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Shavers: features of choice and care

At a certain period of each boy, there comes a moment when he goes into adulthood and becomes a man. There are a number of problems and one of them is shaving. Undoubtedly, every male person knows how to shave. But tips on how to use different types of razors will never be superfluous.

First of all, it is worth shaving in the direction of hair growth, otherwise cuts and irritation may appear. In this case, it is provided to use shaving foam, and after the direct hair removal process, it is advisable to rinse the skin of the face and neck with warm water (do not rinse with hot water), then lubricate these areas with a special lotion or aftershave cream that helps soothe delicate skin.

A smooth-shaven face demonstrates the neatness and grooming of the man as a whole. That is why the choice of a razor must be approached more seriously than ever. The choice of tools on the market can please with its variety: machines, rotary and mesh electric shavers ... By the way, the latter type is gaining more and more popularity, having a number of advantages.


As there are several types of razors, there are different shaving techniques. As a rule, two basic shaving techniques are used - dry and wet.. They differ, respectively, whether water is present during the procedure or not. Shavers allow you to use both methods.

  • Electric wet razors among the people are more popular. Since most often they do not leave discomfort and irritation on the skin with a smooth sliding of the blades, which is very important, because the facial skin is one of the most sensitive areas. Such models do not require any special handling, it is enough to rinse with running water, if desired, it can be further disinfected.
  • Dry Shave Models choose men who value every minute of their precious time, because this technique does not require the use of lotions and creams once again. Also suitable in cases where a person does not have free access to water, for example, while traveling. However, some men note that such a shave can be quite uncomfortable and even cause slight irritation. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin of each person.

It is worth noting that electric shavers are suitable not only for the face, but also for the smooth shaving of armpits. Timely shaving of the armpits allows you to maintain personal hygiene, get rid of the unpleasant odor and leave this area as fresh as possible. A neat male axillary zone only adds appeal to the eyes of the opposite sex, because girls always notice such things.

Differences between electric shavers and trimmers

The main difference between these two devices from each other is their price and size. A trimmer is a device that no longer serves for basic shaving, but rather for modeling the shape of a beard and mustache. The trimmer is more suitable for creating a "hairstyle" on the male face. This device allows you to adjust the length of the bristles and beards, as it is equipped with a special switch.

In addition to the above, it has various nozzles that allow you to cut the hair in the nose, ears and shape the most naughty eyebrows. But this device differs from the electric shaver also in that it requires more thorough personal care - its parts need to be cleaned and greased more often with special oil. The trimmer does not allow you to shave your face to the perfect "cleanliness", allowing you to do only design work.

Additional functions

To avoid the need to purchase both a trimmer and an electric shaver, electronics manufacturers have long come up with special razor tips. To save money, it’s enough to purchase an electric shaver equipped with a trimmer, so to speak, “2 in 1”. Such a purchase is a very profitable acquisition, which is a plus for a modern man.

To change the type of razor, it is enough to use a special interchangeable nozzle with adjustable hair lengths. The nozzle will not allow the blades of the machine to get too close to the skin of the face and will allow you to cut in shape, which will make the man look more fashionable and stylish.

Giving a figured pattern to a mustache and beard has long become a kind of art. Entire rallies and conventions of men with interesting and unusual beards, as well as skillfully curled long mustaches, are held. Judges hold a competition and identify the winners who receive the award, fame and increased attention of beautiful ladies. With an electric razor that combines the functions of a trimmer, anyone can try their luck.

Comparison of mesh and rotor systems

For the most part, you can choose from two types of shaving systems: rotary and mesh. Systems differ in the current mechanism and have their own distinctive features.

  • Rotary machine will work on a hair cutting system using round rotating legs that are located directly on the shaving head. The difference between a rotary razor is that it is possible to shave off unevenly growing stiff bristles without problems. Electric shavers of this system differ in the number of heads, the method of attachment and shape, as well as their rotational speed and the degree of sharpening of the shaving knives. The undoubted advantage of such a razor will be the speed of the process of removing unwanted bristles, this type acts faster than the mesh.
  • Razors of the same mesh type themselves are more compact and have a shape resembling a regular pack of cigarettes. The blades are covered with a mesh plate on top. Removing hairs produce cutting blades that perform reciprocating movements. The blades are closed with a special metal mesh, which has an anti-corrosion coating. The mesh creates an obstacle between sharp blades and skin, which helps prevent microtrauma. The advantage of this system is the ability to cut long bristles. A mesh machine can become an indispensable thing in the daily life of men who have extremely delicate and sensitive skin.

Between themselves, mesh razors differ in material and number of nets, the speed of the vibrations produced and the angle of the sharpened blades. There are so-called “floating” blocks in razors that allow you to repeat the contour of the face and neck, such machines are considered one of the most professional and high-quality models.

Cars cost completely differently, the price is influenced by criteria such as the manufacturing company, the type of system, equipment, battery capacity, the presence of various accessories (cartridges for shaving razors, replaceable units). Reputable brands producing and selling shaving devices are Philips, Panasonic, Braunwho occupy leading positions in the market.


  • Firstly, it’s worth considering how often shaving is done. If there is a need to perform this procedure daily, then it is better to opt for a mesh razor.
  • Then you should pay attention to the number of shaving heads and do not forget about their mobility. It directly depends on whether shaving and skin condition will be of good quality. Now the most relevant machines with a triple shaving system. Defining a system is very easy, just look at the number of heads. If there are two, then accordingly it is a binary system.
  • The next item will be the preferred type of shave - wet or dry. In accordance with the type, select the appropriate model. Previously, cars were only for dry use, but companies have developed modern models that can combine both types, which has become very convenient. Particularly advanced devices have a special capacity, with the aftershave lotion flowing at a certain point.
  • The criterion for selecting a razor includes a source from which the machine receives electricity, since the razor can work both from the use of a network source, and from the built-in battery. A rechargeable razor will be more functional in everyday life, it can work for a long time without recharging, because access to the network is not always available. Some razors can be charged by the cigarette lighter in the car.
  • A razor with a large battery can be safely taken on travel or just carry with you, having the opportunity to shave at any time (in the office, hotel, private car). Different models have different battery capacities and different charging speeds.

For especially demanding men, we took into account possible additional functions:

  • Device Overcharge Fusealso protects against excessive heat;
  • A pointer that indicates battery power, can be made as a color-changing light bulb or displayed on a panel of a liquid crystal screen;
  • The presence of an automatic cleaning system aftershave;


Each machine has its own way of leaving, depending on the supported shaving technique.

For wet shaving machines, care should be taken as follows:

  • After shaving, the first thing to do is to turn off the razor. from power, if it does not work on battery power;
  • Then use a suitable solution on a shaving surface;
  • Turn on razor in order for the solution to penetrate into all inaccessible places;
  • Flush the entire device under running water;
  • Do not forget to dry the shaving heads and put in their main place;

For dry shavers, the following points will apply:

  • As in the first case, it’s worth disconnecting the device from power, and then carefully remove the cutting unit;
  • To clear a grid of the shaved hairs stuck in it. To do this, you can lightly tap the net on a hard surface. Do not clean the mesh and block with a brush;
  • But the mechanisms inside the machine are cleaned already when using a special brush with a rough pile;
  • In the end, it remains only to collect all the details together and the razor is ready for next use.

Shaving blades and other replacement parts are recommended to be changed every six months due to wear and grinding. From time to time, parts may be slightly lubricated. If you do not replace it regularly, the quality of the shave may suffer, followed by such delicate facial skin. It is best to clean the razor after each procedure, which will help prevent deeper contamination, which will be more difficult to handle.

How to sharpen razor knives at home?

Due to the continuous use of the razor, additional sharpening of the blades may be required. Despite the fact that for a long time there were machines with special blades that tend to self-sharpen, even these unique razors can lose their performance. Each man can solve this trouble independently.

The methods below will help to increase the quality of the blades for a rather long time, at least a year. This will save on the work of the master and the purchase of blades.

The first method helps with sandpaper:

  • To return razor blades to their previous sharpness you will need an ordinary grinding skin with grain 1200 and 2500. To carry out the plan, you need to remove the blades from the machine. First of all, you need to walk along the blades with a sandpaper (it’s also sandpaper), grit 1200. Namely, put the knives on the skin, insert the machine shaft, press and run for 10-12 seconds. Then the same actions should be done already using a sandpaper with a grit of 2500 grit. If we carry out all these actions, we should clean and collect everything as it was. For best results, it is recommended to use the skin without a soft backdrop.

The second method using GOI paste:

  • GOI magic paste began its existence about a century ago and immediately began to be used for grinding almost all surfaces, namely all kinds of metals, stone and even ceramics. The paste received its name from the State Optical Institute, it is produced on the basis of chromium oxide. In addition to grinding, the paste was used in applied art and restoration. You can buy it in almost any store that sells household goods. Pasta is divided into several types, depending on its grain size, like sandpaper. It is worth considering that for sharpening the blades you need a certain type, so as not to damage the surface. Also, you cannot use the paste in its pure form, you can dilute it in advance or apply a soft sponge.

The list of actions for sharpening in order:

  1. It is necessary to dilute the paste with sunflower, olive or any other vegetable oil;
  2. Add solvent;
  3. Place the block with knives from the electric shaver in the resulting solution;
  4. Turn on the machine for a few minutes, no longer than the shave itself;
  5. After the time has passed, turn off the shaver and wipe the blades.

If you use a similar sharpening method, then the knives will be as good as new. It is worth knowing that there are razors that are not suitable for the use of GOI paste, then the very first method with a sandpaper should be applied. If in the recent past, razor knives were replaced, then they should also be sanded.

The third sharpening method using glass and a screwdriver:

  • For this method, you need the most ordinary glass and a screwdriver. For such sharpening, only reverse with reverse movement can be used, because a drill with clockwise movement will only blunt the blades. First you need to remove the knives from the razor and place on the glass, then use the nozzle with three faces and reverse with the reverse stroke. Thus sharpen. It is important to note that the screwdriver must be used at low speeds, otherwise the knives can be damaged. The glass method will take about 5 minutes.

The most effective and long-playing method of the three proposed will be the one that uses GOI paste. Of course, the first time it may not be possible to sharpen knives perfectly, but the skill will come with time, you just have to stock up on a little patience. Each time it will turn out better and better, so that in the end, homework in quality will not be inferior to sharpening from a specialist.

In the next video, an example of sharpening an electric shaver with a GOI paste.

Top list: review of the best brands and models, reviews

Phillips, Braun, Panasonic - These companies have already been mentioned in the article, but you should not deprive other companies, including domestic ones, of your attention.

It is difficult to say which razor model is the best in the world, each person selects according to their own characteristics. But still there is a list of top-end cars, and among them is the razor of the Russian company "Mikma".

"Mikma“There is already more than half a century, the brand is well-known not only in our country, but also abroad. The company supplies the razor market, both a grid system and a rotor. They produce their products using the latest technology and environmentally friendly raw materials, which is very important in the modern world, and certainly all the equipment is certified and passed all tests according to European safety standards.

The company's first electric shaversMikma“Russian men managed to test and hastened to leave their positive feedback. Buyers note that the main advantage is the quality of shaving.The result of such a shave is smooth and smooth skin, without irritation and dryness.

There are undoubtedly other virtues. Among them are price, design and long-term quality: even after a year, the razor performs its functions as on the first day of purchase. In the hand, the machine itself lies comfortably and does not emit unpleasant vibrations, is pleasant to the touch, which only adds to the general attractiveness.

But even the devices of the company "Mikma“There are drawbacks. The first and most obvious problem that razor owners have noted is the short battery life. After some period of active use, the battery life decreases, but this trouble does not affect the result of shaving.

Predecessor of new modelsMikma"there was an electric shaver called"Era", which was created back in the distant Soviet era. At that time"Era"became the crown of creation of domestic production, men began to switch over from ordinary shaving machines to a machine that made it possible to speed up the process of getting rid of unnecessary facial hair.

No wonder that "Era 100“It is still popular due to its low cost and high level of performance. The electric shaver consists of a vibration mechanism and a knife head. For greater comfort when shaving, there are built-in special pads for cushioning.”Era"has the functions of a trimmer, as well as more modern devices.

In order to get a razor for personal use, it is not at all necessary to upholster the thresholds of a store in its search, in the age of the Internet it is enough to make a couple of mouse clicks and become a happy owner of traditions in the world of electric shavers. Thousands of Russian men who choose this machine can not be wrong.

The next in the list of ratings for consideration is the razor of the company Moser. The device operates on a grid system and is suitable for dry shaving. It is made by a Chinese company. Due to its compact size, the so-called road type is excellent for use on a trip. It works on battery for about 45 minutes, and the model is quite cheap, which is attractive to buyers.

But razor reviews Moser not as joyful as "Mikmas". The reviews say that the shaving quality of a rather long stubble is poor, some write that the razor is not coping with this task.

But even without good words about this razor could not do. The first thing that catches your eye is its small size, as well as good equipment. In addition to the machine itself, there is an additional blade, mesh, case and steel storage box. In general, the reviews are quite controversial.

The rotary electric shaver was not left without attention Sinbo. China, like Moser, supplies it to the market. It also works on battery power, and is charged using a special station, which allows you to not depend on outlets. The razor is suitable not only for wet shaving, but also lovers of dry shaving will like it.

Men note that because of the floating heads, the machine really follows the contours of the face. The positive aspects include the presence of a trimmer nozzle, which allows you to keep a beard and mustache in shape, in addition, the components include a storage case and a brush for cleaning.

The razor has as many as 5 shaving heads, which could be a plus, but, oddly enough, it became a minus. Because of this, it is quite difficult to shave the hairs in hard to reach places. The reviews also indicate that the device has a fairly short battery life and the appearance of irritation after shaving. In general, people have a rather twofold opinion, someone is indisputably happy with this machine, and someone does not recommend purchasing it.

The people liked the electric shaver from the company more. Kemei. Her price is not biting, but very pleasing to the eye. Suitable for wet use and is reliably protected from penetration of water into the mechanism. It is able to work from an independent power source, that is, from the battery, and recharges at the dock. The razor can also be used to remove hair from the nose and ears thanks to interchangeable nozzles.

The machine is easily cleaned both with a brush and ordinary water with soap, as it is made of high-quality stainless steel. There were no particularly angry comments about this razor, on the contrary, the stronger sex is very pleased to have such a device in personal use.

The company can please with the quality and a variety Remington. Their electric shavers come in many different models and new items periodically appear. There are both rotary and mesh devices, both for dry and wet shaving, with a different number of shaving heads and blades, with operation both from the mains supply and from the battery.

Especially strong flaws were not noticed, but there are enough advantages. The razor quickly takes root with new owners and is happy when used. Shaves his face clean and does not leave behind an unpleasant irritation. The price, however, is slightly higher than that of the above companies, but it justifies the quality.

It copes with its role both at home, there and in the field. In addition to the main function of shaving the face, it can also be used as a trimmer, fortunately there are nozzles included in the kit. Recommended for purchase.

The low price category also includes electric razors of the company Wahl. The cost is not high, but the quality is at the level and worthy of the best praises, because there are practically no dissatisfied with razors.

The device has a grid-origin system, suitable for dry shaving. Accessories - a replacement mesh and a cutting block, a cover made of delicate velvet fabric (a trifle, but nice), a cleaning brush and a solid iron box for storage. Shaving with such a machine is a pleasure.

Shaving with a mesh razor will probably bring pleasure. Galaxybecause she has pretty good reviews. Users report a smooth and fast result without any pain. It is cleaned easily and naturally under water. It is comfortable in the hand, as it has an organic design and low weight. It does not depend on electric power, it is very convenient for hiking because of its compactness.

But the disadvantages did not pass this device. Owners note the lack of replaceable batteries in the kit and a fairly loud noise made during operation. However, the cost of the razor is quite low, so that such flaws can be forgiven.

The final top list is a razor from Centek. Like all predecessors, the razor has an attractive and fairly low price. Serves faithfully for quite a long time. Many do not even find any flaws in the Centek rotary razor, only positive qualities.

With direct shaving it copes wonderfully in a matter of minutes, the skin after the process is beautiful and smooth. It works both from a power outlet and from a battery and, notably, the charge holds for a long time. Supports both types of shaving - wet and dry. It has floating heads, perfectly repeating the shape of the face. Some problems that have occurred with some users are so rare that they rather confirm the rule, rather than refute it. The machine is perfect not only as a daily use, but also as a gift.

At the end of the article I want to say that the electric shaver should be selected for individual characteristics, the benefit of the modern technology market allows. And everything described in the article will only help to make the right choice.

Watch the video: Remington smooth&silky Lady Shaver (February 2020).


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