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Eyebrow pencil

Each representative of the fair sex wants to be stylish and attractive. To create the perfect make-up, you should carefully select all cosmetic products. Particular attention should be paid to eyebrow pencil. It is this tool that will help emphasize your beauty and set all accents. Consider how to choose the right tool, as well as the main features and advantages of the products.


Modern manufacturers submit to the court of fashionistas the most diverse options for this cosmetic product. You can easily choose the product that you like. The main advantages of the product include:

  • High quality. It is worth taking seriously the purchase of such products. Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. It is worth buying a cosmetic product only in professional stores. Then you can get the desired effect.
  • Extended product range. Modern firms offer to purchase a variety of models. Choose the product that will completely suit you.
  • Efficiency. With this product you can give your makeup a finished and stylish look. The pencil will make the eyebrows clear and expressive. You can visually open your eyes to become even more attractive.
  • This cosmetic product helps to cope with fading and faded hairs. Now you can tint your eyebrows at any time, giving them the desired shape and a suitable shade. Add a flirty bend, and no man can stand.
  • It's no secret that with the help of an eyebrow pencil you can change the expression on your face.
  • Availability of goods. You can purchase this cosmetic product in professional stores at any time. In this case, you should carefully choose the product. Look at the integrity and tightness of the packaging. Only quality products can meet your expectations.
  • Democratic cost. Now you no longer need to visit beauty salons and do permanent makeup with a health risk. It will be enough to have such a pencil in your cosmetic bag. This small item will help you save your family budget and enjoy your attractive appearance. You can change the image every day.
  • Positive attitude. Your makeup will be stylish, complete and varied, so you will feel confident and attractive. Positive emotions will contribute to the achievement of the goal, which means that you will easily cope with everyday activities.


To make your make-up successful, it is worthwhile to figure out what types of such pencils exist. So you can find the product that will be perfect for you. Consider the main varieties:

  • Soft pencil. This tool is suitable for those ladies who have dry skin, as well as those women who do not work outdoors, drive a car. Of course, this option shades perfectly, but at the same time it can hold for a very short time, spreading out under the influence of moisture.
  • Solid. This option has a more rigid consistency, which is more stable. Experts recommend these pencils to those ladies who have oily dermis, as well as those who spend most of the time on the street.

These are the two main blocks of product varieties that you need to focus on first. At the same time, it is worth noting the various functional varieties of pencils:

  • Powdery. This model will help to avoid excessive shine of hairs, help to cope with the release of excess greasy fat.
  • Via wax of the option you can give the hairs the desired direction, and the eyebrows - the necessary shape. This holding pencil reliably guides the naughty hairs.
  • Pencil Stick. It has a wide applicator. Using it, applying the product is very convenient and comfortable. An excellent option, he will be for those ladies who have rare hairs.
  • Gel pencil will be an unrivaled option for dry dermis. It perfectly moisturizes the skin. Your hair will shine with beauty and health.
  • Highlighter. Such a product will effectively hide all defects and even eyebrow scars.
  • Fluid model It is applied quite quickly and easily. However, this tool also has disadvantages. It can leak if used improperly. In this case, your eyebrows will differ in rich color.
  • Pencil paint. Those ladies who can not use this tool every day can use this model. You will get a lasting shade that will last for several days. You will not need to tint often.
  • Marker. This look was created for self-confident women who want to stand out from the crowd and are not afraid of bright and saturated colors.
  • Dry. This option resembles powdery. It can be with a brush to make it easier to distribute the substance.
  • Indelible or waterproof. You can use it when you are going on a business trip or on vacation. Such a product will help you to maintain the shape and beauty of eyebrows for a long time.

As for the shape of the product, it can also be different to make it more convenient to use. Manufacturers supply models with a variety of devices:

  • The mechanical model. It does not require constant sharpening.
  • Automatic option. It allows the pencil rod to screw in and out. So you can protect the product during transportation.
  • Two way option has its advantages. Such a pencil has several shades at once. You will have two colors in your own cosmetic bag at once.
  • With a brush. This successful device usually complements many pencils. Thus, you can not only dye the hairs, but also comb them, giving the desired shape.
  • Models with a brush help the hairs lie flat to each other. Such a product is comfortable and convenient to use.
  • With a thread. Such a pencil will help create the perfect shape. Using a thread, you will draw a line of eyebrows. All hairs that go beyond it will be plucked.

Everything will depend on your desires and preferences. It is worth weighing all the nuances and decide which option will be the most suitable. Remember that such a small thing can change your appearance.

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Before buying, each representative of the fair sex will probably ask what is included in the product. And it is right. It is worth choosing those models that have as few parabens and perfumes as possible. The main ingredients include:

  • Stylus. This is the main coloring pigment. It should be uniform, not contain impurities.
  • Shimmer, mica give the pencil an elegant sheen. Of course, this option will not be very appropriate for everyday use.
  • Paraffin. This element is necessary for viscosity.
  • Talc is a safe mineral. It is found in all water-resistant pencils.
  • With the help of silicon, the appearance of the eyebrows will improve.
  • Vitamins will nourish the hairs, saturating them with the necessary trace elements. This will prevent their loss, thinning.
  • An excellent moisturizer is lanolin. Thanks to microcrystalline wax, the hairs will soften, become more obedient and well-groomed. Essential, cosmetic oils also have caring properties. They help to effectively nourish and moisturize the skin.
  • Plant extracts attract lovers of natural cosmetics.

Before using any pencil, you should definitely test the product on the dermis of the wrist. This will help to determine the presence of allergies to this product. If in a day you will not have a negative reaction to the composition of the pencil, then you can safely use cosmetics.


As for the shade, you should choose it correctly so that your make-up is impeccable, and eyebrows emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the look. Of course, you can pick up a pencil of your favorite color scheme, but you should be extremely careful. After all, one wrong touch - and you can ruin the whole makeup.

Consider the most common colors:

  • Ginger. This is an ideal option that will suit fair-haired locks.
  • White pencil can be used as a base. So you can give the main shade softness.
  • A pink cosmetic product is usually applied under the eyebrow and then shaded. This will help make make-up more natural.
  • Light beige tone is perfect for fair girls with green and blue eyes.
  • The black version is universal. However, most of all it suits dark-skinned brunettes.

It turns out that you can choose any shade that suits you. You can always experiment with your image. Do not be afraid to combine different tones, choosing a shade.


When choosing a quality cosmetic product, you should pay attention to trusted companies that have already established themselves. Among these, we can distinguish:

  • Nyx. These options are presented in high-quality performance. The advantages of the cosmetic product include a wide color palette, as well as a high pigment content. There are eight shades, among which you will choose the one that you like. The pencil has a special brush that helps to comb. Thanks to the dense texture, you can easily create the desired image. As a result, you get naturalness, emphasize your attractiveness. Thanks to the ultra-thin stylus, you can paint over even the most inaccessible places.
  • Catrice. Different types of pencils will help to create a lasting and natural make-up. The products are of very high quality. You can draw bends well and accurately.

  • Eva Mosaic. The company's products are based on advanced technological developments. Pencils are durable, optimal texture. Each cosmetic product is sold with instructions. You will know exactly how to use the product. Most products have a special brush that allows you to comb the hairs, create the perfect direction. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the product should be applied with light movements, without clicking on the pencil.
  • Art-Visage. This company presents various options for a cosmetic product, including shades. You can choose the option that is right for you. It is worth noting not only the high quality of the product, but also its affordable price. You will get cosmetics at a reasonable price without spending all the family savings. The composition of the product includes only useful elements that care about safety and health.
  • Avon The pencil has a soft texture. You can easily draw smooth and thin lines. As a result, you get a natural make-up. Many ladies have a positive opinion of the retractable pencil lead. Now you do not need to constantly sharpen a cosmetic product. Clarity will be maintained all day, even in bad weather.
  • Faberlic Light texture, clarity and durability - a feature of the pencils of this company. Choose the right shade for you and use the product with pleasure.

  • Relouis. This company offers cosmetics in several shades. For fair-haired ladies, a sandy tone is suitable. Each product comes with an elegant brush. She helps to give the necessary form.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills. This product has a triangular stylus. It can be used to emphasize the shape of eyebrows and visually make them thick. Thanks to the sharp side, you can create clear, thin lines. Wide will help create a vibrant, vibrant color.
  • Mac The product features include fairly easy application. For this reason, beginners should be especially careful. The palette includes all the most common tones. Affordable price, this is another advantage of the product. Moreover, the product does not have a brush.

How to choose?

Understanding which pencil is right is already half the success of makeup. It is worth focusing on your color type in this matter. For brunettes, a black pencil is perfect. He perfectly emphasizes the eyebrows, makes the look expressive. For women with fair skin and dark hair, you should choose a dark gray product. Dark brown tones will suit dark-skinned brunettes.

If you are a fair sex with blonde curls, then you should focus on ashy and red tones. For ash strands, a gray tone is perfect, for colorless eyebrows - light shades. Golden blondes are suitable pencil warm shades. If you have fair skin and blue / green eyes, choose ash brown or beige pencils. Beige-gray cosmetic product is suitable for wheat shades.

If you are a brown-haired woman, then it is better to choose reddish-brownish, golden chestnut, terracotta shades. If your curls have a bright chestnut tone or a light red tint, then a brown tone will do. But gray and black tones are not suitable for red-haired beauties.

It is worth remembering that the shade of your pencil should always be a tone lighter than the color of curls. This will be the key to successful makeup.

How to make up?

Choosing the right pencil, you should learn to use it correctly. There is an instruction for this. Let's consider everything step by step:

  • Before makeup, it is worthwhile to cleanse the face and apply a nourishing cream to the dermis and eyebrows, and then the foundation.
  • Take the pencil you want and make two strokes. The first is where the eyebrow will begin, and the second is where it will end. To determine more precisely, draw a straight line from the nostrils to the temple past the outer corner of the eye.
  • It is worth combing the hairs with a brush towards the temples.
  • Now you can summarize. The pencil should be sharpened, but not too sharp so as not to injure the dermis. Apply short bars in the direction of hair growth.
  • If you have sparse hair, then it is worth shading problem areas.
  • After that, comb the hairs again with a special brush. So you remove the excess coloring pigment.
  • To keep everything even, it’s worth letting it in carefully and slowly. The beauty of makeup will depend on this.

Effective Makeup Examples

Of course, every girl wants to be effective, to catch admiring glances. To do this, it is worth knowing how to properly and beautifully paint. Doing this is necessary in stages. This is especially important for beginner fashionistas. Do not rush. Over time, you will learn to do stylish makeup quickly and efficiently.

If you want persistent and bright eyebrow makeup, you can create a permanent option. It is created using various techniques. So, for example, hairy involves drawing hairs between the natural. Such work will be very long and painstaking.

If you use shading, then you can also emphasize beauty, give clarity and expressiveness. This process imitates shading.

They can choose the most daring. This process involves the complete removal of hairs, drawing a picture in their place. Of course, such cardinal methods will not suit all ladies.

Do not forget about the correction of eyebrows before dyeing. So it will be easier for you to carry out the procedure itself. It is worth plucking the hair that is on the nose, as well as other protruding hairs. Remember that eyebrows should become a natural face decoration.

The ideal shape of the eyebrows is widened at the nose, tapering to the very end. The line should be straight and neat. The distance between the eyebrows should be about two fingers.

It is worth remembering that eyebrows need periodic grooming. For these purposes, cosmetic oils can be used. They will help preserve the beauty of the hairs, improve their growth.


Every lady wants to get only a good pencil. The desired result will depend on the quality of the product. That's why it is worth buying models only in professional stores. So you yourself can take care of the safety of your health.

The best product will help you quickly and easily adjust the shape of the eyebrows, saturate them with a bright and lasting color. Focus on the rating of those tools that are described above. Many ladies note the effectiveness of pencils. With such a small tool, you can create a fashionable and stylish make-up.

Positive feedback is left about the cost of goods. You can purchase the product at an affordable price without hitting your wallet. Ladies note that now you can do everything yourself, at home. You no longer need to visit expensive beauty salons.

You can purchase a useful cosmetic product in any professional store. It is only necessary to clearly determine which option you need. Another advantage of the product that users note is ease of use. You can easily apply the product and get the desired shape.

Here are the main features and benefits of an eyebrow pencil. Now you know how to choose this cosmetic product, how to use it. Do not forget to check the product immediately before purchase. There should be no defects.

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