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Moisturizing Foundation

Modern fashionista knows a lot about cosmetics. Even a tool such as foundation, today should not just mask skin imperfections. Its task is to restore life-giving moisture, to maintain beauty and a natural healthy look. Moisturizing foundation is a godsend for many women.


The foundation with moisturizing effect is universal and suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and prone to peeling. It not only normalizes the water balance, but also makes the tone of the face even.

Unlike analogues with a nutritional effect, such a tool has a lighter texture. It looks natural on the skin without feeling the effect of the mask.

Such cosmetics are suitable for women of different ages. It is simply indispensable as a day care product for mature and weakened skin. In fact, this is a mix of decorative cosmetics and facial skin care products. Moisturizing concealer can replace the usual cosmetic product for day care. Moreover, there is no need for two tools at the same time: one tonal means will be more than enough.

TO the benefits foundation with super moisturizing effect includes:

  • giving to the face even tone with a minimum of the drug;
  • natural color with good masking of small defects (wrinkles, acne and age spots);
  • airiness of texture;
  • restoration of tone and elasticity of the dermis;
  • giving the face fresh rested look;
  • maintaining water balance skin cells;
  • restoration of cell structure;
  • epidermis protection in the daytime from the negative effects of external factors.

The foundation is also suitable for owners of sensitive skin that is acutely responsive to cosmetic products.

Features of the composition

A distinctive feature of the moisturizer is the components of the composition: it includes plant extracts that, in addition to saturating the cells with moisture, contribute to the regeneration of the skin, restoring it at the cellular level. As moisturizing components cosmetics manufacturers use:

  • glycerol;
  • vegetable oil solutions;
  • aloe vera;
  • hyaluronic acid.

In addition, the composition of the preparations include vitamin complexes and medicinal extracts natural origin, with various healing properties.

The palette of such products is diverse and allows you to make make-up so that cosmetics will not be visible on the face. Color pigments are natural and include tones from light beige and cream to dark beige (tan). The transition from the face to the neckline will not be noticeable. A series of toning preparations with hydration is divided into products up to 30 years old, anti-aging and super-moisturizing series, preparations with a sunscreen.

How to choose?

When buying a tonal product, you need to choose a product that will combat skin aging. It is no secret that daily stresses, poor ecology, nutrition, lifestyle affect the health of cells, disrupting their structure day after day. The goal of the cream is not only to maintain the visible health of the skin. It is important to slow down the aging process and restore her vitality from within.

When buying a cosmetic product you need to pay attention to:

  • skin type (while ignoring the characteristics of your body, you can not get rid, but emphasize skin problems and even exacerbate them);
  • existing problem (to combat which the action of the product will be directed);
  • makeup makeup (preferably the presence of vitamins, lipids, hyaluronic acid, essential oils);
  • texture (it should be light, uniform and without lumps);
  • shelf life (you can not use an expired drug, since it can harm your health);
  • manufacturer (time-tested brands value an honest name, therefore their cosmetics are high-quality and effective):
  • cost (depending on the budget).

Choosing a foundation is better in natural light. However, this is not always possible. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of shade, you can consult with the seller who will help you choose the right tone, based on work experience.


Concealer is an ongoing participant in many brands of cosmetic products. In a competitive environment, brands offer products with additional properties beyond moisture. In order not to get confused in a huge selection of companies, you can pay attention to development of several brands, whose products are marked by a lot of positive reviews:

Maybelline new york

Foundation with vitamin E, which has a light, almost weightless texture. The cream easily lays on the surface of the skin of the face, evens out its tone and mask the dark circles under the eyes. The application layer is thin and natural, without the feeling of a mask.

L'oreal paris

BB-cream of the famous brand with a rich texture, which provides the skin with hydration and full day care. Due to the shea butter included in the composition, water balance is maintained, and vitamin C allows not only to even out the tone of the face, but also to give it freshness.

Urban decay

Moisturizing with a tonal effect, the effect of which is aimed at care and restoration of cell structure. Thanks to peptides and vitamin components, the skin receives the substances necessary for health and vitality. The face looks well-groomed and rested, the dermis is tightened and becomes elastic.


Products for owners of problem skin. The cream not only hides skin imperfections and moisturizes it, but also removes redness and irritation. It is also suitable for solving the problem of dull complexion, giving it a pleasant healthy tone and radiance.


The tonic, enriched with zincadone A, thanks to which the skin heals. The consistency of the cream is optimal for natural makeup, and due to its durability, it does not need to be corrected during the day. The presence of thermal water in the composition helps to remove irritation and inflammatory processes on the skin.


Moisturizing foundation is a godsend for many women. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of the fair sex. In the comments, it is noted that such cosmetics is universal in that it combines a decorative and therapeutic agent. This is convenient and allows you to monitor the condition of the skin during the day, without clogging the pores and without harming the health of the dermis.

Girls note the lightness of the texture: such a cream is not forgotten in the folds of the skin, it looks natural even with a thin layer of application. To provide beauty, hydration and naturalness - the tasks of the cream, with which he copes. This attracts modern women of fashion choosing a toning cream with hydration.

Learn more about choosing a tonal tool from the next video.

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