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Professional hair dryers

The hair dryer-brush for hair is a convenient universal tool for styling hair. With it, you can dry your hair, creating at the same time a variety of stylish styling. Thanks to these features, hair dryers have gained wide popularity among girls around the world. To date, there is simply a huge number of various models of hair dryers with nozzles from different manufacturers.

It is very important to choose a high-quality professional hair dryer to be able to create effective styling even at home, but at the same time not to harm your hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of hair dryers are:

  • Opportunity easy to create beautiful stylingFor example, you can straighten your hair along the entire length, and the ends slightly curl;
  • It’s enough to use the device comfortably;
  • To make a hairstyle with this device, you will need some time;
  • Hair will have beautiful and well-groomed look.

Among the minor flaws, we can only note the fact that the hair dryer, like a regular hair dryer, is a fairly noisy device. And also, due to the nozzle having a hair dryer, the device may seem a little heavier, but you get used to it quite quickly and these factors do not interfere with using this type of hair dryer.

How to use?

In the use of hair dryers with various nozzles, there are many subtleties that are mastered with experience in their application.

A hair dryer with a rotating nozzle is most convenient to use on medium-long hair, however, on long hair, beautiful, neat styling is obtained. This type of hairdryer can become a worthy replacement for such styling tools as curlers, curling irons and irons.

At first, when mistreated, the hair may not obey and become tangled. But with proper use of the device, there will be no problems and you can achieve perfect styling:

  • The hairdryer must be turned on. The power button must be held manually, this may not seem very convenient, but in fact this feature makes it possible to instantly stop the device at any time. The hair dryer brush with a stream of warm air must be directed in such a way as to obtain the desired type of styling.
  • It is also important to correctly set the operating mode of the device. If you are styling thick and long hair, you need to set a higher blowing speed. And for voluminous hairstyles on short hair - choose a mode with a lower speed.
  • The strands of hair wound on the brush should be fairly narrow. Otherwise, part of the hair will simply slip out of the brush during drying. Having twisted a lock, it needs to be warmed up for several seconds. However, overexposure is also not necessary - so you can damage the hair structure by exposure to high temperature.

How to choose?

When choosing a specific model of hair dryer, be sure to pay attention to the following indicators and characteristics:

  • What is included with the device. Each manufacturer may have a different number and different types of nozzles. Their diameter is important, because it is from this parameter that the shape of the curls you get will turn out to be - small curls or large waves. It is good if the kit includes round nozzles of different diameters, thin brushes (with which you can straighten curls) and tongs with which you can curl curls. Before buying, you must also make sure that all nozzles are firmly attached and fit snugly to the hair dryer body;
  • Temperature mode. Do not buy a model of the device in which the level of heating is too high, as this can adversely affect the condition of the hair and dry it. The ideal option is up to 70 degrees;
  • Auto power off must be present in the hair dryer model of your choice, thus the hair dryer will be protected from overheating and the device mechanisms will not fail;
  • Different operating modes of the device should be provided. - hot air flow is necessary for drying hair, warm for modeling hairstyles, and cold to fix the result;
  • Also an ionization function should be providedand, which will help protect curls from harmful effects and performs the function of antistatic;
  • Highly steam humidification function will be useful - it is necessary for the rapid creation of beautiful curls, as well as for their hydration;
  • The cord length must be sufficientso that the device is convenient to use. It is most convenient to use wireless models that run on batteries; they are usually bought for hairdressers in beauty salons;
  • Pay attention to the power of the hair dryer. If you plan to use it only for styling, a 600-watt device will suffice. However, if using the device it will also be necessary to dry the hair, the power should be higher;
  • Availability of space and accessories for storage of the device. It is very convenient when complete with the device itself there is also a convenient handbag or container in which you can store the nozzles for the hairdryer. This is especially true for those models in which the brushes are made of natural materials, since they require very careful use and storage in order to prevent brittleness and fluffing of the bristles

Of course, it is certainly worth paying attention to such external characteristics of the hairdryer as size, color and shape, so that you just enjoy holding the device in your hands.

For how to make a beautiful styling with a hairdryer, see the next video.

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