The series contains triclosan, which helps to heal damage and moisturize the skin.

"Velvet hands" manufactures products for gentle hand skin care. The composition is enriched with vitamins and oils that actively restore and nourish the damaged epidermis. The series has a pronounced aroma. Available in the form of solid and liquid soaps.

"For the ladies and gentlemen" possesses good washing qualities, contains aloe vera extract. The products are great for washing the body and hands, do not dry the skin. Customers especially love the product with cream and chamomile. Does not contain perfumes and dyes.

"Safeguard" Made specifically for protection against germs and bacteria. Pleasant aroma and washing ability in harmony with the moisturizing and protective qualities of the soap. Especially popular series "The power of freshness" thanks to a subtle, faint aroma. In general, the brand won popular love due to its economy, disinfecting effect and the preservation of freshness for a long time. However, do not abuse this product in order to avoid problems with the epidermis.

"Healing herbs" mainly consists of natural ingredients and includes extracts of chamomile, lavender, sea buckthorn and others. Low-cost detergent does not irritate or dry the skin.

"Tik-Tak" is a gentle baby soap with oat extract. It has a solid texture, translucent color and a gentle composition. Very economical and fragrant whetstone gently cleanses and moisturizes tender and sensitive skin.

"Duru" originally produced soap for washing hands. Now you can buy a fragrant piece of bath soap with cucumber extract.For domestic needs, the choice of aromas is much greater - mango ice cream, green tea with moisturizer, cherry pie, sea minerals. The lump product has a signature striped color. Soap has a gentle formula with excellent detergent qualities.

Faberlic produces a fairly budget series soap "Journey to the sun." The product is intended for washing the face, hands and body. Soap does not dry the skin, but additionally nourishes it and makes it soft. It does not cause irritation or allergies.

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See the following video for an overview of bar soap.

Which is better?

First you need to decide how to use the detergent. If you buy soap for washing the body, then it is better to give preference to a baby or moisturizing product. Otherwise, it is possible to upset the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, or even get irritation and dryness. If for domestic needs, then anyone who does not dry the skin of their hands will do.

And this is why it is better to wash with soap:

  • Even without the use of a washcloth, soap very effectively cleanses the skin and gives a feeling of freshness compared to shower gel;
  • It has anti-inflammatory qualities;
  • Contains less chemical elements and is stored longer.

The main criterion for choosing soap products should be the composition corresponding to the type of skin.

  • So, for the dry type It is important to use glycerin or liquid paraffin. They contribute to additional hydration of the epidermis and do not cause allergies. Chamomile, aloe, sea buckthorn, almonds, moisturizer and honey with milk are also suitable as supplements.
  • Bold type It is necessary not only to clean and moisturize, but also to protect against inflammation. Therefore, it is preferable to use the product with fir or other conifers. In addition to the healing properties, coniferous plant extracts have powerful deodorizing and healing qualities.
  • For problem skin perfectly suitable antibacterial components of natural origin, that is, natural antiseptics. These are chamomile, aloe, bergamot, tea tree, cornflower, plantain, sage, propolis and calendula.
  • Sensitive skin Baby soap or glycerin is suitable. They do not cause irritation and gently moisturize the epidermis.

It is equally important to pay attention to the composition of the product. After all, the more it contains components, the higher the risk of an allergic reaction. For the same reason, do not buy too colorful products and those that have a strong aroma.


The best toilet soap, according to ordinary buyers - "Children's" factory "Freedom". It perfectly cleanses delicate and sensitive skin of children and adults, without irritating it. After use, additional moisturizing is not required. Soap is cheap in cost and has an economical expense, which is very convenient for large families.

Not inferior in popularity and "Safeguard". Soap fully pays off its cost and effectively copes with pollution. True, with regular use it can cause skin irritation and dryness. Also not recommended for people with sensitive skin and with a tendency to allergies.

"Velvet hands" successfully replace a moisturizer. Extraordinarily mild formula nourishes and protects the skin of the hands from chapping and frequent contact with household chemicals. The only drawback is the sharp specific smell "for everybody."

Soap "Camay" It doesn’t differ much from the budget one in terms of effectiveness, but it has feminine floral aromas that feel on the skin for some time after washing. Fans of the brand note that the shower gel of the same brand is largely inferior in effectiveness to toilet soap.

Soap can also be made with your own hands. For a coffee soap recipe with ginger and cinnamon, see the next video.

Watch the video: Toilet Soap Vs Bathing Soap. Total Fatty Matter (February 2020).


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