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Camping Toilet Options

One of the most important conditions for a favorable and comfortable camping trip is the arrangement of the sanitary zone. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that a toilet is not just a random selection of forest or other terrain. His organization should be approached responsibly, in compliance with hygiene standards.

Homemade Options

Before starting to arrange a latrine in nature, it is worth considering for what period a campaign or vacation in the forest is planned, since long trips will require more comfort. A trip lasting 1 day does not require the construction of a stationary toilet, but it is necessary immediately, upon arrival at the place of rest, to determine a place for it. This place should be located no closer than 100 meters from the parking lot, as well as near paths, on a slope and next to ponds.

It is possible to equip a small camp toilet with your own hands, without any special costs. To do this, you need to take a small shovel (garden or sapper) on the hike, with which to dig a hole in the ground. This hole will serve as a toilet. After coping with the natural need, the waste along with toilet paper must be buried and marked with a stick to orient other "people".

With a long trip for several days and a large number of tourists, you can build a short-term toilet. After choosing a suitable place, dig a shallow hole (up to 50 cm in diameter and depth), on the sides of which there are two boards or logs for the legs. For the same purpose, a toilet chair will come in handy. This folding version of the tourist chair is stable, comfortable, does not take up much space and provides maximum comfort for solving the most delicate problems.

You can protect the “bathroom” with the help of twigs, fabric or build a small tent over this place. To avoid the spread of bad smell, you can use container with earth or ash, and sprinkle a hole after each use.

Temporary toilets from improvised materials have low indicators of comfort, but do not imply large costs, which is the best solution for organizing short trips.

Finished goods

Technological progress does not stand still, and modern tourist equipment provides the most comfortable conditions for the tourist, regardless of the location in which the trip is planned. The most economical product is toilet bucket made of durable plastic. Outwardly, it looks like a bucket equipped with a comfortable seat. As this toilet is filled, the waste is transferred to a specially prepared pit and buried.

A simple camping toilet can be equipped using toilet chair installed in a separate tent. As a storage tank, special dense packages are used that can decompose in the ground, fixed under the seat. To isolate the odor, special fillers or aromatic powders should be used.

A more “respectable” is a dry closet, which looks like a home bathroom made of high-quality plastic. The package includes an upper tank filled with water or peat, as well as a storage tank for waste (lower tank). Water from the upper tank is used to flush waste that, once in the lower tank, interacts with utilizing substances.

A modern portable toilet processes biological waste, disposing and converting it into a homogeneous mixture, completely harmless to nature. Depending on the process of waste disposal, the dry closet is:

  • chemical;
  • organic;
  • peat;
  • electric.

The safest for nature is dry closet, processing waste products using peat placed in a tank. Its loose structure can absorb moisture and decompose more dense waste, neutralizing odor. The resulting compost can be used as fertilizer. Using such a toilet at home requires the presence of a ventilation pipe.

Dry closets that work with chemical fillers convert the waste into a uniform liquid, and the smell is neutralized with special flavors and fragrances. The work of the electric "bathroom" is in the department of waste of different density. Liquid enters the drainage system, and solid waste dries quickly and is compressed by a compressor.

This option requires an electrical connection.. In an organic toilet, the waste is processed by special microorganisms, and the resulting mixture will be a good fertilizer for the garden or cottage.

The use of a portable bathroom practically does not differ in level of comfort from a familiar toilet, and for operation it does not require a connection to the sewer and water supply system. This option is ideal for camping and traveling by car, as it is easy to transport with maximum savings in free space.

A multi-day hiking trip is not a reason to deny yourself comfort. Modern dry closets combine sanitary functions, are characterized by high functionality and a long service life. Consider the most popular models.

  • Thetford Portal Potti Qube 145. It features a modern design, comfortable design and affordable price.
  • Thetford Campa Potti Qube XG. It is a compact and light chemical dry closet with a water drain and a bellows pump.
  • Thetford Campa Potti Qube XGL. Portable toilet with a maximum load of 250 kg. Convenient, compact design and the presence of the indicator of filling the storage tank greatly simplify its use.
  • German toilet Mobil-WC Comfort. It features high functionality and durability, designed for a maximum load of 130 kg. The light weight of the unit, its compact dimensions provide maximum ease of use and transportation.

There are many more other models of dry closets of various price categories, domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Maintenance and care of portable dry closets involves the use of special disinfectants, excluding the multiplication of bacteria and their accumulation on the walls of the product. For washing storage tanks, it is recommended to use a special antiseptic shampoo to prevent mold.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern travelers and lovers of long outdoor recreation note the following advantages that a portable toilet has, These include:

  • freestanding "secluded place" and ease of use;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • lack of unpleasant odors;
  • ease in recycling;
  • the ability to use by adults and children;
  • varieties of compact and light models.

Of the shortcomings, users note the relatively high cost of units and accessories for them, however, with proper use of the portable bathroom, the consumption of disinfectants is very economical, and the issue of hygiene in travel is one of the main ones.

Some tourists are fans of homemade toilet options and do not consider the purchase of a portable bathroom appropriate, especially for short-term one-day picnics in nature. However, in the conditions of organized camping and outdoor recreation the use of specialized dry closets will be more civilized and as comfortable as possible.

How to choose?

When choosing options for a hiking toilet, you should initially consider how many people it will be designed for, the duration of the hike, the number of stops for an overnight stay. Far from civilization, in the mountains or in the forest, you can equip a budget version of the sanitary zone with your own hands. The main thing that you should strictly observe is the basic rules of hygiene, care for the environment, and do not forget to clean up after yourself.

Traveling by car most often involves relaxing in specialized campsites - campsites. In such places it is recommended to give preference to more hygienic dry closets. When choosing a suitable unit, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics, overall dimensions, weight, volume of storage tanks, cost, as well as personal preferences.

When planning a vacation in nature, hiking or traveling, do not forget about hygiene and comfort. A properly organized place to cope with natural needs will allow you to solve the "delicate" problem, rest comfortably and enjoy unity with nature.

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