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Mini-epilator "Tenderness"

The problem of unwanted hairs is familiar to many women. Mini-epilator "Tenderness" allows you to solve it easily, safely and with minimal discomfort.

Features and Benefits

Many girls are confused in terms of “hair removal” and “hair removal”. Let’s figure out what the difference is.

Depilation - this is shaving and the use of special creams that eliminate only that part of the hair that is located on the surface of the skin. In this case, the roots of the hairs remain in place. Such methods relieve unnecessary vegetation for only a couple of days. Then the procedure has to be repeated.

Epilation - This is the removal of hairs with a root. Such methods include shugaring, the use of wax, photo and laser technology.

The latter methods are quite expensive and have some contraindications. Shugaring and waxing suggest a certain length of hairs, at which they can be captured for quality removal. However, there is a universal way to get rid of unwanted vegetation.

Epilator is an electric device that allows you to pull even the shortest hairs with a root. Moreover, it is absolutely safe, does not cause burns, pigmentation or other unpleasant consequences.

Another advantage of this device is the lack of the need to go to the salon. You can carry out the procedure at any time in the familiar home environment.

The modern market offers customers many different epilators. However, one of them stands out against the general background.

The tenderness mini-epilator is designed for the most delicate skin care. The face, armpits, bikini area with such an apparatus will always be smooth and well-groomed.

The brand Leomax Introduces a mini version of the epilator, created specifically for the face and other tender places.

Facial hair is a delicate matter. Many women face a similar problem. It can be a fluff over the upper lip, in the area of ​​the chin or cheeks. Tweezers solve the problem only if it is necessary to remove a couple of random hairs. But if there is a lot of hair, you have to look for other methods.

Most epilators are not suitable for these purposes due to their large size. But the mini-option "Tenderness" is just created for small areas.

The compact size of the device determines its mobility. Also, a small area of ​​contact with the surface significantly reduces pain from the hair removal process.

The new technology developed by the company's specialists ensures high-quality removal of hairs that grow at any angle and have any length. They are magnetically attracted to rotating metal plates that make pinch movements, and are removed along with the root. In this case, the discomfort from the procedure is minimized.

As a result, even the lightest, finest and most inconspicuous hairs are pulled out gently and quickly. The result will please you. Perfect smoothness without irritation for two weeks or more will be provided to you. The manufacturer also claims that with a mini-epilator you can safely treat sensitive skin.

With regular use of the device, you will notice how the growth of excess hair slows down. Moreover, each successive procedure will contribute to the weakening and lightening of new hair.

You can use the device not only on the face. No less quickly and efficiently, he will clean unnecessary vegetation from the armpits, bikini area, arms, legs. Even such delicate places as fingers and toes will be rid of hairs (if any) in a couple of seconds.

It is not recommended to use the device only to remove hair under the eyebrows. To model the shape of the eyebrows, it is better to use tweezers. However, a mini-epilator is quite suitable for removing cannon hairs between the eyebrows.

Light weight and compact size allows you to take the device with you on any trip. In addition, the epilator is battery powered and does not require a network connection. The absence of wires and the ability to carry out the procedure anywhere, regardless of the presence of an outlet nearby is a definite plus of the device.

Also, the device is easy to clean, does not require special rules for the care and maintenance of its working condition.

Mini Epilator Specifications

The device has an elegant design. Laconic white color and elegant shape turn the device into a nice accessory, which is nice to pick up. Unit size: 12.5 x 3 x 3 cm.

The device requires 2 AAA batteries. When sold, they are not included in the kit, but they are not difficult to purchase at any hardware store.

A special brush is attached to the epilator for its high-quality and quick cleaning, as well as detailed instructions for its use.

The product is made in China. In Russia, it can be purchased from official representatives via the Internet or in a household appliance store


Most customers are satisfied with the tenderness mini-epilator.

They mark the attractive appearance of the device. Pleases the girls and the compact size of the device. It allows the device to easily fit in a handbag, taking up very little space there. Many customers take the epilator with them to the sea and on other trips.

Judging by the reviews, the mini-epilator is comfortable to use. The carefully thought-out form of the device allows it to fit comfortably in the hand. And the absence of the need to plug the device into a power outlet allows you to carry out the procedure in any conditions.

The epilator is ideal for removing hairs above the lip and from other parts of the face. It is also convenient for caring for the bikini area and armpit area. However, the device is small for hair and leg epilation.

Girls say that the small size of the treated surface significantly increases the time of the procedure. Especially if you want to remove hairs from large areas of the body.

In addition, some customers do not see the difference between the operation of the Tenderness device and other similar devices. Painful sensations from the procedure, in their opinion, almost do not differ from sensations when using analogues.

To facilitate the process of hair removal, girls are advised to purchase a special anesthetic cream that is applied to the skin some time before the procedure.

Also, judging by their experience, only the first few procedures are painful. Each time, the skin more and more gets used to the effects of the device, and the hairs are pulled out more easily due to the weakening of their roots. Accordingly, the level of discomfort is also reduced.

As for efficiency, the device copes with its task. Even short hairs are easily removed along with the root. However, they do not break off and do not break off at the root. The skin really remains smooth for a week or more (depending on individual characteristics).

The epilator does not have special functions and even loses in this to some devices of other brands. Although in the justification of "Tenderness" you can bring its affordable price, which is much lower than the cost of large devices with additional options.

Another significant drawback of the girls is the problem of ingrown hairs, which often occurs with regular use of the device. Although ingrown hair under the skin is a common phenomenon when removing hair with a root and can occur with any type of hair removal.

Usually this problem does not apply to the face, but in the bikini area and on the legs, this phenomenon is not uncommon.

The reason for this is the weakening of the hair shaft, which makes it harder to break through the skin. To prevent this situation, you only need to follow some rules.

Once or twice a week it is necessary to do skin peeling with a scrub. This procedure renews the epidermis, exfoliates dead particles and gives the skin smoothness. Also, after epilation, the skin should be treated with a special tool.

It can be a lotion or cream with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Such a cosmetic product can be purchased at any store selling accessories for shugaring or waxing.

The advantage of such tools is not only the prevention of ingrown hairs under the skin. They also relieve irritation and redness, soothe the skin, and some of the products even slow down the growth of new hair.

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