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Inglot Lipstick

Lipstick takes a leading place in a women's cosmetic bag, as it helps to create an attractive look. To do this, you need to choose only high-quality products, for example, Inglot products.


The lipsticks of the professional Polish company Inglot rightfully occupy one of the first places in the world beauty industry. They are popular with both professional makeup artists and ordinary housewives. They compare favorably with other brands:

  1. Packaging design, which has a simple, but at the same time elegant design;
  2. Metal tube, which may be black or a shade of dark metal. On it there is an inscription of the name of the company in white capital letters;
  3. Variety of species and lip color products;
  4. Price category. These products belong to the class of "luxury", but the prices are quite affordable;
  5. In stock pleasant floral-fruity smell;
  6. Production technology. Only modern equipment and technologies are used, which are upgraded and updated every year;
  7. The presence of the "freedom" system, which means the ability to mix multiple tones in one palette;
  8. Composition of the product, which contains only natural ingredients.


All Inglot products are positioned as cosmetics without preservatives and with a minimum proportion of synthetic additives. Lipstick, which in its composition contain:

  • Castor oil, Gives lips softness and protects against harmful external factors;
  • The smallest crumbs from mica. Used to give a brilliant shade;
  • Beeswax, which is necessary not only to create the shape of the product, but also to disinfect it;
  • Candelilla wax which serves for the hardness of the structure, in addition, it has a protective and antibacterial effect;
  • Ozokerite - natural wax, which is a thickener of the composition;
  • Mineral and paraffin oils, which nourish, moisturize and protect the skin;
  • Synthetic emulsifier, necessary for softening the lips;
  • Lanolin, which softens and heals the skin;
  • Vegetable wax;
  • Paraffin;
  • Synthetic oil, which protects against external negative factors;
  • Aromatic additives;
  • Apricot kernel oil for hydration and nutrition;
  • Vitamins E and C;
  • Coenzyme Q10 - an important component in maintaining youthfulness and healthy skin;
  • Silica, which is also necessary for youth;
  • Plant and synthetic dyes.

The composition is really impressive. It contains only natural and semi-synthetic components that extend the shelf life.

Shelf life

On average, it is from 1 to 3 years. After opening, it is recommended to use lipstick for six months. If you use it longer, then there is a risk of spoiling the skin of the lips. Even the most natural products over time contribute to the growth of bacteria.


Inglot products impress customers not only with a rich palette of colors, but also with a variety of species.

  • Fine lipstick It has a creamy gel structure, which allows you to evenly and easily lie on your lips. It is not necessary to draw the contour with a pencil, as the texture does not spread. This formula moisturizes lips and keeps color throughout the day. Just like all products, this species does not contain preservatives and has a pleasant fruity smell.
  • Long Lasting Lipstick Thanks to vitamin E and apricot kernel oil, it protects and moisturizes the skin. It has a persistent texture and does not create a sticky feeling.
  • Choosing a matte look, You can count on a perfect matte result, durability and uniformity of application. All this is possible thanks to the natural extracts and oils that it contains.
  • Liquid lipstick-paint "tint" The collection is represented by two types: matte and resistant with gloss. Tint is a revolutionary product structure that allows color to stay on for 24 hours without updating. It is an absolutely safe, persistent pigment that penetrates the skin of the lips. Tint with gloss is evenly applied, does not flow, and does not break. The oils and vitamins that make up shine and moisturize your lips. The tint matte finish makes it quick and easy to apply. The colors are saturated, and the matte effect lasts up to 6 hours.
  • 3D effect lipstick has a paste structure. This makes it easy and even to apply. It not only moisturizes the lips, but also smoothes and protects the skin.


The "Freedom system lipstick" system in inglot cosmetics involves collecting several shades and colors of lipstick on a special palette device. They are located in square shallow blocks that are easily replaced and sold separately. Thus, each girl can individually select and mix colors for herself. Oils and vitamins A, E look after and do not dry lips. In the "Freedom" system you can collect both persistent and matte shades. One of the features is brush application.

The Lip Duo line means a combination of lipstick and gloss, or matte and glossy gloss. Such a tandem is interestingly packaged. Each tone is in its cell, which are interconnected. Thus, they are easy to carry. They should be applied with a brush or fingers. This product lies on the lips evenly, does not emphasize bumps, lasts a long time, and does not require correction to snack. The products of the Lip Duo line add a seductive visual dimension. The palette of this line is represented by a huge number of color solutions.


Here you can find calmly nude and extravagantly dark tones. Each shade has its own two-digit number, which is located on the package and on the tube itself. Thanks to the mixing system, you can individually select shades in a special palette. It represents a certain case from one, two or more compartments. In these compartments interchangeable blocks of lipsticks and glosses are inserted. They are mounted on magnets, like the palette cover itself. Therefore, you can safely take them with you to your bag.

How to choose your own shade?

A voluminous color palette will allow each girl to find her own shade. When choosing it is worth considering your skin color, hair and eyes. For girls with fair skin, pink and pale peach tones, that is, lipstick colors that are close to the natural color of the lips, will be the best option. Juicy, bright shades will suit dark-skinned beauties. For dark skin it is better to choose a golden and beige palette.

Given the color of the eyes, it is worth remembering a simple rule: the darker the eyes, the brighter the tone of the lipstick and vice versa. When choosing, you should also consider your age.

For women, darker shades are appropriate in years, and lighter natural colors are preferable for young girls.


Inglot cosmetics is professional and belongs to the category of "luxury", but this does not affect the pricing policy. On average, prices range from 700 to 1,500 rubles. Lip gloss can be bought in the region of 700-900 rubles. Lipsticks are a little expensive. Their cost is from 1 thousand rubles. The cost is also affected by the choice of type and line of goods.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

Often you can buy low-quality or fake goods. To prevent this from happening, you must follow some rules:

  1. Carefully study the packaging and tube of lipstick. Inglot uses only metal tubes. The design is most often done in black. The package itself should be free of smudges and dents. Composition and other information should be written without errors;
  2. Pay attention to the color and smell of the product. Inglot is distinguished by its pleasant fruity-floral scent. Lipstick has a rich and bright color;
  3. In case of any suspicion, you should ask the seller for a certificate for this product.

How to apply?

Inglot recommends all types of lipsticks to be applied with a special brush: this is both hygienic and allows you to lie more evenly. Before applying the lips should be slightly treated with a scrub or peeling. So the skin will be cleaned and the surface of the lips will become smooth, which means that the lipstick will lie more even and last longer.

When applying matte lipstick should also remove dead skin particles.

It should be applied on a dry surface, or on top of a balm. For an ideal result, you need to use a professional lip brush. After applying the first layer, you need to wet your lips with a napkin, lightly powder them, and then apply a second layer.


Inglot lipstick leaves most women with only positive reviews. They celebrate its quality, durability, pleasant aroma. Many are impressed by the huge palette with more than 600 colors. The price category of the product also attracts them.

Of the shortcomings, a small percentage of girls note some dry lips after applying matte lipstick.

You will see a video review of Inglot lipstick in the next video.

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