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Blue mascara

Girls who actively use decorative cosmetics know that many products cannot be bought just like that. It is necessary to take into account some individual features of your appearance: oval face, color of skin, eyes and hair. In addition, some products should be selected directly for a particular style of clothing. This type of cosmetics is colored mascara. The most universal shade will be the blue color, it suits almost any woman.

Who is it for?

The blue color of the mascara will never go out of style. A large palette of shades of this color allows any woman to choose a suitable shade for herself. In cosmetic stores any color of mascara is presented: dark blue, turquoise, blue, indigo and others. If you find the right tone, you can visually change the size of the eyes, the brightness, emphasize the depth of view or hide signs of fatigue.

Make-up with colored mascara should be done carefully, the main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of means. Choose a shade, focusing on the tastes and the color of your eyes:

  • Brown eyes. Their owners are very lucky, because blue mascara most favorably emphasizes the beauty of their eyes. Thanks to the stunning contrast, girls with this eye color can choose for themselves absolutely any shade of this tool. Greater effect of using blue mascara can be achieved by using shadows of the same shade.
  • Blue and light gray eyes. Girls with this eye color should choose the mascara tone very carefully. If you take too bright a color, it will simply deprive the look of beauty and expressiveness. You should give preference to a calm and not very defiant shade, because it will beautifully emphasize the brightness of the eyes.
  • Green eyes. Fashionistas with such a rare eye color should also carefully choose the tone of the mascara, because not every shade suits them. Some blue shades can "steal" a fraction of the brightness of green eyes.

Hair color can also make a difference.. Blonde girls can safely use blue mascara to create makeup, as well as brown-haired women. But women with different colors of hair should pay attention to the selection of funds.

When looking for a suitable mascara color that would look perfect on eyelashes, experimentation with shades may be required. In order not to spend money on the purchase of funds in the color of which you are not sure, you can go to the makeup artist who will choose exactly your shade. Another way to choose mascara is to go to a large cosmetic store, since there are "samplers" of almost any product. There you can check how this or that shade looks and get what you like.

Another feature of blue mascara is that it can be used in makeup if blue tones are present in the image. If there is no blue color in clothing or accessories, it is better to abandon its use.

You should also consider the event for which you are doing makeup. Blue mascara can be used for daily make-up, but it should be applied in one layer. If we are talking about going to a party or a night club, then it is better to apply it in several layers to make the color more saturated. But for business meetings or office work, it is better not to use a color tool, since it will look inappropriate.

What shadows does it combine with?

To create a spectacular make-up, one mascara is not enough, you must also use shades of various shades. The main mistake of girls who first use the color tool for eyelashes is the choice of shadows in blue tones. Solid blue with eye makeup does not emphasize the expressiveness of the look.

You need to know how to correctly combine colored mascaras with other decorative cosmetics, because they themselves give a bright accent. Perhaps that is why it is impossible to use bright shadows with them. The most successful shadow colors for dark mascara tones will be all shades of cold pink. Delicate blue mascara will look more expressive with bronze and copper shades. However, they can not be applied in a dense layer.

If you are not afraid of experiments and are open to everything new, it is worth experimenting with very extravagant color combinations. This will be appropriate if you are going to attend a theme party or go to a disco in a nightclub.

How to apply?

After choosing the right shade, you should figure out how to apply colored mascara. Almost all experts recommend curling cilia with special tweezers before applying cosmetic products. Important points to remember:

Dark blue mascara can be applied in the usual way. Bright colors are best used as an accent when creating makeup, apply them directly to the tips after applying black mascara.

A color cosmetic product can be applied in several layers to achieve the desired color saturation.

To prevent the hairs from sticking together under the influence of mascara, you should first apply a special gel on the eyelashes. It will help to distribute the product efficiently.

You can apply a product of one shade to the upper eyelashes, and another to the lower ones. This will add a twist to the makeup and make the look more mesmerizing.

You can visually increase your eyes if, after applying colored mascara, the tips are tinted with black.

It is possible to draw attention to the beautiful section of the eyes if, after applying the blue product, the external corners are painted with black ink. Before creating makeup, think about whether it will harmoniously blend with the whole image.

All these rules should be remembered, but there are other features of applying colored mascara:

  1. Coloring eyelashes over the entire length. This is a classic way of applying any product, however, in cases with colored mascara, do not make other bright accents in makeup.
  2. Application on the ends of the hairs. Color your eyelashes with black mascara, and then gently brush with the blue tool over the tips. This will add a little color even to regular makeup.
  3. The use of several shades when creating makeup. If you apply several products with different (but combining) shades on the cilia, you can give greater depth to your look.
  4. Staining only lower eyelashes. An interesting makeup can be obtained in a very simple way: you need to apply black mascara on the upper eyelashes, and blue on the lower ones.

When creating a make-up using blue mascara, fundamental differences from black should be taken into account.

Top brands

Blue mascara is in great demand, so many cosmetic companies produce products in various colors. Consider the most common brands.

  • Firm Lumene releases the product in silver packaging with a pink cap. The brush tapers slightly to the edge, which allows you to easily paint the cilia, even in the corners of the eyes. The color of the carcass is bright blue, even rather blue, lasts all day (without shedding). When applied, the hairs do not stick together. Mascara does not cause irritation, because it contains no harmful chemical components.
  • Vivienne Sabo "Le Denim“A relatively recently appeared on the market of cosmetics. The brush has the shape of an hourglass with medium-sized villi. It evenly envelops the eyelashes, giving them a rich blue color. In addition, the mascara slightly curls the eyelashes, visually lengthens them and adds volume. A great advantage is the water resistance of the product However, to wash it off, just wash it with warm water and soap.
  • Manufacturer "Intellect-K"pleased fashionistas with their mascara product"Blue Lagoon". The product creates the effect of false eyelashes. Super-volume mascara visually lengthens the hairs. The product is hypoallergenic, it can be used by girls who wear contact lenses.
  • Company Pupa It represents several shades of mascara at once: blue, navy blue and turquoise. Elegant silver bottle design will please fashionistas. Soft creamy texture allows you to evenly apply the product on all cilia. A variety of shades allows you to find your mascara.
  • Another super-volume mascara from Faberlic - New Horizons. She was very pleased with lovers of color makeup products. The cost of the product is low, which is very attractive to ladies. A standard-shaped brush, tapering slightly to the edge. She evenly dyes each hair, without leaving lumps.


Many women have already appreciated the attractiveness of makeup using blue mascara. They are happy to share their impressions with friends and colleagues.

How to do everyday makeup with blue mascara, see the video.

According to the fair sex, the best mascara should add volume, lengthen and evenly dye eyelashes. This is exactly the product from Faberlic "The Art of Volume". Women who purchased this inexpensive product noted that a convenient brush gives a rich color with just one swipe. This product was also liked by the fact that it does not contain harmful impurities and does not irritate the eyes.

Girls who wear contact lenses turned their attention to hypoallergenic mascaras. It was important for them to maintain the health of their eyes, but often the necessary funds were quite expensive.

Some ladies chose funds for themselves, guided by the absence of a pungent smell from the bottle. They believe that unpleasant aroma can be caused by a large number of chemical components that make up the product. Therefore, it is better not to acquire such mascara, so as not to undergo the appearance of allergic reactions.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who purchased Givenchy mascara were divided in opinions about the product. Most complaints were expressed towards the small size of the brush. Many women were unaccustomed to tint eyelashes with a small brush. It was difficult for them to get used to the fact that one stroke is not enough to stain all the cilia. It takes a lot of effort to make a complete makeup. As for the pluses of the product, a large number of them were noted: a delicate creamy texture, the absence of a pungent odor, and water resistance.

One of the decisive factors when buying was the price of the product. Too cheap funds aroused distrust, and too expensive were affordable for a few. Carcasses average in price were in greatest demand.

Multi-colored eye makeup products can give more expressiveness to the look than classic black products. Blue mascara will look spectacular on the eyelashes of girls with any eye color. However, you should choose the right shades of the product to achieve maximum makeup effect.

Watch the video: Blue Mascara Trick, Tips & Favs (February 2020).


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