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Henna golecha

Natural henna finds its purpose in many forms. It is actively used for healing hair, dyeing it, and it also becomes a means for temporary tattoos, called "mehendi". For the implementation of unique designs, you can use ordinary henna powder, or you can take advantage of advanced developments that provide convenience to any craftsman. Henna Golecha is a bright representative of innovations in henna drawing.

What it is?

Mehendi are very popular today and probably everyone has ever wondered if these procedures are dangerous for the skin. So, natural henna is a powderobtained by grinding the leaves of lavsonia growing on the warm lands of Iran, Egypt, India and Morocco.

The powder is very useful for skin and hair, because it is not in vain that oriental women have been using this plant for personal care for centuries.

Beauties of the East and mehendi draw, filling them with symbolism. Natural henna is sold in ordinary bags in the form of a dry powder, as well as in the form of a finished paste-like substance. The latter is designed specifically for tattoos. Useful oils are often added to purchased mixtures.


Henna Golecha is a product native to Rajasthan that is located in sunny India. Packing can serve:

  • tuba;
  • soft cone.

Both the one and the other species have a protective cap or cap, which prevents drying of the open mixture. The composition of the paste contains natural substances:

  • lavsonia leaves;
  • lemon juice;
  • aloe vera oil;
  • eucalyptus oil;
  • water.

Such a composition pleases specialists, because experts in bio-tattoos know firsthand that diluting henna with water cannot fully reveal the dye.

Oils, on the other hand, react with substances, allowing the coloring pigment to reflect on the skin with great effect.

The presence of water here is also explainable, since dilution of the mixture with pure oils will create a potent concentrated mixture that can cause allergies. Lemon juice is another essential ingredient in a professional mix.

An interesting feature of henna is its wide color palette. In the assortment you can see black, silver, white, gold, brown, orange, blue, red, green, burgundy varieties. With this variety, the brightest patterns are easy to realize.

However, do not forget that natural powder can have an exceptionally reddish-brown tint, turning depending on the concentration into dark brown or reddish. Therefore, it is safe to say that Golecha uses artificial colors in the production.

The manufacturer does not indicate the full composition on the package. However, specialists involved in checking all ready-made mixtures of “colored” henna pay attention to the presence of paraphenylenediamine in almost all of them. This chemical can cause allergies to sensitive skin and even disfigure it with a burn. This, however, may not happen, however, hoping for a case in relation to your skin is not too reasonable. Other data speak of colored henna as an acrylic hypoallergenic glitter, that is, a mixture of henna and paint that cannot be absorbed into the skin, and therefore the effect of its use is fleeting.

Instructions for use

The use of the finished mixture facilitates the application of drawings. Before starting work, you need to open the lid at the tube or cut off the tip of the cone with scissors, backing off the minimum distance, because the lines should turn out thin.

The correct technique of persistent drawing provides:

  • thorough peeling of the body area on which mehendi is planned;
  • degreasing with alcohol;
  • a sketch of the drawing with a pen on the skin (if you have skills, this item can be skipped;
  • drawing of the selected image;
  • minimum period of absorption - 40 minutes;
  • removal of the dried crust of the mixture;
  • application of natural oil to the skin.

You can get acquainted with the technique of applying henna drawing by watching the following video.

After the bio-tattoo procedure, the surface is protected from water for a day. The maximum color saturation of a Golecha “Fast Color” henna pattern can be seen on day 3.


Product reviews are numerous, which means it is popular. Using henna is easy, and beginners are actively using it. According to users, the paste lays well on the skin and dries quickly. Professionals do not consider the product to be real henna, calling it chemical and dangerous. Being considerate of the health of their customers, they prefer to breed the powder themselves using proven natural oils and additives.

Golecha henna testing - in the next video.

Watch the video: Instant Henna Golecha brand result by Rosr Henna Collections,Rosr Bridal Exquisite (February 2020).


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