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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Lip Gloss Divage

Lip gloss Divage was released much later than lipstick, but he managed to win the love of many women. Women use shine, combining them with lipstick or separately. Such products are deservedly considered one of the best products on the cosmetic market.


Divage Lipgloss is a seductive volume and breathtaking radiance.

The brand Divage It has a large selection of cosmetics, high-quality texture and low price. The brand’s cosmetics contain natural herbal ingredients that give the product a light, unobtrusive aroma. These products not only help girls and women to emphasize their beauty, but also do not harm their skin. Via Divage every woman can find the right makeup.


The brand is rich in a range of cosmetics. Among the many products you can find palettes, shadows, lipsticks, pigments, mascaras, eyeliners, tonal products and much more. One of the places of honor is lip gloss from Divage. All shine are durable and easy to apply. They are very popular and collect positive reviews around the world. The manufacturer has released several series:

  • "Vinyl Gloss";
  • "Waterproof Lip Gloss";
  • "Crystal Shine";
  • "Wonder Glace";
  • "D'amour";
  • "Long Kiss";
  • "D'amour 3D-effect."

Lip Gloss Overview Divage See in the next video.

Textures for every taste

  • "Vinyl Gloss" famous for its rich palette. In total, 20 shades are presented. Among them, you can find bright and juicy, warm and tender, as well as cold and nude. Each girl will be able to choose the right product for her. Shine "Vinyl Gloss" immediately striking. The packaging design is simple but vibrant and conspicuous. The transparent tube is closed with a bright pink cap, it is unchanged for all shades of the series. The product contains vitamin C, it protects against UV radiation, slows down the aging process and makes the skin more elastic and supple.

One of the main advantages of gloss is a very comfortable brush. It is pile, slightly slanted, gaining the right amount of product the first time. Gloss itself has a dense texture, but it does not differ in stickiness, which is very important for such products. It feels on the lips like oil or balm.

Glitter gives a glossy, matte finish. It has durability, can last up to three hours. Very easy to apply - thanks to a comfortable brush. It does not clog in folds, does not emphasize peeling, gives the lips a seductive volume. Does not dry the skin of the lips and does not spread.

It should be noted that each shine has its own smell - depending on its color. For example, shade # 3201, which gives the lips a soft pink color, has a sweet, but light and unobtrusive aroma. Shade # 3205, which has a pale brown color, includes a touch of light chocolate. # 3204 - coral color, give you a delicate berry aroma.

  • "Crystal Shine" - Appears to buyers in a transparent tube with a glossy cap. In total in the series - 14 unique shades. Series "Crystal Shine" characterized by the presence of a shimmer in each of the shades. Gives lips extra volume. Many girls use shine along with lipstick. The product softens the lips, it is not sticky, has a pleasant aroma, lasts well for several hours. Gives a seductive radiance (due to small sparkles). The series includes light transparent swellings, as well as bright and saturated. It is convenient to apply (due to the brush), does not spread on the lips and does not roll into folds.
  • "Long Kiss" - a unique product from Divage which contains not only shine, but also lipstick. In series "Long Kiss" The manufacturer included 7 shades. The double-sided tube contains a matte lipstick and glossy shine. It can be worn both together and separately. Lipstick is perfectly pigmented, without a shimmer, and the gloss gives the lips a volume, contains pearlescent particles or other holographic elements. With the help of such a product, you can create your own unique image.

It is firm, matte lipstick dries for about two minutes, and the gloss does not stick to the lips. It does not roll into lumps, does not spread on the lips.

  • "Waterproof Lip Gloss" - in total, 4 shades are presented in the series. Colors are dull, delicate, waterproof. Able to survive the bad weather and hike to the beach. Such a tool perfectly fits and worn, does not slide into lumps. It does not spread on the lips, it really has water resistance, which is confirmed by enthusiastic reviews of customers.
  • "Wonder Glace" - The series features 8 shades. A glossy lipstick with a beautiful design and an unusual heart-shaped sponge brush. All lip glosses have a delicate aroma, dense texture. Some options are more like liquid lipstick, perfectly pigmented, resistant, do not stick lips.
  • "D'Amour" - The series features 7 shades. Shine does not stick lips, has a rich palette and the presence of small pearlescent particles. It is perfectly worn, easy to apply, does not clog in folds, does not spread. Shine does not fall on the skin of the face, and the radiance on the lips does not look too defiant. It does not dry, but moisturizes the skin of the lips.
  • "D'Amour 3D-Effect" - the series includes 20 unique shades, gives lips a 3D volume. Nourishes the skin of the lips, does not stick. It is well worn, resistant, does not spread on the lips, does not form white stripes. The palette is rich in various shades - from the most nude to bright and saturated.

Watch the video: Women Try Holographic Lip Glosses (February 2020).


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