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Max Factor Mascara

Max factor - one of the most famous cosmetic brands. Although it has truly “professional” roots, today this cosmetics is considered a mass market. At the same time, quality remains at its best: mascara Max factor - This is always a good buy.

A bit of history

Company Max factor was founded by makeup artist Max Factor in the early twentieth century. It is noteworthy that he was born in Russia (in Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire), served in the Russian army, and then worked for a long time as a make-up artist in the theater at the imperial court. Shortly before the first Russian revolution, he went to live in the United States, where he settled right next to Hollywood.

Max Factor created a unique make-up for the cinema - not at all the one that the theater artists had. Over time, it was he who came up with the tonal base in the modern sense, nail polish, liquid eyeliner, waterproof cosmetics and much more, without which we can not imagine daily makeup. But his main merit was the distribution of cosmetics to the masses, because before the make-up was considered inappropriate. Only actresses or women of easy virtue were painted. Thanks to Max Factor, every woman got the opportunity to emphasize her beauty and not deserve blame for this.


Although Max Factor today does not belong to the category of "professional", this makeup is really loved by Hollywood makeup artists. The eyes of actresses adorn the carcasses and shadows of Max Factor in the films Aviator, Titanic, Evita, and many others. The brand has a wide range of mascaras for various purposes.

Since the brand has never been positioned as a youth, there are no palettes of bright mascara in the assortment of the brand. Each modification is marketed in 2-3 shades. Mandatory minimum - black and brown. There is blue mascara with the names of the colors "Navy" and "Deep Blue". Max Factor doesn’t have extreme colors: if you come across the purple or green mascara of an American brand, this is a fake.

Max Factor Mascara Series:

  • "2000 Calorie."
  • "False Lash Effect".
  • "Masterpiece".
  • "Clump Defty."

Inside these series are many subspecies of each carcass in different shades and with different types of brushes.

Advantages and disadvantages of popular series

Each of the series of eyelash products has its own purpose. The manufacturer, by the way, assures that they are all hypoallergenic and suitable for girls with delicate eyelid skin, as well as those who wear lenses and glasses.

2000 calorie

Classic mascara, the very first in the line of modern Max factor. She is almost 20 years old! She has a simple brush, tapering a little towards the end. The consistency of the mascara is quite thick, but lays down in an even layer. Available in three types - classic, waterproof and tightening. Classics can be purchased in black, brown and blue. The other two modifications do not have a blue version.

At its core, all the carcasses of this series are voluminous. The manufacturer promises a volume of 3 times more compared to clean eyelashes. All of them are moisture resistant - i.e. Do not lubricate from accidental ingress of water or tears. Waterproof mascara is equipped with special additives that allow you to swim with makeup or walk in the rain. For those who want a special splendor and tightening, Max factor released another version of the carcass - "Curl Addict". She has a special brush - curved and at the same time fluffy with high density bristles. This allows you to color each cilium. Its composition is slightly different - it is denser than the others in consistency, which allows you to fix a bend for a long time. The formula is easily washed off with conventional makeup removers.

Clump defy

A product created for two purposes - increasing the density and separation of eyelashes. A fairly dense mascara formula is complemented by a smart brush "Anti Clumps". The point is that the distance between the bristles is less than the standard size of the lump - it simply has nowhere to form. In addition, the brush has a special cavity, which helps to collect exactly as much funds as needed for applying in 1 layer. A slight bend allows you to immediately grab the entire ciliary edge and paint it. Black and Brown Available "Clump Defy".

False false effect

The most successful, and therefore the largest series. "Effect of false eyelashes" - the name of these funds is translated. Flagship Mascara "False Lash Effect" It has the most impressive brush among brand products. It is silicone with small bristles. Closer to the tip, they become very tiny. The mascara formula is creamy, it is thinner than other mascaras Max factor, for the best enveloping of cilia. Classic "False Lash Effect" It is black, brown and deep blue. The water-resistant modification does not differ from the classical one except for the composition, which allows it to be applied to the beach or for relaxing by the pool. Black and brown shades are available.

"False Lash Effect Fusion" It is enriched with additional components that visually “enhance” the eyelashes. Thus, the effect of volume and elongation is achieved in one sweep. To create the maximum number of images - three shades. Super resistant mascara "False Effect 24h" has a primer. Thanks to this, the mascara does not hold on the eyelashes for days - you need to remove it with special tools. This is a great option for lovers of night parties or for those who like to go "to the ball" right from work.

Modification "Velvet Volume" creates velvet eyelashes - this is very suitable for evening outings and Smokey Ice makeup. This voluminous mascara has a mousse texture and fits nicely on the eyes. An interesting spiral brush has a modification "Volutoptuous". The composition has special sealing components that ensure the density of eyelashes. The spherical tip allows you to stain the most inaccessible areas of the eye.

The newest mascara from this line is "False Lash Effect Epic", giving the eyelashes, according to the manufacturer, the "epic effect of a fan." The brush of this tool looks really epic - large, in shape resembling a rugby ball with a “ball” at the end. This "ball" is called "Zoom Action". The developers suggest using it for applying mascara to the corners of the eyes (creating the same “fan effect”), as well as for additional volume, staining eyelashes with them on the second layer. This novelty is available in black and dark brown versions.

Masterpiece transform

Line of carcasses "Masterpiece" (English "masterpiece") is available in the classic version, waterproof, modifications MAX and Transform. "Transform" has a non-standard brush, wide at the beginning and narrow at the base with fairly rare silicone bristles. MAX equipped with a brush IFX - classic look with frequent bristles. The manufacturer promises thick and smooth eyelashes. Available in three shades.


Ink from the series "Xperience" - also voluminous. She has a brush IFX allowing you to well separate the eyelashes and give them density. In some stores, you can still meet it, although the mascara is officially discontinued.


Lengthening and voluminous mascara of dubious origin. There is no such carcass on the company's official website, but there are a lot of reviews on the Internet. Gold packaging and a box (which is never the case with brand mascaras) suggest that this mascara is fake.

Application Tips

Makeup artists of the brand always give tips on applying for each type of mascara Max Factor. Knowing the design features of the brushes and the composition of each preparation, you can apply mascara as efficiently as possible without smearing and lumps. Specialists advise applying carcasses Max factor as follows: slightly lower your eyes and press the brush to the base of the eyelashes. Then, from the bottom up, paint the hairs, lifting them. The lower eyelashes, on the contrary, should be painted, looking up to maximize the straightening of the lower eyelid. It is necessary to slightly dry the first coat before applying the second. To enhance the effect of super-bulk carcasses such as "False Lash Effect"You can also use eyelash curlers. They are used before staining.

All products of the American brand have limitations that do not allow you to draw too much money on the brush, so you do not need to “shake” it further.


2000 calorie

This mascara is considered a classic and buying it means if it is not profitable to invest, then definitely not lose money in vain. In reviews you can often find that this is "the mascara that I use from school" or "which I was carrying from my mother’s cosmetic bag." All this speaks for itself - it is a 100% time-tested tool. She does not create any unreal miracles, however, there will not be any unpleasant surprises with her like spreading or lumps. Her brush is the most common. It is convenient to use, but against the background of modern silicone and thin brushes, it may look rude and smear forever. But if you adapt, it turns out well. According to reviews, cilia with "2000 Calorie" look natural, well-groomed. Mascara lengthens and adds volume. In one or neat two layers, this tool is recommended as mascara for daytime makeup. It crumbles a little, is quite resistant to moisture and, most importantly, is inexpensive.

Clamp defy

Buyers appreciated the brush - it is silicone, with small bristles and resembles a spatula in shape. It allows you to make a bend that holds during the day. According to reviews, cilia with this mascara look fluffy and quite thick. You can apply several layers without fear of getting your eyes dirty. Some girls have noticed that mascara is prone to shedding. It is easily removed with simple makeup removers.

False false effect

Almost all the carcasses of this series have a thick brush a la "log". It almost does not thin out by the end and has rather short villi, which are even more shortened at the edge. It was this brush that became the "bone of contention" among fans and opponents of this tool. Some cannot get used to it at all and constantly smear their eyelids, while others, having become accustomed, assure that they have not seen anything more convenient. If you also use curling irons, the effect is excellent. Eyelashes look neat and spectacular. According to reviews, the mascara does not dry for a long time, but is prone to the formation of lumps.

The least successful of the entire line - "Velvet Volume". Despite the obvious effect of velvet and fluffy eyelashes, many customers disliked her because, alas, she was unstable - she was smeared and showered during the day. This completely discourages buying mascara again. Ink "Epic" also did not become a bestseller. Too unusual brush with a "prickly ball", as they called it on the Internet, does not allow you to deftly paint the cilia. "Ball" constantly pricks eyes and smears mascara on an eyelid. To “comb” through them colored dyes for separation is very difficult. In other words, the brush is recognized by users as impractical.

But the mascara itself is quite good in quality - it lays down smoothly and easily, resistant and pleasant to wear. Another experimental brush - "Voluptuous" (in the form of a spiral) also did not impress the customers too much. It is too big and it is inconvenient to manage it. All other things being equal (she, in general, looks neat and does not weigh down the cilia) - she has too much fuss. From the whole assortment "False Lash Effect" the best are the classic options with a thick straight brush.


The popularity of this series is explained by a convenient brush - it is of a classic form, like 2000 Calorie but silicone, i.e. more rigid. At the same time, it is flexible and easily goes into the corners of the eyes. It is applied easily, accurately, does not leave lumps. Gives cilia separation and volume. Some girls noted that eyelashes with this mascara are not enough length, although the manufacturer does not promise this. In addition, the tool quickly begins to dry out. In general, customers found the mascara to be very persistent, but after prolonged wear - 7-8 hours, it still disappears from the eyelashes. Interestingly, the reviews almost do not write about carcass allergy, inflammation or itching after using it. This means that in this regard, the manufacturer keeps its word.

See a video review of Max Factor mascara below.

Watch the video: NEW Max Factor Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner. First Impression & Demo (February 2020).


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