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Knitted cardigans, coats, sweaters, cardigans, ponchos

Knits, as a kind of outerwear, are a great alternative for heavy and bulky autumn coats and jackets. Knitted cardigans, coats, sweaters, jackets, ponchos (women) are especially popular, which are able not only to warm, but also to give the representative of the beautiful half sophistication and femininity.

When the warm summer days are left behind, and a significant cooling has not yet come, knitted products are exactly what you need during this period.


Among the main features of knitted warm clothes, the following can be distinguished:

  • they have a feminine, sophisticated look, and are able to give the female figure elegance and charm;
  • a wide range of knitted things makes it possible to individually select the necessary option, starting from a classic and strict cut, and ending with extraordinary styles and models that immediately set you apart from the general crowd;
  • knitted products are extremely cozy and soft, and therefore a woman feels very comfortable and convenient in them;
  • knitted outerwear has the ability to emphasize the individuality of a woman.


The advantages of knitted outerwear are undeniable, and distinguish this material from other types of fabrics.

  1. Knitted outerwear is distinguished by its wide assortment and variety of patterns. In addition, if you are fond of needlework, then it becomes entirely possible option for the independent creation of such a product. It will become an exclusive and appropriate addition to your wardrobe, wearing which you can look unusual and stylish.
  2. Knitted products are less prone to deformation, and do not lose their shape even if you handle them carelessly.
  3. The knitted material is practically not crumpled, so you can not worry if in the evening you did not hang your knitted coat on your shoulders, but left it carelessly on a chair.
  4. The practicality and convenience of knitwear are undeniable. It is in them that a woman will feel comfortable, warm and cozy. Most of these products are made of natural or high-quality synthetic materials, so they can be worn even for allergy sufferers.
  5. Caring for knitwear does not require special efforts or special skills.

Popular models

The range of knitted outerwear for women is extremely wide and rich. The imagination is not only varieties of such things, but also their color palette.


Under a cardigan, it is customary to mean an elongated jacket knitted in a figure, which is characterized by the absence of a collar and the presence of buttons. Often for the cardigan they use the concept of a "knit coat with a deep neckline."

Cardigans are more suitable for tall and slender women who have the correct figure (hourglass).


A knitted coat is an element of popular outerwear that the most famous designers and fashion designers never bypass their attention, every season replenishing it with their model lines and collections.

There are a large number of varieties of such a coat: with or without hoods, fitted, flared, etc. All of them are united by such an advantage as convenience and comfort.


Jackets have become an excellent alternative for woolen outerwear. Today there are many varieties of them: elongated, shortened models, with various accessories and additions.

Stylists recommend that you decorate this element of the wardrobe with the right decoration, preferably a brooch. This will give the woman expressiveness and personality.


Poncho is a loose-fitting outerwear that most often does not have sleeves, and the neck has a round shape. However, modern designers are trying to change even this, offering in their collections options for a poncho with wide flared sleeves.


Knitted sweaters - it is convenient, stylish and practical. They will help keep you warm in the cold, without hiding the figure of a woman, making her more sophisticated and attractive.

A variety of knitted sweaters makes it possible for every woman to choose a product to her taste and preference.

Fashion trends

This season, women's knitwear is at the peak of its popularity. And therefore, there are a large number of models and varieties of them.

Particular attention is paid to the color of the product. Together with the classic and familiar with all options, you can see fantastic colors and shades of products that allow you to choose these clothes for absolutely every taste.

Combinations of knitwear with the rest of the wardrobe are becoming even bolder. It is permissible to experiment and make your appearance with knitted outerwear unexpected and eccentric.

Especially popular models with a hood. This is fully justified, because products with this accessory not only look stylish and trendy, but are also able to fulfill a practical function - to protect the head of their owner from wind and cold.

Stylish female images

  1. Retro style. A sophisticated oversized knit coat (wide and voluminous top) blends perfectly with classic trousers or a midi length skirt. Finish the image will help a scarf or scarf and shoes or heeled ankle boots.
  2. Business style. For going to work or formal meetings, you can opt for a knitted fitted coat, made in restrained colors. With it you can connect trousers in a classic style or a strict pencil skirt. A correctly selected bag will be the logical conclusion to the image.
  3. Romantic option. For a walking or romantic look, it is enough to put on a knitted poncho, skillfully combining it with stylish jeans, a tight-fitting dress or sundress.

This season surprises us with a variety of colors, patterns and styles. If you don’t have such a thing in your wardrobe yet, you should definitely fill this gap and purchase a knitted product. It is in it that you will feel most comfortable, convenient, and at the same time stylish and elegant.

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