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Cherries manicure

To date, the services of beauty salons in nail art have become the most popular. Ladies began to pay more attention to their hands and nails. Walking with well-groomed nails is a norm that does not even require unnecessary discussions, because female hands always attract a lot of attention. Well-groomed hands and nails are a big plus. Since ladies always want variety, we are talking about a variety of designs for nail design. Next, it is worth discussing unusual manicures with cherries, talking about the possibilities of creating such a design at home.


Summer mood on the nails at any time of the year will help to create a "cherry" manicure. Bright, juicy berries will come in handy both in summer and in winter. An important feature of such a manicure is a large number of options, because it can be created using a variety of techniques. Firstly, cherries can be made with ordinary varnishes or gel options. You can make them in volumetric technique, you can also use stickers in the shape of cherries.

"Cherry" nail-design is best done in a beauty salon, so you will spend less effort and time to create the perfect picture. However, if the soul requires experimentation, you have in stock a couple of brushes for design, you can practice at home. Especially if time permits. Everything has its advantages.

You can work with different techniques. Drawn cherries can be supplemented with rhinestones, beads or stones to match the berries. A good option is to decorate their leaves.

A manicure with this design is suitable for a variety of occasions. It equally well complements the images for a beach summer party and dilutes your workdays.

Color and technique of drawing

Cherries on the nails can be placed on a very different background. Most often they choose a transparent or white color, but no exception and different shades of pink and cream. To choose the right shade, you need to proceed from the reason for which you need this design, and also take into account your mood and condition of the nails.

If the nails are a little yellowish, and the hardware manicure does not improve the situation, discard the transparent varnish option - of course, if you do not cover the yellow parts of the nail plate with cherries or choose a jacket, adding berries to it. If there are any problems with the nails, then it is better to choose color varnishes that give a rich shade and completely cover the nails. White or cream varnishes themselves are very contrasting.

If you are going to draw cherries on them yourself, then be extremely careful and careful. On such colors, all errors are especially visible. It’s better to work out in advance, draw the berries on paper - and only then go directly to the nails.

If you still decide to make the drawing yourself, then stock up with thin brushes for nail design, dots and acrylic paints (they are most convenient for painting on nails). But no one canceled the drawings with varnishes. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to work with them because they dry quickly.


On the Internet you will find about a million of a variety of designs and pictures of "cherry" manicure. In this case, the eyes just run wide, because you want to create this and that manicure. But do not despair, because you can always combine several ideas and get something special. The main thing is to give free rein to your imagination and allow your imagination to fully open up. You can perform cherry design using ordinary or gel varnishes. Of course, for a more stable coating it is worth using the second option. The following interesting ideas can be highlighted:

  • Classic or color jacket juicy cherries easily complement. French manicure itself is not boring, but summer berries in a bright design will help to make it more “lively” and attractive. For greater expressiveness, they can be drawn using gold, black or white acrylic paint (or varnishes). In addition, green leaves also work very well.
  • Solid coating + small cherries. Such a manicure will look great in white, but small berries can be red or red. Cherries can be drawn independently using dots. Since they are small, there will be enough points, but the twig and leaves will already have to be depicted with a thin brush.
  • "Cherry French". You can perform a very outstanding design that will not let you get bored. In such a manicure, the nail plate is decorated with a transparent varnish or a coating with a slight sheen, and cherries are drawn on the free part of the nail. They can reach almost to the middle of the nail, if the design requires it. Such a manicure will look equally good on both long and short nails.
  • Very unusual and "tasty" cupcakes with cherries on nails look. Of course, you should not draw them on each finger. This design loves minimalism, because it itself is very eye-catching. Make such a drawing on one or two fingers, this will be quite enough.

Cherries themselves can be bright red or very ripe, almost black, resembling cherries.

It is not necessary to draw berries on each nail. Recently, the design of only two nails has become popular - for example, on the middle and nameless. Others are painted in a solid color. You can diversify your cherries with the help of snow, it will look more than unusual.

Performing step by step at home

Having considered the basic designs and implementation techniques, it is worth moving on to the most interesting part - performing manicure with cherries at home. Of course, the simplest options that you will almost certainly follow the first time will be considered.

To create small cherries on short nails, you should pay attention to the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Prepare your nails. File them, make the necessary shape and process the cuticle.
  • Before applying the varnish, the nails should not be oily; be sure to wash your hands.
  • Apply nail polish, which will be the main color. On it you will place future berries. Let it dry or dry it in the lamp if you are working with gel polishes.
  • Using a thin brush, draw branches for berries on the nails. They may be brown or slightly greenish.
  • Next, draw red circles to the ends of the branches, these will be your cherries. You can make them with a thin brush or dots. In addition, you can make cherries using large red rhinestones, which can be "planted" on a special glue or on a varnish that has not yet been dried.
  • Now draw the leaves with a thin brush.
  • Arrange small highlights on cherries and leaves with white paint or varnish, depending on what materials you work with.
  • You can complement the design with single rhinestones.
  • Fasten everything with colorless varnish or finish.

You can complement any cherries with a beautiful and delicate drawing in gold. So cherries will look more refined and noble.

It is also worth paying attention to the following simple design "cherry jacket", which is performed with conventional nail polishes:

  • Prepare your nails for applying varnish. You can use a transparent coating as the main one. Let it dry.
  • On the corner of the free edge of the nail, draw a silhouette of a cherry or several cherries, if length permits.
  • Repeat this action on all nails.
  • Arrange the glare on the cherries with a thin brush and white varnish.
  • Circle the berries in black and make them ponytails.
  • If desired, vary the composition with leaves.
  • Additional drawing of berries and leaves can be done using white.
  • Allow the surface to dry and cover with a clear varnish to fix it.

When creating drawings on nails at home, use only fresh and high-quality varnishes and paints.

You will learn more about how to draw cherries on nails from the next video.


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