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Chanel style jackets

The legendary Coco Chanel is known and loved by millions of women, because she gave the world new images that turned the established canons of style. The clothes she created can be considered synonymous with elegance.

This fragile woman with her works became the cause of the fashionable revolution of the twentieth century. Thanks to the clothes from Coco Chanel, any woman could not only look stunning, but also did not make sacrifices as usual.

Chanel made things not only beautiful, but also comfortable. The woman who wore the elegant thing from the fashion designer first of all felt the convenience and comfort, which allowed the owner of the outfit to reveal and carry her femininity into the world with her head held high.

The first thing you recall talking about Chanel's clothes is, without a doubt, a small black dress and sophisticated jackets. For the first time, a jacket from Chanel saw the world back in 1939, since then it has conquered the hearts of the most sophisticated women of fashion on the planet.

The initial version of the now popular jacket was sheathed with fur, but due to the global crisis, the jacket became a little more modest, but this is no worse. The classic version of the jacket by Coco Chanel is easy to recognize by the fringing of woolen threads and gold buttons with the logo of the fashion house.

The jacket has become an indispensable attribute for women in the business world who want to combine elegance and professionalism. Designers around the world began to duplicate the legendary jacket in their collections, and Coco Chanel did not see anything wrong with that.

Chanel was sure that things should not be admired - they should be worn! Today, like many years ago, a Chanel style jacket will fit well into the wardrobe of any girl who wants and knows how to dress with style!


Tweed jacket model

For tweed model of this jacket natural silk lining and soft cut, which will pleasantly surprise, are characteristic. The jacket is distinguished by its competent cut, which allows it to perfectly emphasize the figure.

Awkwardness does not occur even when the owner of the jacket puts her hands on her chest or raises them up. Jacket fit despite manipulations remains ideal.

It is also worth noting a shortened sleeve, which will allow a business woman to show her jewelry to others. In traditional models there are four pockets, and they should be sewn, depending on the wishes of the customers of the fashion house.

Knitted jacket model

I would like to note separately Chanel knit jacket. Such jackets, like the original ones, look unique, which is important, each fashionista can choose a pattern to her taste.

To tie it under the force of any needlewoman who is at least a little familiar with knitting. The main thing is to remember the basic characteristics of the jacket and stick to them while knitting.

The length of the jacket should be at the waist level, the collar in this model is missing, and the neckline has a rounded shape. Sleeves are preferably made narrow and three quarters long. In order to complete the look, use the decorative border around the edges of the jacket and do not forget about the pockets. Metallic gold buttons will be a great end to your personal masterpiece!

If cutting and sewing is alien to you, you can go to the store and purchase the model you like. The legendary Coco Chanel made sure that her work looked harmoniously combined with most of the clothes from your closet.

Beautiful images

Simple jeans or trousers combined with a Chanel top will play in a new way on your figure. A duo made up of short shorts with a light jacket will look stylish. In this outfit, you can go for a walk, date, or to meet with friends, no doubt, others will appreciate your appearance and charm.

To find the mysterious charm of Paris, you just put on the aforementioned jacket in combination with a skirt or evening dress. Regardless of which option you choose, tweed or any other, in any of them you will not be equal, because you will be in the spotlight!

Watch the video: The Making of a Chanel "STYLE" Jacket (February 2020).


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