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Bestway air mattresses: features and best models

Bestway is a Chinese brand for the production of air beds, which appeared recently, but has already managed to compete with companies with a long history. In this article, we will look at the popular Bestway models of air mattresses, tell you how to pump and lower the product correctly, and also review the reviews left by customers on the network.

Browse Popular Series

The company produces a wide range of products, among which there are models for both sleeping and swimming. Consider the most popular of them.

Flocked air bed

In this line are classic models that differ in dimensions:

  • Single - 185x76x22 cm;
  • 1,5 - 188x79x22 cm;
  • Twin - 191x137x22 cm;
  • King size - 203x183x22 cm;
  • Air pump double - 191x137x22 cm (complete with electric pump).

Mattresses are inflated from 90 to 250 seconds. Flocked Air Bed Products Coil Beam Costruction Technology, a feature of which is the presence of reinforced partitions in the structure. Tubular walls increase the rigidity and stability of the product. The upper part of the series is covered with a high-quality flock, which is similar to suede. Such a surface better fixes clothes and does not allow it to slip. Flocked Air Bed are unpretentious in leaving, it is easy to wash and clean them without household chemicals - it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth.

Mattresses have a built-in universal valve that allows you to inflate and deflate the product. This can be done using a mechanical or electric pump. The device is not included in the kit, it must be purchased separately. The kit includes a special self-adhesive pad that may be needed to repair the product.

Easy inflate

Mattresses of this line are presented in the following sizes:

  • Single - 185x76x28;
  • Twin -188x99x28;
  • Queen - 203x152x22.

Series Products Easy inflate made by technology Coil Beam Costruction. They are additionally strengthened by cylindrical partitions, which give greater endurance and rigidity. The upper surface has a high-quality flocked coating imitating velor. The material is easily and quickly cleaned without the use of household chemicals, and also prevents slipping of bed linen.

Single and Twin models have a built-in foot pump that provides quick inflation. For greater convenience, the products are equipped with a headrest that replaces the pillow. Queen comes with a convenient hand pump that lets you inflate the mattress in minutes.

Additionally there are two airbags. Each set has a self-adhesive repair pad.

Comfy single

The series is represented by mattresses in size:

  • Twin - 191x97x46 cm;
  • Queen - 203x158x46 cm.

Air beds have a built-in battery-powered electric pump and will be a great option for a camping trip, where they will serve as an extra bed. Models made using technology Coil beam construction, providing greater rigidity and stability of mattresses due to cylindrical partitions. The flocked cover is easy to clean, and due to its special properties it does not allow bedding to slip off. The replaceable valve makes it possible to inflate products using a hand, foot or electric pump. Each bed comes with a carry bag and a self-adhesive repair pad.


This model is presented in two sizes:

  • Single - 188x99x22 cm;
  • Twin - 191x97x22 cm.

The products are equipped with cylindrical partitions that increase the strength of the frame and better support the spine during sleep. The flock coating prevents the sheet from slipping off and provides easy mattress care. The double valve holds air better inside the structure.

Models of the Pavillo series can be inflated with a manual, foot or electric pump, which must be purchased separately. A self-adhesive patch for repair is included.

How to use?

If the kit comes with a foot, manual or electric pump, it will be easy to bring it into the appropriate form. It is only necessary to integrate the spout of the device into the valve and press the button or work by hand. In a few minutes it will be possible to lie on a soft mattress. In the absence of a pump, you can use improvised tools that will help to cope with the matter in a matter of minutes (no worse than the device itself!).

The following are the most popular methods.

  • A vacuum cleaner. The unit quickly pumps up an inflatable bed. To get the result, you need to attach the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to the valve and press the power button. The mattress will immediately begin to fill with air.
  • Hair dryer. The device for drying hair will be another assistant in our business. Of course, he will cope with it not as fast as a vacuum cleaner, but much faster than mechanical pumps. And again, you will not spend on the process of power - just insert the device into the hole in the mattress and turn it on at maximum power. Remember that only cold air is allowed to fill the product - hot can damage it from the inside.
  • Garbage bag. A little strange way, but very effective, especially if there is nothing else at hand. As a rule, it is used on hikes. The mattress valve opens, and the bag is filled with air, then it is necessary to carefully adjust the necks and transfer the air from the package into the inflatable bed. To facilitate the process, you can go to the trash bag. Repeat the procedure until the mattress is full of air.

Regardless of how you inflate the product, it should be remembered that it does not need to be filled with air at 100% - 85% is enough. This is due to the fact that when a person lays on a mattress, a tremendous load is placed on the walls, and in order to avoid seam divergence, it is better to leave it slightly lowered.

Some daredevils try to use methods that can harm not only beds, but also health.

  • Self-inflating. In no case should you inflate the mattress with your mouth, even if everything is fine with your lungs. The process can take at least half an hour, during which time you will have time to lose a lot of energy and get shortness of breath.
  • Car pipe. Exhaust fumes are another harmful method that is often used outdoors when there was no pump. Of course, the machine can do this in two ways, but the gas has a detrimental effect on the inner walls of the mattress, gradually destroying them.

When the need for an extra bed disappears, the mattress can be blown off. To do this, you will have to try, as the procedure includes five stages.

  1. First you should clean the product by wiping it with a damp cloth. If spots are found on the surface, it is enough to use a soap solution and gently rub the contaminated area.
  2. Wait for the model to dry completely.
  3. Open the valve and wait for the air to exhaust completely. It is advisable to leave the product and go about your business, as this process can take at least 20 minutes. Do not put pressure on the mattress, as it can somehow provoke a divergence of seams.
  4. When the product returns to its original form, you can use the electric pump to remove the remaining air. To do this, the device is inserted into the valve, transferred to the "release" mode and turned on.
  5. If there is no pump at hand, you can remove the remaining air by carefully rolling the product. The process can be repeated several times. Once the procedure is complete, you can fold the mattress and place it in the bag.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews on the network vary: some praise Bestway products, others, on the contrary, scold. In positive reviews, the convenience of air mattresses, which perfectly replace the bed, is primarily noted. It is comfortable to rest on them even in nature, since the thickness allows you to not feel the stones and unevenness of the earth. The strength of the walls is also a plus - brand products are not so easily damaged. Bestway mattresses stay inflated all night, which is important. The democratic price of models is also noted.

Most of the negative reviews related to defective products - perhaps users came across a fake. Of the minuses were highlighted: the lack of a pump complete with some products and the need to buy batteries for the electric version, since it does not work from the network.

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