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Black eyeliner

Among the large number of various cosmetics that women use to emphasize their beauty and attractiveness, there are long ago irreplaceable ones that have become an integral element of any woman’s handbag. One such thing is a black eyeliner. It is considered a real classic that has not lost its relevance for many years. However, as it turns out, not every woman knows all the features, advantages and nuances of using such a simple makeup tool.


The first problem that an inexperienced woman may face who decides to do professional makeup for the first time on her own is the right choice of eyeliner. It turns out that there are quite a few types of this simple tool, and each of them is used exclusively for certain purposes, since it has its own structural features.

In fact, learning to understand such an assortment is not so difficult. To date, the following types of eyeliners are distinguished:

  • Regular Pencil Used to accurately draw arrows and thin lines. It is harder than other types, so its use may require some skill. The neck is sharpened quite sharply, so it can easily injure the thin skin of the eyelids, so you should be extremely careful;
  • Thicker and softer pencil lead. It is also often called a pencil shadow. This is due to the fact that it can be used instead of standard shadows, since such pencils are ideal for creating various smooth transitions and soft lines. However, do not try to draw an arrow with their help or perform a light, full eyeliner - they have a too thick lead;
  • Pencil Kayal Designed for the inner age. It has the softest stylus and very thin sharpening, so that you can easily draw a thin contour line along the inner edge. A distinctive feature is the body material - it is never wooden, as small particles of wood can easily get on the mucous membrane of the eyelids or in the eye;
  • A relative novelty is the so-called eidefiner. At its core, it is very reminiscent of the familiar to many felt-tip pen. The tip of such a pencil is made of a flexible and elastic material, which is automatically impregnated with black paint filling the inner sleeve. Its main advantage is ease of use, but much depends on the quality of the paint, which can dry and crumble very quickly;
  • Isliner least like a standard pencil. The principle of its action is very similar to the idedefiner, however, a thin brush is used as the tip. Due to this, the ainer combines all the advantages of a pencil and eyeliner. However, in this case, low-quality paint can spoil everything.

In addition, standard eyeliners differ in stiffness of the stylus. You should pay attention to this if only because you have to work with thin and sensitive skin of the eyelids. The thickness and saturation of the conducted lines also depend on the density and stiffness. The following types of pencils are poured, depending on this parameter:

  • Solid type. The quality of the resulting lines can be compared with those guaranteed by any liquid eyeliner. They are thinner, neater, crisper and more saturated, but at the same time they are more stable than in the case of a liquid product. In fact, it is hard pencils that are used to create perfect arrows. However, this requires certain training, as for the formation of the line you need to carry out a certain pressure on the stylus. And, at the same time, care should be taken not to injure the eyelid;
  • Medium hard pencil. This is the best option for beginners, since it allows you to achieve smooth and accurate lines, and at the same time is easier and safer to use;
  • Soft pencils most often recommended to women and girls who do not have experience of self-eyeliner using solid means. Its main drawback is that the lines can be a little blurry, and the stylus often crumbles and breaks, and it is also somewhat inconvenient to sharpen it. On the other hand, soft pencils are suitable for creating thicker lines with smooth transitions, shading.

Which cosmetics is better to choose?

Acquiring a charcoal eyeliner is simply necessary, since this option is a universal classic. Thin black arrows will look equally perfect on brunettes and blondes. Makeup with a neat black eyeliner is well suited for an official and everyday look or for an unusual evening make-up with sparkles and other decor.

For some women, the best option is a black-brown pencil, which is also very convenient in terms of selecting a general makeup style. This is possible due to the fact that the brown color is softer than the coal shade, so various smooth transitions become possible.

Of course, the variety of colors is far from the only thing that should determine your choice. The main criterion always remains the quality of such a cosmetic product. In order to make sure of it, pay attention to the following details:

  • One of the main criteria is the pencil case. It should be made of a single piece of wood, and not of sawdust as an analogue. An exception may be a kayal or an idedefiner, since the cases for them are made of high-quality plastic;
  • The cap must fit very tightlyHowever, do not press the lead, otherwise it will quickly break or deteriorate;
  • In any self-respecting store there are always "testers". Do not miss the opportunity to use them, check the quality of colors and lines - they should be clear, uniform, without any splashes or lumps;
  • Pay attention to the stylus. If you notice a white pigment or plaque on it, it means that the product has deteriorated, or its components are expired;
  • Before buying, it does not hurt to read reviews about this or that manufacturer.

How beautiful to let you down?

It’s not so difficult to use a pencil correctly. In order to circled eyes looked neat and impressive, makeup should be done in stages. Please note that the mandatory steps are cleansing and basic coverage, only after them follows the direct imposition of make-up. Be sure to degrease the surface of the eyelids, and then apply a little powder to them to make the lines more clear and dense. After that, you can make up and shade with a pencil, following a certain style.

Read more about how to bring your eyes down in the next video.

How to enlarge and highlight the eyes?

In order to make the eyes visually larger, you can use the following simple method, which is recommended by many makeup artists. Following simple rules, it will be quite simple to correctly bring eyelashes:

  • First shade the eyelids with a concealer, and then apply a little powder on them;
  • Using the highlighter, you can circle the preliminary places of shadows under the eyebrows and lower eyelids;
  • In bold pencil, draw a dense line and blend it towards the forehead;
  • The contour line on the lower eyelid is better to bring in white, but for the upper - with black;
  • After eyeliner with a pencil, you can apply shadow and, finally, apply mascara to the eyelashes.

In the video below - a master class from the leading makeup artist L'oreal Paris on how to enlarge eyes with makeup.

Makeup options

It’s very easy to choose the option of daily or evening makeup, depending on the color of your eyes:

  • For blue, gray-green or green eyes, a combination of the shadows of similar colors with a simple black pencil is best. This will make them deeper and more expressive;
  • Brown eyes can be limited to standard black eyeliner. If you have fair skin, you can use shades of purple or olive;
  • Girls with gray eyes are completely open for experiments, since almost any color of shadows for classic black arrows can suit them.

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