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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Mascara Art-Visage

Long and thick eyelashes are one of the signs of female attractiveness. Art-Visage mascara will help you get closer to your desired ideal, making your look more expressive.


Art-Visage is a Russian brand that produces a variety of decorative cosmetics. The company's products are not inferior in quality to many Western companies, which is confirmed by numerous customer reviews.

Mascara - a product that first appeared in the range of the brand. Today, the company offers a wide selection of this product category. All carcasses are based on innovative recipes. One of their main advantages is the presence in the composition of natural ingredients useful for eyelashes.

  • Natural waxes create an elastic consistency of products. They also soften the cilia and provide protection against negative environmental factors.
  • Senegalese Acacia Gum responsible for the cosmetic effect of increasing the length.
  • Valuable oils (shea, jojoba, cranberry seeds and others) nourish and moisturize each hair.
  • D-panthenol has a healing regenerative effect.
  • Vitamin E - a powerful natural antioxidant. It activates metabolic processes, strengthens, moisturizes, improves the structure, protects against ultraviolet radiation and other harmful environmental influences.

In addition to the visual effect of lengthening eyelashes, increasing their volume and splendor, each mascara from Art-Visage improves their condition and supports natural beauty.

In addition to the classic black color, many products for eyelashes are presented in other colors. For natural day makeup blondes fit brown and gray colors.

The manufacturer did not forget about lovers of non-standard images. Among the assortment of the brand, you can also find mascara in blue, green and purple shades.

Despite all the obvious advantages of brand products, they are quite inexpensive, which makes them accessible to a wide range of customers. You can buy company mascara in any cosmetics store.



This super-voluminous mascara gives eyelashes an expressive curvature and splendor, like real actresses. A thin silicone brush gently separates, combes and twists the hairs. Mascara gives them rich color, amazing length and volume without gluing.

The product contains vitamin B5, which strengthens the structure of each cilia. Hypoallergenic components allow the use of the product even for people with sensitive skin.

Mascara is moisture resistant. Neither snow nor high humidity will harm your makeup. At the same time, the coating is easily removed by any make-up remover.

Lush Eyelashes

This moisture-proof bulk mascara increases the natural volume of eyelashes by 2-3 times. A unique oval-shaped brush paints even the smallest hairs in the corners of the eyes. After applying the product, the eyelashes visually become thicker and longer.

The composition contains jojoba oil to moisturize and soften the hairs. D-panthenol restores their structure, and vitamin E guarantees protection against external factors. Mascara is resistant to moisture, does not cause allergies.

Velvet Eyelashes

This product gives the effect of natural, long, delicately curved cilia. The tool easily and evenly lays on the surface of the hairs, enveloping them with a protective velvet film.

Cocoa butter and vitamin E have a nourishing, emollient and protective effect. Letitsin accelerates regeneration. D-panthenol neutralizes irritation and protects against damage.

"Double Volume Mascara"

An elegant golden bottle conceals an amazing product. With one sweep of the brush you can achieve a double result. The applied mascara will give your eyelashes an amazing volume and expressive curvature.

In addition to the cosmetic effect, the product nourishes, strengthens the cilia and stimulates their growth. This is possible thanks to jojoba oil, cocoa and cranberry seeds. The traditional ingredient D-panthenol is also involved in hair care.

The tool is easy to apply without gluing cilia and without forming lumps.

"Panoramic 3 in 1"

A bright red bottle with white lace pattern attracts attention. A unique product features conquer from the first application. Silicone brush with fibers of different lengths transforms eyelashes in three directions.

Long bristles lengthen and twist hairs without gluing. They carefully comb and give the cilia a neat and well-groomed look. Short villi lift each hair from the root and add incredible volume.

The well-thought-out design of the product has a limiter that removes excess mascara from the brush, leaving only the necessary amount for one painting.

Jojoba and shea butter, vitamin complex and D-panthenol care for cilia, preventing them from falling out and brittle.

The coating is moisture resistant, keeps excellent during the day in any weather.


This mascara awakens the hair follicle, gives the eyelashes an expressive length and curvature, strengthening the hairs. Cranberry seed oil moisturizes and protects against negative factors. Vitamin E and provitamin B5 care for the hairs, restoring them.

Complexes "Widelash" and "Bitinyl-GHK" contribute to the growth of new eyelashes.

"A plus"

Product Eyelashes Plus Designed specifically for those who dream of incredibly long eyelashes. A special spiral brush combes the hairs, separating them and giving shape. The “add-on” formula provides an increase in length without weighting and giving the eyelashes a rich black color. Caring components give the hair elasticity and firmness.

The product is hypoallergenic, resistant to moisture, suitable for owners of sensitive skin. Mascara is washed off with any make-up remover.

"Energy of volume"

This tool transforms thin and weak eyelashes. Mascara fills the hairs with vitality, strengthens them, gives volume, splendor and shine. Nutritious oils, provitamin B5, vitamin E and other components provide care and excellent cosmetic effect without eye irritation.

"False eyelashes"

For the effect of incredibly long voluminous eyelashes, it is not necessary to make extensions. A similar effect can be obtained using this product.

A unique formula with Senegalese acacia gum “builds up” each hair, twisting it and giving expressiveness to the look. A flexible silicone brush ensures uniform application without glue and lumps. Vitamins and nourishing oils soften and strengthen hairs, giving them elasticity and healthy shine.

Mascara should be applied from the very roots to the ends of the eyelashes with smooth "pulling" movements.


"BB" is a fundamentally new product not only in the assortment of the brand, but also in the world of cosmetology. It combines mascara that transforms eyelashes and a caring complex.

Innovative formula "BB Mascara" includes natural waxes and nutritious oils (jojoba, olive, cocoa). Each hair is filled with strength and energy. Eyelashes become more elastic, strong, healthy. Their growth accelerates.

Hydrolyzed keratin is similar in composition to an element in the hair structure. It penetrates into damaged areas, restoring them as building material.

In this case, the made-up eyelashes acquire a saturated color, splendor and pronounced volume. The product is presented in several natural colors. It is gray, dark brown and black.


Most shoppers are delighted with Art-Visage mascaras.. They note the excellent quality of the products and the effect is not inferior to the results of luxury cosmetics.

Girls especially like False Eyelashes and Panoramic 3 in 1. Both options perfectly separate, lengthen and curl the eyelashes, giving them a natural volume.

At the same time, the products do not stick together the hairs, do not crumble with the "wear" of the makeup, do not print on the upper eyelid. Also, the products do not irritate the eyes, which is confirmed by girls with sensitive skin and young ladies using lenses.

The effect of real false eyelashes should not be expected, but mascara creates a wonderful daytime make-up. On the eyelashes she looks natural and neat.

Pleases customers and the abundance of care components in the composition of the products. Eyelashes do not deteriorate completely from the use of mascara, remain elastic, supple and healthy.

With regard to strengthening and enhancing growth, this effect is noticeable when using mascara "BB". Eyelashes cease to break, become stronger, the ciliary row is restored. Although, of course, they do not become longer and thicker. This visual effect gives only a decorative coating.

Mascara is perfectly washed off with micellar water, makeup remover milk and even plain water. However, the concept of "moisture resistance", some customers understand differently.

When hit by light snow, makeup stays in place. But with a large hit of moisture on the eyes, the mascara slightly “flows”. Girls who perceive the manufacturer’s promise as “water resistant” are disappointed. It is worthwhile to be careful and understand that these concepts are different.

There are also negative reviews. For some girls, the mascara seems too oily. And some consider the result of its use very mediocre. In any case, the low price allows you to buy one of the types of this brand product and make your own opinion.

An overview of the carcasses from Art-Visage, see the next video.

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