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Xiaomi Thermo Mug Review

Xiaomi is trying to develop and maintain fashion trends by releasing new products. Thermo mugs have become very popular not only among young people, but also among adults who always prefer to have a hot drink at hand.

The environmentalists are especially pleased with the popularity of such units, since drinks in their own reusable containers do not pollute nature, as do disposable plastic and paper cups. In our article, we will consider the features and benefits of tea and coffee mugs from a popular brand, review popular models and give some tips for choosing.

Features and Benefits

These units are a small thermos mug that maintains the temperature of drinks for a long time. Xiaomi cookware has a lot of advantages. First of all, the manufacturing material is food grade stainless steel 316. Its peculiarity is in the presence of molybdenum, which prevents the appearance of corrosion and increases resistance to high temperatures. Often, brand 316 is used in the chemical industry and in the manufacture of jewelry. Products from this material resistant to aggressive environment.

Separately, the appearance of thermomugs should be noted. They have a stylish and modern design that catches the eye. The design of the dishes is designed in such a way that it calmly preserves the degree of contents for 24 hours.

A big plus of smart mugs is the ability to store both hot and cold drinks, some put ice cream inside, and it does not melt in the summer heat.

Convenient latch and the ability to open the lid with one hand makes using the device as convenient and simple as possible. 100% tight closing system prevents the penetration of air into the thermos, due to the snug fit of the parts to each other. Will please buyers and the availability of Xiaomi thermos mugs, which in addition to high technical characteristics, they have a reasonable price.

Browse Popular Models

The range of Xiaomi thermos mugs is quite wide. Everyone can find a product for their price, volume and design.

Xiaomi Viomi Stainless Vacuum Cup

This model is available in two versions: 0.46 liters and 0.3 liters. Their functionality is similar, only the size and volume differ. In a smaller mug, the shape of the lid is slightly changed, otherwise they are completely identical. The classic thermos is available in three colors: black, golden and white.

The main feature of the Viomi Stainless Vacuum Cup is the opening method: there is no lid-cup, but there is a special button, after clicking on which the lid leans back and opens access to the drinker. Thus, you can drink a drink from a bottle or pour it into a glass. This format is convenient for those who are used to drinking tea or coffee on the go - if you prefer to enjoy a hot drink slowly and always have containers for it, it is better to consider another model.

The metal case and the flask ensure the preservation of temperature during the day for hot drinks and 12 hours for cold ones. The cost of a thermomug varies from 880 to 1900 rubles, depending on the volume and place of purchase.

Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish CC Cup

An innovative model with a volume of 0.525 liters, which, at first glance, may seem quite ordinary, however, if you look closely, you can find several interesting details that make using it much more convenient. On the cover of the "smart" device has a display showing the current temperature of the contents. To turn it on, just flip the thermos for a few seconds. The color scheme of the thermomug is wider than the previous one.

You can buy it in black, white, blue or light green, while the lid of the dishes will always be white.

Another feature of this mug is the presence of three special trays in the kit: for tea or coffee, fruit, eggs. Using this unit, you can cook an egg, which will be very useful in a campaign. The lid loosens and turns into a cup. The cost of such a model is from 2100 rubles.

Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish OLED

A stylish thermos mug with a futuristic design will appeal to young people. The volume of the model is 0.43 liters. Available in three colors with steel shimmer: black, white and brown. For convenient transportation, a convenient strap is installed on the lid. Like previous models, Kiss Kiss Fish OLED shows the temperature of the drink directly on the lid, just drag your finger over it to see the data.

Charging in this case is not required, since a battery with protection against moisture and temperature changes is installed inside. The kit comes with a tray for brewing tea or coffee, while you don’t have to worry that the tea leaves will fall into the cup itself. The price of the model is from 2200 rubles.

Xiaomi Fiu Elegant Do Not Roll

A comfortable thermo mug with a volume of 0.47 liters looks like an ordinary mug for tea drinking. An interesting design, white color and a comfortable handle will make using the unit a real pleasure. One of the advantages of this model is the silicone suction cup at the bottom of the cup, which fixes it on the table and prevents tipping over. The lid is unscrewed and tightly closed, but it will have to be unscrewed not only to pour the drink, but also for drinking.

A big plus of the model is the lack of heating of the case. Price Fiu Elegant Do Not Roll from 1389 rubles.

Xiaomi Viomi Steel Vacuum Pot

A large thermo jug with a volume of one and a half liters, designed for the office. A special button is installed on the lid, after clicking on which it becomes possible to pour the contents into a glass. Without pressing the button, the fluid will be blocked inside the vessel. It is not recommended to carry a filled device in a backpack, since you can accidentally press a button and boiling water will pour on important things, and the nose of the model is open and small debris can get inside.

A thermal jug retains both heat and cold for an equally long time during the day. The color palette is presented in black and white shades. The cost of the model is from 1300 rubles.

Xiaomi Sguai G3 Smart Bottle

A half-liter “smart” thermo mug that can be connected to the phone using Bluetooth and a special application. On the lid there is a display showing the temperature of the contents and the battery charge. The battery is charged using the charger that comes with the kit.

The battery runs out very slowly, so there are no problems with use.

How to choose?

When buying a "smart" unit, you should pay attention to some details that will help determine the choice. First of all, of course, we choose with our eyes, that is, we look at the appearance. All Xiaomi models have a stylish design and look very modern, so no matter which option you purchase, you will be happy with the purchase.

Next, you should decide on the desired volume, on which the size of the mug depends. If you wear a thermo mug in a backpack, you can afford a larger volume - from 0.43 liters. For a lady’s bag, a standard size of 0.3 liters is suitable, which will fit comfortably inside and will not weigh down the burden.

For the office, you can buy a one and a half liter model and do not run every hour to the kitchen or to the vending machine with coffee - it will be enough to prepare a hot drink once and enjoy it throughout the whole working day.

Before buying, be sure to hold a thermos mug in your hands. Evaluate how comfortable the mug is in your hand, is it too big or, conversely, small. Pay attention to how quickly you can open and close the lid, is it possible to do this with one hand. Indeed, sometimes in transport it is necessary to hold onto the handrail, therefore functional latch will be very handy.


Reviews about Xiaomi thermocups are completely positive. Users are satisfied with the purchased goods, the appearance of the mugs is stylish, they are ergonomic and convenient to use. Buyers note that the temperature of the coffee lasts a very long time, at least two glasses of the drink are placed in the standard model. A big plus is the touch screen right on the lid of the unit, which displays the temperature of the contents.

Xiaomi's thermos mug will be a great gift for lovers of hot drinks and hiking trips.

Xiaomi thermocup overview see in the next video.

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