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Mascara Vivienne Sabo

Vivienne Sabo mascara has been popular among many girls for a long time. The products of a well-known manufacturer make it possible to emphasize the look and experiment with their appearance.


The Vivienne Sabo Paris cosmetic line belongs to the budget series of decorative products that have been recognized by many women for their excellent results and reasonable prices. Brand production is carried out in France. The brand has been on the market not so long ago, but it has already been able to surprise consumers. The key idea of ​​the company is the creation of sophisticated French charm using inexpensive means.

The manufacturer uses only the original name of the product, and shine is observed in the product bottles. A single design line that creates a feeling of luxury allows you to get a chic and stylish look.

Due to the design of the packaging in which the products are manufactured, the brand has become very popular.

Each mascara allows you to travel the world of beauty and luxury. The products embody the ideas of famous designers and developers, which manifest themselves in a special brush shape and component formulation.

Many women know and love the magnificent Vivienne Sabo “Cabaret” mascara, which, together with the ever-popular red lipstick, is a manifestation of the femininity, brightness and personality of each individual. The manufacturer offers its audience to get a real stage volume and constant attention from others.

The popularity of the brand is due to modern technologies, innovative developments. Each mascara is distinguished by its design, composition, formula and brush.


In the manufacturer’s collection there are different types of mascara, each of which has its own properties and features. Below are the most popular carcasses from Vivienne Sabo, which are popular around the world.

  • Not so long ago, new varieties of mascara from the brand began to appear, equipped with various brushes. Like the famous "Cabaret Premiere", they belong to the "golden collection" because they are sealed in a gold case.

"Cabaret Premiere" I am ready to give my customers the effect of stage volume - along with the uniform application characteristic of it, the absolute absence of lumps. This series is considered the leader of this brand because it produced an “explosion” among other types of eyelash cosmetics.

  • The dramatic effect will help to get "Jalouse". The tool is aimed at the volume, lengthening and separation of each cilia. This mascara is equipped with a four-sided brush made of plastic, in which there are fibers with different lengths. A similar feature allows you to leave the cilia uncombed, and by turning the brush they are easily separated. With the help of this action, the brush carries out the work on the principle of blinds.
  • Series "Eventailliste" guarantees a 3 in 1 effect, which consists in elongation, volume and bending. The tool is equipped with a curved brush with nylon bristles. This feature of the structure of the brush allows you to evenly paint over and tighten each cilium.
  • If you want a chic volume, the manufacturer offers Femme Fatale series. Such funds provide the effect of false eyelashes. With this mascara you can get the volume and separation of cilia without lumps. The tool is equipped with a brush on which elastic villi are located. The composition of the products is represented by a cream structure.
  • "Garconette" provides super-volume as well as overhead beams. There is a small plastic brush equipped with villi that separate the cilia, like a comb.
  • "Tour Eiffel" promises a several-fold increase in volume (with a natural effect). The composition of the product contains collagen, wax from rice bran, as well as resins of Senegalese acacia. The new brush, which is presented in the form of a spindle, ideally separates each cilium. The name, distributed among users, is the "Eiffel Tower" (due to the image, which is located on the tube).
  • "Delices Pour Cils" famous for its nutritional and beneficial properties. This carcass contains an extract of apple stem cells, which contribute to the growth and strengthening of cilia. The texture contains natural oils, wax. Similar elements can give eyelashes the necessary nutrition for every day.
  • "Le Denim" issued for those women who value freedom. The product is characterized by a creamy texture that gently envelops each cilium, giving a natural volume. In the tube is a figure-eight brush made of nylon pile. This material allows you to evenly distribute the product along the entire length of the eyelashes, providing excellent separation.
  • "Mariniere" refers to a waterproof line that provides makeup protection in any weather. The composition contains silicone oil, beeswax, as well as nylon fibers, which are able to give the cilia an amazing volume and length.
  • Mascara "Modeliste" Ideal for not very thick cilia. The tool does not stick hairs even after triple application. The series is ideal for eyes with hypersensitivity, because it does not cause reactions such as irritation and inflammation.
  • Mascara created especially for the shocking volume and divided cilia "Mon General". There is nothing superfluous. Products appeared in the spring and became a hit this year.
  • "Cabaret Mascara Volumateur Artistique" perfectly stains every hair, providing volume and elongation. The product does not stick together cilia and is not prone to shedding throughout the day.
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Which is better?

If you want to choose Vivienne Sabo mascara for yourself and don’t know which one is the best, experts advise you to rely on your goals. If you want to get the effect of false eyelashes, "Femme Fatale" is suitable for you, there are other types for volume ("Garconette", "Mon General").

The most nutritious foods are called Delices Pour Cils.

Thanks to this tool, you will provide your cilia with all the necessary substances and vitamins. Collagen products, which show a great effect, are popular.

If makeup resistance is important to you, Vivienne Sabo produces a special waterproof mascara. She will provide self-confidence in any weather.

How to choose?

Many girls can not decide on the choice of mascara. Color cosmetics for eyelashes is selected not only by the color of your eyes or clothes, but also by the time of year. The direction of the event for which makeup will be selected can also influence the choice. If you are afraid of the brightness of the color, you can apply color cosmetics over traditional black mascara. This technique eliminates errors and helps to get the right shade.

Brown gamut is suitable for those who like natural makeup. This color will be optimal for owners of light curls. Brown mascara is related to the category of universal cosmetics, because it is suitable for girls with any cut and eye color. If you plan to create an evening make-up, choose products with rich brown shades. For light cilia, the tips should be painted with two or three layers of dark brown mascara.

Purple hue able to emphasize the following eye colors: gray-blue, gray, brown and green.

For brunettes, mascara with a deep shade of plum will be optimal. If you have a red hair color, remember that purple mascara does not particularly match this color, so experts advise creating a black backing using purple only for the ends.

Blue color was popular about 15 years ago. The fact that such mascara was a real trend turned it into a sign of a lack of taste. However, blue eyelash cosmetics can eliminate eye fatigue, give the look extra freshness. Mascara is combined with brown eyes, does not look on blue and gray eyes.

Green mascara will be optimal for red-haired girls with bright eyes. It is worth noting that mascara of this shade is able to emphasize the attractiveness of brown and green eyes, looks good with light green and light brown eyes. If you have bright green eyes, pay attention to the mascara with a rich green color. For evening makeup, use a black backing and green color at the tips.

You should pay attention to the condition of the cilia:

  • Owners of rare cilia will use voluminous mascara. Choose a tool with a special brush, with a thick base and short villi.
  • For straight hairs optimal is not very dense and liquid mascara, which is able to completely cover even the most inconspicuous cilia.
  • Owners of short cilia will be delighted with the spherical brush, lengthening the carcass. Such a brush gives a magnificent bend that will create an attractive look.
  • Damaged hair should be treated with nutritious oils and polymers that are able to align the cilia along its entire length. Pay attention to the series with a soft brush not made of plastic.

Mascara can be waterproof, which implies resistance throughout the day and the use of special makeup removers.

How to apply?

Vivienne Sabo makeup artists give recommendations to girls on how to apply mascara in order to achieve maximum effect:

  • For twisting application should be carried out using the curved side of the brush. This method makes it possible to get to the roots of the hairs and create an attractive bend.
  • "Cabaret Premiere" It is recommended to apply in two layers to achieve a neat volume, which is inherent in daytime makeup. For stage volume, it is required to apply the product in layers, from the roots to the ends.
  • "Garconette" help get the maximum volume. You will need to apply mascara in layers, preventing them from drying out. Due to the elastic texture and a special brush you will get a wonderful result.
  • Experts advise apply the product starting from the outer corner and gradually moving to the inner one. Pay special attention to the outer corner, giving it a large volume, and the internal parts should be "deprived" of the volume.

How to rinse?

Rinse off the makeup with special make-up remover. If we talk about the waterproof series, then which mascara is difficult to wash off. Use biphasic makeup remover for this procedure. Plain water in this case will not help.


Mascara is considered an indispensable assistant to every lady who takes care of herself. Over the years, the technique of applying the product has constantly changed. In the 1950s, key techniques were created that highlight the look. As the basis of makeup, in which the eyes were emphasized, the image of Egyptian women depicted on the walls of the pyramid was used. This form of makeup is considered the most ancient, and Vivienne Sabo mascara will help in creating such an image.

Initially, you should use the shadows of not very bright tones. Makeup artists advise using shades of pink, beige and other shades. A matte or mother-of-pearl option is also suitable for such makeup. Shadows are required in order to highlight the key component of makeup. With their help, arrows are drawn, the creation of which should be extremely careful. Make sure that the arrows are drawn smoothly and smoothly, with the correct contour.

If you want to get a spectacular look, Vivienne Sabo mascara will help you realize your plan. You will need to slightly pull the eyelid with your finger towards the temple. With this method, you will get a line that will be flat and smooth.

You will need to create a contour line, after which you will need to start drawing the “cat” arrows. Vivienne Sabo "Cabaret" mascara will help you create a contour line. To do this, draw a small number of points in the direction of cilia growth.

Now you can start eyeliner. The action starts from the inner corner, towards the outer part. Do not rush, act smoothly and accurately. To get a “cat's” look, you need to draw “wings”, which will be a continuation of the line of the arrow extending beyond the corners of the eyes.

To perform this action, you need to draw a contour that will begin in the outer corner and continue to go to the outer edges of the eyebrow.

You can not go beyond this line, so as not to make the eyes too large.

Makeup Options:

  • Using the golden shadows You can get a charming look. To obtain it, you will need golden shadows on a moving eyelid. Using the thin tip of the brush, you need to select the outer contour, which will be located on the upper eyelid. An inner line also stands out on the lower part of the eyelid. These manipulations help to create an original image. At the final stage, bulk mascara will be required. Do not forget to focus on the eyelashes, which are located on the outer corner.
  • You can use another method that uses shades of sand color. When painting, a little should be advocated for the folds of the eyelids. After that, you need to use the shadows of brown color, which are applied to the outer part of the eye, in the form of the letter V. Now you can start drawing cat's eyes. The effect is created by a pencil or by summing the inner contour of the upper eyelid. The final step is to apply the mascara.
  • This method is difficult. You will need a soft pencil with which to draw a long and neat arrow. Using a sponge, blend the lines and draw the same on the lower eyelids. When creating lines, keep in mind that they do not intersect. Use a liquid liner on top of the pencil line and apply mascara.
  • Spectacular makeup can be obtained with a few actions. Eyebrows should be emphasized first. This is done with a pencil or dark shadows. Shades of light color should be applied to the upper eyelids. They must have a matte color so that the effect of a cat's eye is not lost against their background. Eyeliner should be blue. The next step is to apply shades with a blue-blue tint. They are applied along the edges of the eyelids so that the eyes stand out and become brighter.
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Create evening makeup

Each girl should be aware that the option that will be ideal is difficult to choose. An evening look requires an experienced look of a makeup artist who can make adjustments to the standard scheme, focusing on the type of your appearance. As a rule, the "cat" look applies only to the evening make-up. However, with some improvements it can be used for a daytime look. To use the cat’s eye in the daily make-up, you should:

  • use the shadows ink and pencil are not as dark as usual;
  • choose softened shades so that they do not stand out from the standard style.

Keep in mind that such makeup implies a special style of dress.

It is not suitable for combination with a business image or jeans. Such makeup is suitable for that category of girls who work with clients.


About carcasses Vivienne Sabo leave a lot of reviews. Most girls choose this brand for its affordable price, quality, original design and active advertising. If we talk about the best carcasses - according to customers, Vivienne Sabo "Cabaret" deserved this title.It is actively advertised, has a comfortable brush and attractive design. Great effect adds to the popularity of this tool.

Many women decide to buy this product after they saw an advertisement on TV. The tool is sold in almost every cosmetics store and has a price that is affordable for everyone. "Cabaret" can be used every day, it is able to create a spectacular volume that attracts the attention of others. Buyers praise comfortable brushes, texture products and an unobtrusive smell.

Vivienne Sabo offers quality products that do not crumble during the day, do not smear the upper eyelids and fully live up to the manufacturer's promises. It is unusual for the agent to dry quickly after opening the tube, which is another advantage.

The Vivienne Sabo line of mascara allows you to create any image that you can change based on your mood.

Comparison of two options for carcass Vivienne Sabo - in the next video.

Watch the video: Vivienne Sabo CABARET MASCARA. Chic Parisian look by @a1delatorre (February 2020).


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