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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Tents Alexika Sport Group: varieties and recommendations for choice

Alexika Sport Group is a trading network for lovers of active and extreme recreation, which started as a group of maximalists who decided to pursue a career in the tent business. The first pilot samples of tents passed comprehensive tests and numerous improvements in real high-altitude conditions. The company produces tourist, camping and expedition tents, sleeping bags and accessories for lovers of extreme relaxation.

The main preference is given specifically to tents - without them, many days of hiking in isolation from civilization would not have been possible for a single, even the most hardy person. The company listens to the recommendations of professional rescue teams.

Types of tents

Consider what tents are like in general.

  • Tracking (models for passing tracks or routes of varying difficulty) tents are the most versatile variety. Fans of trekking tourism and hiking always focus on nature trips, cycling and hiking, and kayaking. These tents are extremely light weight.

Easily recognizable by the prevailing green color - this is Alexika's corporate identity.

  • Camping They are distinguished by their great weight, but enhanced protection, they are suitable for setting up a base camp in group campaigns. Operated throughout the summer season, and even in the off-season, at temperatures not lower than +10. The color is blue.
  • KSL - a hybrid of camping and tracking products. Suitable for group trips. In a light green design.
  • Tengu intended mainly for rescuers and military personnel. There is a high strength of matter and compounds, the model stands out for its "protective" color.

Models Alexika

Minnesota 4 luxe

Minnesota 4 Luxe - this is an easy version of a tent for a group of tourists. There is a wide and comfortable vestibule, a windproof skirt, a second mosquito net at the entrance from the outside. The tent is 4-seater, there are three independent entrances. It can be placed directly in the mud or puddle - it will not let water pass. A protective awning will not allow even a long shower to get inside, and in clear weather all the entrances are equipped with a mosquito net, which will help direct sunlight to illuminate the interior.

Good resistance to wind (up to 11 m / s) is achieved thanks to a strong arc frame that forms the edges of the tent. The model is ideal for positive temperatures, does not support combustion. One of the two windows has a wind valve, which facilitates the ventilation of the dwelling inside. The inner compartment, located under the protective tent, has pockets. A separate removable floor is purchased for the vestibule, and its dimensions will allow you to cook on a camping stove. The hiking season is from early spring to late autumn.

Victoria 5 Luxe

Victoria 5 Luxe - 5-seater tent - "luxury", rightfully considered a camp house. Although it can not be compared with a full-fledged house, but it gives the feeling of a small hut on the shore of the sea or river. The model is designed for any weather, except winter, and will withstand all weather conditions. In addition to the amenities described above from the previous example, the 4-bed bedroom is divided into two by the detachable wall at the request of the occupants. The windows in the bedroom are also protected by special curtains.

The steel structure is able to withstand the storm - it does not bend.

Indiana 4

Alexika Indiana 4 is designed for 4 people. The frame is made mainly of fiberglass. Two bedrooms are connected with a common vestibule. This is a budget option compared to the previous ones, but protection from rain and wind will provide comfort even in bad weather. Alexika Nevada 4 is another four-seater model, it is possible not to put a sleeping compartment, but to limit yourself to an external awning. An expanded vestibule can be used to store things or as a dining room.

How to choose?

This company is characterized by increased requirements for safety, durability and lightness. She does not need additional advertising - tourists and hikers have long appreciated it. The purpose of the product should be appropriate to your needs. If your choice is a summer bike trip, you are unlikely to need a tent for extreme relaxation and expeditions. You will not need products for the northern peoples that can withstand frosts down to -50 degrees.

A firm that has earned the trust of customers is unlikely to save on quality materials. Check the freedom of movement of the locks, the accuracy of the seams and gluing, the evenness and smoothness of the supporting frame. The data sheet and instructions are signed in detail and available, the description indicates all the characteristics of the product, even secondary ones. The water resistance of each type of matter is different.

The awning is quite durable - this is achieved by weaving extra strong threads at equal intervals, which makes the fabric not stretched and warped. In addition, nylon and polyester have a high resistance to ultraviolet - other materials would collapse in a few months, fade and lose their elasticity. The water resistance of the tent improves the number of polyurethane coatings: two provide a value of 2500, and three - already in 4000 mm of water.

The waterproof coating is applied from the inside, not from the outside, so that it does not come apart and does not fade. However, nothing lasts forever, and too thin impregnation wears out over time and lets rain drop inside. In more expensive tents, silicone is used instead of polyurethane - it displaces moisture from the fabric, and the durability of the tent increases due to the absence of acidified rain water on the fabric during acid rains.

The sizing of the seams should be thermo tape, and not consist of ordinary, thicker tape. In cheap tents, many Chinese manufacturers save on everything, including the quality of thermal tapes. Breathable fabric made of semi-synthetics provides the most comfortable rest at night, not allowing residents to suffocate from extraneous odors. Such a function is entrusted to the inner tent, without which it would be completely uncomfortable to sleep: when the outside temperature drops to zero, condensation collects on the inside of the outer tent, but the presence of a second, additional layer would create an air gap.

The bottom of the tent is recommended. reinforced polyethylene - this makes it possible to put the tent in a wet place or even in a puddle, which provides it all-weather use. The water resistance of the bottom should not be less than 2500 mm, otherwise the water squeezed out of the wet earth at a pressure immediately impregnates everything that lies on the floor as soon as you settle down. Pay attention to the penetration of the seams of the floor, especially when it is polyethylene.

A tourist tent or tent for extreme recreation has a fiberglass or aluminum frame, in some cases steel structures are used. The latter give special strength to the entire product (aluminum bends easily, for this purpose only alloys based on it are used, the tubes of which break less often). Fiberglass will replace aluminum, but during kinks caused, for example, by a hurricane wind, it often cracks. It is used mainly in cheap tents.

An alternative is dyurapol (fiberglass with steel wire, even more resistant to bending). Steel in arcs is used when the weight is not particularly important, for example, if the tent is transported on the trunk of a bicycle or scooter.

The protection from mosquitoes will be provided by a fine-mesh mesh, resembling a sieve for flour or a filter for broth in size of a cell. If you take a coarse mesh, at least with a square twice as large, you will have to fight off mosquitoes by hand.

The cost of the tent is made up of very specific materials. The cheaper the product, the more unclear the manufacturer will describe what the parts are made of. Instead of “aluminum alloy” they often write “metal”, and here only an experienced buyer will suspect a catch.

The company Alexika SG does not allow inaccuracies in the description - the quality of its tents is at a decent level.

In the next video you will find an overview of the Alexika Grand Tower 4 tourist tent.

Watch the video: Alexika tent Matrix 3 at (February 2020).


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